Comic-ConVersation: Megan Gotch: The Nerdy Girlie

image1I’m excited to launch a new mini-series podcast called Comic-ConVersations. The goal of this is to dive deep into the life of con personalities from my Wrath of Con Bloggers and GEEK WARS panels at SDCC. A Comic-Con panel is a short 45 minutes, so there is little time to explore the journey and experiences of each panelist. So I want to interview these awesome geek content creators and ask them about life, love, challenges, and what they are passionate about. First, we have Megan Gotch of The Nerdy Girlie and co-creator of the offsite events SherlockeDCC and Geeks Go Glam. She graciously shares about a difficult season in her life, what inspired her to blog, and what Comic-Con has meant to her. This was an insightful 1 hour and I am grateful to call Megan a comrade in the Comic-Con community.

Thanks for listening and leave a comment to encourage Megan! Don’t forget to subscribe through iTunes to get the next installment of Comic-ConVersations!


9 thoughts on “Comic-ConVersation: Megan Gotch: The Nerdy Girlie

  1. That was a great CONversation and I was happy to hear that it was at Phoenix Comic Con where the epic team up between Nerdy Girlie and Crazy 4 Comic Con took place. I hope see both of you guys at SDCC15 and hopefully back at the next Phoenix Comic Con too.

  2. Megan is a strong, amazing, talented woman, who will always be destined for great things!
    So much respect and love to her, and for always being vulnerable, and real and a real sweetheart!
    Great interview between to of my favorite Comic Con voices.

  3. Also, 2008 was the last year of SDCC non-craziness, 2009 was the year it changed. And though I’m not personally a Twilight fan, that movie series was a HUGE catalyst in the change in addition to Marvel Studios.
    Not meant as a “nit-picky” comment, but more of a since going since 2002, I’ve seen the changes, and that year was distinctly different…in a good, nerdy way! More people liking nerdy things=more nerdy merch available right 😉

  4. This was so good to listen to, I had to wait a couple days to do so but it was worth it. The Nerdy Girlie is one of the few blogs I have been following for well over a year plus now and was great to hear (literally) a different side of her. I am glad she is doing ok in the rough time she is going through, and agree with you that is one of the dark sides of social media, the highlight reel and sometime people forget they are people. I was sorry to hear but glad to hear and what she is going through and all that she has done with her blog. It was so motivational and you to for bringing the content that you do. I hope to attend the Wrath of Con Panel as well as the Blogger Meetup. I am very motivated for my blog as well with the support system that is out there. You two have been ones I have followed for a year plus now, and have helped in many ways, also bringing more blogs to my knowledge. Thank You for your time! Your Podcasts! Tips Content and awesome-ness as always. Hope to meet the both of you. Thank Jaz.

    • Yes, it’s important that we show its okay to be real and struggle in the midst of having a voice in the community. We all know life is hard but our story can serve to inspire and encourage many others. Thanks for your comment and thanks for support our comic-con events! Hope to meet ya!

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