2016 Game of Bloggers


After last year’s senseless slaughter and suffering, there has been much speculation if the houses of the internet could unite under one banner ever again. Many honorable men and women were sacrificed on the alter of free speech… and all hope was lost. However, in the silence of winter- in a clandestine location just north of the Wall, a treaty was formed that would be the olive branch of peace. As a result, I am pleased to announce that Game of Bloggers Season 2 returns to San Diego Comic-Con 2016! Once again, web royalty will gather to tell tales of victory, loss, and glory- at the Dragon’s Den (next to Petco Park) on Preview Night! Will this be the first step of a unifying the realm or the setting for the next Battle of the Bastards? Come find out!

GameOfBloggersWhy Game of Bloggers? San Diego Comic-Con is so much more than just seeing an amazing show. It’s an opportunity to join forces with allies, meet revered social media warriors and forge new life changing alliances. After Preview Night, I invite you to revel with myself and the Nerd/Geek/blogger/YouTube/Social Media/Photography/Comic-Con community- as well as fellow fans. Last year was an amazing experience as dozens of websites came together to connect with each other and enjoy drinks, sushi and selfies. It was a full capacity+ event and it was such an honor to finally put faces to websites and collaborate on future projects. We all know that creating content year round is not easy and Game of Bloggers S2 is designed to celebrate you! Many of you know that I recently launched my Hero Within fashion Collection. I’ll have it on display at the event. Hope to see you there!
For the two groups interested in attending:

  1. Content Creators: If you run a geeky website or are a nerdy content creator then you are welcomed to join us- but it’s based on capacity. Being accepted gives you ‘priority access’ (2 max per site). Submission deadline has passed (June 24). You can still attend but not guaranteed priority access.
  2. Fans: None of our sites would be anything without you. We would love to meet you and get to hear your story. There is no need to rsvp but just show up! Last year we did hit full capacity resulting in a little wait. So I encourage you to come early to ensure getting in.

New to the convention blogging community? This is an awesome way to create awareness about your website. Podcasters and vloggers, this is a great chance to interview fans! This will especially be a key opportunity for photographers to network with website that are covering Comic-Con this week. Social Media gurus, this will be a selfie paradise! Overall, Game of Bloggers will be the perfect time to coordinate coverage or partner up with fellow content creators. This will be a FANtastic way to kick off Comic-Con week.


Event Details:
Game of Bloggers Season 2
Date/Time: Wednesday 9-12a
Location: Patio & bar of the Dragon’s Den (315 10th Avenue)
Cost: Free (entry based on capacity)
Media Submission Deadline: June 24
Hashtag: #GameOfBloggers
Logistics: Contact Kim at kim.mcandrew23 (at) gmail (dot) com

Game of Bloggers is sponsored by:

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I am proud to announce that Kelly DLux of DLux Entertainment will be dropping some nerd beats for us!


Guest list:
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