Best SDCC Videos

Fantastic vid by WatchMojo with some interesting facts you may have never learned before.

The History of San Diego Comic-Con by Movie Clips.

One of the most epic cameos was Tom Hiddleston crashing the Marvel panel in full Loki regalia in 2013. The Hall H crowd was in awe and it made one of the most memorable Comic-Con moments ever.

A lot of videos flood the interweb after Comic-Con- some good, some great, and some not so great. This one from 2013 has definitely made it’s rounds and I think is one of the better ones out there. It’s inspiring to see more creativity and craftsmanship going into not only the cosplay, but the recap videos year after year

One of the best parts of Comic-Con is the mash-up of imagination, technology, and innovation. You will be shocked and inspired with what you will see.

3 floors of zombie apocalypse madness at Petco Park…what more can anyone ask??

Of course one of the biggest attractions to Comic-Con is the showroom floor. Measuring about 3 football fields long, the showroom floor can easily take a day or two to get through.

2011 brought another amazing moment to Hall H when Andrew Garfield interrupted his own panel disguised as an uber spider-fan. His heart felt speech helped win the fandom over early before his debut as the wall-crawler.

Offsite encounters can be some of the most unexpected and breathtaking experiences at Comic-Con. In 2009 & 2010, TRON Legacy had the most amazing interactive experience that set the bar high for movie promotions.

Back in 2010, the surprise appearance of the Avengers kicked off the modern superhero renaissance that we are loving today. Not only was it the first time the cast was ever seen together, but the first announcement as Joss Whedon as Director and Mark Fuffalo as Bruce Banner! This was the stuff of legends.

A hilarious parody musical that captures the ridonkulousness of Comic-Con.

One of the best Ballroom 20 panel openings I have ever attended. Here is ‘Jeffster’ from the TV show CHUCK in a surprise performance in 2009. The fans went ballistic!

San Diego Comic-Con then and now

For all you first time cosplayers, here is a great video from Sachie from Geek & Sundry about cosplaying on a budget!

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