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With Comic-Con fast approaching, exclusives are starting to be announced. If you are new to SDCC, Exclusives are toys, prints, apparel, collectibles and more that are only offered at the 4 days during the show. They may be offered afterwards from the various companies but San Diego is the very first place to get them. Hundreds of brand new items will be announced over the next few months ranging from a few dollars to a few hundred. Our toy expert Andre will be posting the 2018 Exclusives you need to know! Check back daily!

**Updated 5.22.18**

Seems like yesterday that Comic Con 2017 ended, and now Comic Con 2018 is less than two months away! With that said, SDCC exclusives are starting to be announced so lets get this show on the road!

Factory Entertainment continues its tradition of great SDCC exclusives as they have announced two SDCC gems. First up is a Wonder Woman sword that is limited to only 50(!) and can be ordered NOW. This item will NOT be available at SDCC and will only be shipped to you. Act now if you want this great piece. It will cost you $299.99. Not bad for such a low limit number and you can order it here.

Wonder Woman – God Killer Sword Prop Replica 2018 San Diego Comic-Con Convention Exclusive
 Second up from Factory Entertainment is a nice Heavy Metal miniature of everyone’s favorite caped crusader Batman. Weighing in at 11 ounces this figure will set you back $40 and can be pre-ordered here, or picked up at the Factory Entertainment booth during SDCC.




BAIT today announced some pretty cool looking SDCC exclusive Switch Transformers figures which can be purchased at their booth, #532. Apparently they come in two sizes, 4.5 inches which run $20 a piece and a 6 inch version that sells for $45. Check out the cool pics below.

Here’s an updated phone of the Jakks Pacific Darth Vader in package. We also know this will cost you $50 to purchase.

StarWars.com revealed a SDCC exclusive today from Gentle Giant. Not much is known at this time other than the price and this one picture, but it looks pretty cool to me! Check out the Princess Leia Hologram Statue which will retail for $140.

Jakks Pacific has a history of releasing some pretty cool Star Wars related items. Today they teased their next SDCC exclusive via their Instagram account. Not much is known at this time other than this cool picture of The Dark Lord himself, Darth Vader. Stay tuned for more information.

Bandai joined the announcement party today and announced several SDCC exclusives. First up is Super Saiyan Goku which will retail for $35. Second is the Power Ranger Legacy Communicator for $100. Third is Legacy Movie Megazord for $40. Up next is Black and Gold Mighty Megazord for $60, and lastly is the Ultra Deluxe Scouter for $35. Head straight to Bandai’s booth #3535 to obtain these exclusives.

Funko strikes back today with two different waves. One for their regular Funko booth inside the con and the second at the off-site Pop!-Up shop. First let’s take a look at their regular booth offerings-HBO andGame of Thrones! I’m surprised there’s only one Game of Thrones Pop, but Funko did indicate there will be one more special reveal left so who knows what that will be.

Now lets take a look at the Pop!-Up shop items that we revealed today which features Warner Bros characters.

Not toy related but I have to give a shout out to Tony Kim’s Hero Within company! They announced their first every SDCC exclusive today. Check out the limited Wonder Woman T shirt that can be picked up at booth #1019 for only $29.99. Available in XS-2XL sizes. Looks awesome, great job Tony and company!

Gentle Giant continues to announce some very cool SDCC exclusives. Today’s announcement might just top their previous ones as  they knock it out of the ball park with a The Walking Dead Negan 7″ mini bust. Negan is shown holding Lucille, his personal weapon of choice, with a slightly evil grin on his face. This mini bust will retail for $120 and can be picked up at booth #3515.

Lego has announced two exclusive products that are sure to please their fans. First up is a set of Marvel Spider-Man and Venom Brickheadz. This 144 piece will retail for $40 and will be sold on Thursday July 20th and Saturday July 22nd. In order to purchase Lego exclusives you must first obtain a ticket via lottery at Lego Pavillion Terrace line upstairs before going to booth #2829. The second set is Supergirl and Martian Manhunter Brickheadz set which will also retail for $40. This set will be sold on Friday July 21st and Sunday July 23rd. Check out the pics below.

Mezco recently announced two more SDCC exclusives. First up is the Miles Morales Spider-Man figure which has 30 points of articulation, six interchangeable hands, five different web lines and two bases. With all these features you can pose him in a multitude of ways. Spider-man will sell for $80. Second up is Living Dead doll that speaks! Resurrection Cuddles will giggle or repeat one of six phrases with a push of a button. Cuddles is packed in a coffin shaped box and is equipped with a machete. Cuddles will retail for $65. Both can be picked up at booth #3445 or pre ordered for shipping after the con. Check out the pics below.

As if trying to get Funko pops from the Funko booth alone wasn’t hard enough, Funko has announced that their off site Pop-up shop will once again have their own exclusives.  Funko has partnered with Warner Bros. to bring some classic animated characters to Pop life. The Pop!-Up shop is located at 448 West Market Street in the Marina District which is directly across from the Grand Hyatt Manchester.  With some of these pops limited to as low as 850, be prepared to spend the night in line. Check out wave 1 below.

EFX Collectibles announced a cool looking 40th Commemorative Anniversary Darth Vader replica helmet today that is limited to only 500 pieces! This awesome piece is a 1:1 scale and was created from the original mold from 1977. This helmet will cost $579 and can be picked up at booth #3249.

Sideshow Collectibles recently announced a Batman: Dark Knight Returns Bust (Blue version). This very nice looking bust is limited to only 500 pieces and will sale for $300. This can be preordered Here. Take note that this item weighs 24 pounds and MUST be picked up SDCC. Sideshow is NOT mailing this item to customers.

Funko just announced their “miscellaneous” wave 9. Check em out below!

Hasbro recently announced another SDCC exclusive. This time everyone’s favorite autobot, Optimus Prime takes the form of Primitive Optimus Prime. He comes with a ramp, rail hover board and will retail for $49.99.


Icon Heroes announced another one of their exclusives and fans of Once Upon a Time should jump on this one fast as its limited to only 300 pieces. The Evil Queen Deluxe Statue stands 8 inches and features two interchangeable right arms to change her stance. This  evil piece with retail for $65.


During Star Wars celebration a couple months ago, Gentle Giant announced two Star Wars SDCC exclusive busts. Today they released more information including price. Darth Vader and X-wing Pilot Luke Skywalker will retail for $100 each. Check out their pictures below.


Wave 8 today from Funko! I think they knocked it out of the park with this Disney wave! Check them out below and save your money, Funko wants it all!!

Funko announced wave 7 today. Check out the pics below.

Funko announced wave 6 today. I have a feeling that my wallet is going to be much lighter! We finally get T-Dog from Walking Dead!Check out the pics below.

Mezco announced yet another SDCC exclusive in the form of Deadpool in his Xmen outfit. Check out this description directly from the Mezco website: Wade Winston Wilson, known to the world as Deadpool, is a disfigured and mentally unstable mercenary with the superhuman ability of an accelerated healing factor and physical prowess. He is presented here in his blue and yellow X-Men outfit. If you think it’s strange to see Wade Wilson in a X-Men outfit, then you are not alone because Deadpool thinks so too! Deadpool tried on X-Men attire as a bet with Wolverine and Beast in the Cable and Deadpool comic series. Deadpool,decked out in his blue and yellow X-Men attire, joins the One:12 Collective with a comprehensively detailed outfit and portrait sculptures. This awesome looking figure can be preordered Here for $80.


Entertainment Earth recently announced three more exclusives. First up is a Talking Spock Bobble Head.  Second is a Batmoblie Tumbler Camouflage with Dark Knight Batman and Bane Pin Mate Wodden Figure Set, and third up is a Spider-man and Green Goblin Pin Mate Wooden Figures with Glider and Stackable Diorama. All three figures will retail for $24.99 each and can be picked up at booth #2343.


Icon Heros is busy this week as they announce their third exclusive of the week. Today its Once Upon a Times Emma Swan Blue Jacket Action Figure. This can be picked up at Icons booth #3345 for just $35but it is only limited to 500 so make your plans now!


Mattel announced another SDCC exclusive today as we inch closer to July. According to the Nerdist website Mattel will be offering a DC Super Hero two-pack that will feature Wonder Woman and Cheetah. Wonder Woman will come with her lasso and tiara while Cheetah is holding her cell phone. Check out the pics from Nerdist below. Mattel also announced that they will be holding a presale for their exclusives this Monday June 19th at 9AM PST Here so mark you calanders and set your alarms now! The items have to be picked up at and during SDCC.

Hasbro strikes again as they announce a G.I. Joe playset that is a recreation of a set that first appeared in 1982! This set will retail for $49.99 and can be picked up at the Hasbro booth during SDCC. Check out the “old” looking box and set below.

Robert Kirkland’s company, Skybound, recently announced their first SDCC exclusive and it should be no surprise that its Walking Dead related. The Shiva Four Pack features four 5 inch Walking Dead characters: Rick Grimes, King Ezekiel, Shiva and Michonne. This set was designed by McFarlane Toys and includes weapons for each character and will retail for $100. There will be two different versions, a regular color version and a bloody variant. Each are limited to 1,000 each. Check out the pictures below.

Icon Heroes recently announced two of their SDCC exclusive statues and DC fans should be pleased. First up is Wonder Woman as depicted on DC Comics Rebirth Issue #5 cover. This statue stands over 8 inches tall and is hand painted, individually numbered, and includes a certificate of authenticity. Extremely limited to only 300 pieces and will retail for $55.  This can be picked up at Icon Heroes booth #3345. Second we have an unmasked Barry Allen catching Oliver Queens arrows based on The Flash television show. Also hand painted and numbered this bust stands 7.25 inches tall and will retail for $65 and can also be picked up at the Icon Heroes booth.

Funko recently announced wave 4 and 5 of their ultra popular POP exclusives. Wave 4 theme was animation and today’s wave 5 was DC themed. Check out the pictures below.

Factory Entertainment just announced what amounts to my personal favorite SDCC exclusive so far. A Back to the Future print that is limited to only 1,000! Best part is the print incorporates the SDCC convention center! This 18″x24″ print by Randy Martinez can be preordered now Here for $25 for pick up at SDCC or you can have it mailed to you.


Moebius Models recently announced four SDCC exclusives. Check them out below!

Batman v Superman BATWING

1/25 Scale Prefinished Model


No assembly required — this fully-painted and assembled styrene model of the BATWING is ready to display right out of the box! Based on digital visual effects files from Batman v Superman, Moebius Models’ 1/25 scale model of the BATWING is a highly detailed, accurate recreation of this dynamic new addition to Batman’s arsenal. The BATWING prefinished model features authentic details, including cockpit, landing gear and removable forward gun housing. Made of precision-tooled, high-impact styrene and featuring highly detailed, professional paint application, the BATWING is over 17 inches long and 17 inches wide. Purchase of this exclusive item includes a durable, reusable screen-printed carrying bag, graphical 2-color outer carton and collectible full-color illustrated packaging.

Frazetta’s DEATH DEALER Signature Edition

1/10 Scale Model Kit


Based on the classic painting by legendary fantasy artist FRANK FRAZETTA, Moebius Models’ styrene kit of the DEATH DEALER is a faithful recreation of the ominous character on his mighty steed, fully rendered in three dimensions. This exclusive SIGNATURE EDITION is part of an extremely limited release molded in Midnight Black, and includes a unique numbered signature sleeve signed by Frank Frazetta, Jr., son of the legendary artist; Jeff Yagher, master sculptor; and Frank Winspur, president of Moebius Models. Purchase includes an exclusive lapel pin featuring the DEATH DEALER in sepia-tone on a bronze-colored metal backing. This 1:10 scale, precision-tooled kit is approximately 10 inches tall fully assembled. The kit includes a detailed display base, real metal chains and complete assembly instructions. Cement and paint are required for assembly — not included.


2001: A Space Odyssey HAL9000
Lapel Pin


“Open the pod bay doors, Hal.” The HAL9000 lapel pin commemorates Moebius Models’ upcoming release of model kits based on the sci-fi classic 2001: A Space Odyssey. This precision-tooled metal lapel pin features accurate detail of the HAL9000 interface as seen on the spaceship Discovery, and is highlighted by an epoxy-coated red “eye” and enamel surface coatings. This detailed, 2-inch high lapel pin features a secure butterfly clasp — attach it to your clothing, laptop case, purse or backpack!


Lapel Pins Set of Four


Based on the classic painting by legendary fantasy artist FRANK FRAZETTA, Moebius Models commemorates the famous DEATH DEALER painting with a set of four metal lapel pins, offered on a full-color card back. Each pin is crafted of high-quality metal and features a secure clasp on the back for attaching to clothing, purses and backpacks. The Frazetta signature pin features a black nickel finish with raised, high-gloss red letters, and is nearly 2” wide. The Death Dealer gothic frame pin features a dark metal finish frame surrounding a full-color image of the famous painting, and is a little over 1½”high. The Death Dealer sculpted pin features a low-relief, miniature sculpture of the famous image and is 1½” high. The exclusive Death Dealer parchment pin features the famous image rendered in antiqued sepia tones with a touch of red, on a bronze-colored metal backing and is 1½” high.

NECA has announced two more exclusives! First up is a Predator movie exclusive but it might not be who or what you were expecting. Instead of the actual predator, its Arnold as Jungle Briefing Dutch! This figure features 20 points of articulation and comes with jungle map, M-16 with grenade launcher and jungle map. Priced at $30 and a limited or $30 this figure will probably move pretty fast.


Second up from NECA is none other than Death himself from Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey. This cool looking piece is limited to only 1000 pieces and will retail for $35. Death stands 8″ and is fully possible. This can be pre ordered beginning June 20th.

Diamond Select today showed off their USS Enterprise exclusive which can be purchased at booth #2607. This version of the Enterprise simulates the ship as it crashes towards the Genesis Planet after self destructing in The Wrath of Khan film. Limited to 400 this will retail for $65.00.

Mezco dropped another exclusive today in the form of the very popular Batman. At only $8 this wont put a dent in your budget.

Funko announced their second wave of their popular POP exclusives. If you’re a Scott Pilgrim fan, today is your lucky day. Check out the pics below. Some of these pops are limited so good luck into Funko’s booth. Procedures have yet to be announced but Funko has indicated that it will be similar to last year which was lining up early and drawing for a wristband.


Entertainment Earth announced a nice SDCC exclusive for video game fans. Super Mario and Princess Peach 8-bit Mini Figure 2 pack can be preordered Here for $19.99. Just like the other EE exclusives, they will be sold first at SDCC at booth #2343 and then any left over stock will be mailed out to those that preordered.


Factory Entertaiment continues its onslaught of SDCC exclusive announcements. Today the inner Batman inside all of us will be happy with this 1966 TV Series Gotham City Metal Sign. This is a replica of the sign that helped keep the entrance to the Batcave hidden on the television series. This sign is limited to 1000 pieces and can be preordered Here for only $20.00. That’s not all though. Each order includes a voucher that gives you $100 discount when you pre order the Batcave desktop sculpture! This Batcave order has to be ordered on or before the month of September. You can check out the Batcave sculpture, which runs $799 before the $100 discount coupon, Here.


Hasbro, one of the most popular companies at SDCC, announced another one of their highly sought after exclusives today. Behold the Voyager Class Optimus Prime figure which will retail for $49.99. Not only do you get an awesome Prime figure, but you also get a piece of actual truck tire that was used during the filing of The Last Knight with a certificate of authenticity! Check out the pics below provided by IGN website.  This can be picked up at the very crowded Hasbro booth #3329 or in very limited quanties after the con!


One of my personal favorite companies announced their first of many SDCC exclusives today. Funko finally revealed their first wave of exclusive pops. Star Wars fans are probably jumping for joy right about now. Check out the pics below to see Funko’s first SDCC offerings. First up is the two pack Leia in hologram and R2D2. This is my personal favorite of this wave and I find it quite ironic that both of these actors are sadly no longer with us. Second up is the glow in the dark super sized Supreme Leader Snoke which many fans have been clamoring for. Third is the Combat Assault Tank Trooper followed by another fan favorite that has been missing, Bodhi. I for one was happy with Funko’s first offering, but I am a huge Pop fan and even bigger Star Wars fan. Can’t wait to see what they announce next!


Diamond Seclect Toys continues to announce more of their exclusives. Today we have a nice looking Poison Ivy statue that will retail for $200. As this announcement was made via Twitter, no other details were given. Stay tuned for more information.

Entertainment Earth also continues to announce more of the exclusives. With the hit movie Wonder Woman kicking tail at the theaters, its no surprise that a Wonder Woman item came to the forefront today. This Wonder Woman Evolution Pin Mate Wooden Figure Set will retail for $24.99 at booth #2343. Not able to attend SDCC then you can prep order this now for shipping after SDCC Here.

Monogram International followed up their first announcement a few days ago with this cool 5 piece Power Rangers foam key rings. This set will run $40 and will be limited to only 500 pieces.


Monogram International announced their first of who know how many SDCC exclusives today. Check out the picture below for all the information from their website.

The good folks over at NECA announced their second of four exclusives today. The Aliens Sewer Mutation Warrior Alien figure will retail for $30 and will be available for preorder at a later date. Check him out below.

Factory Entertainment continues its onslaught of SDCC exclusive announcements with a heavy dose of Deadpool items. First up is Deadpool Rocket Ride Premium Motion Statue. This statue stands 10 inches high and actually sways back and forth simulating a rocket in flight! The Rocket Ride will retail for $210. Next up is the Deadpool Metal Minature Signature Edition. This set features Deadpool, Lady Deadpool, Kidpool and Dogpool at in 1:32 scale all for $140.00! If you don’t want all four they can each be bought individually as well with Deadpool and Lady Deadpool selling for $50 each and Kidpool and Dogpood selling for $40 each. As an added bonus, Deadpool co-creator Fabian Nicieza will be signing Factory Entertainment Deadpool collectibles at their booth! Swing by booth #2647 on Friday, July 21st from 10am to 11am and 3pm to 4pm on Saturday July 22nd! Deadpool fans get hyped!! As if that wasn’t enough, Factory Entertainment is also offering a signed Stan Lee(!) God Woke Signature Edition Graphic Novel SDCC exclusive! This edition is extremely limited to only 100(!!) and will be priced at $250.00. All of these exclusives can be pre ordered right now on the Factory Entertainment website here on their SDCC exclusive page Here.


Diamond Select Toys announced that they will have “tons” of new exclusive items that they will be officer at SDCC. Check out the first two Marvel offerings. First up we have Jean Grey in her Dark Phoenix form! This PVC Diorama stands 10 inches tall and features detailed sculpting and comes packaged in full color window and is sculpted by Alejandro Pereira. Second up is the unmasked Riri Williams Ironheart PVC Diorama as she levitates in the air. This figure stands 11 inches and is also packaged in a full color window. Both editions are limited and will retail for $45 each. These awesome figures can be picked up booth #2607 during SDCC.



Well I’m just going to call today Entertainment Earth day as they announce more SDCC items. This time Star Trek fans can get a new toy to play with, or collect. Check out this Next Generation Enterprise Monitor mate bobble ship limited to only 350 pieces! Just like the below Entertainment Earth exclusives, this will be available first at SDCC then sent to the people that preordered after the con. At only $11.99 this is a steal for Star Trek fans.

Entertainment Earth has announced a Deadpool exclusive for this years SDCC. Just like the Harley Quinn this item will be sold at SDCC first, then left overs will be sent out to those that preordered Here for only $8.99. This is extremely limited to only 492 pieces.

Harley Quinn sure is getting a lot of love this year. Entertainment Earth has announced another Harley Quinn SDCC exclusive. This limited edition statue is pulled straight from the DC Rebirth Harley Quinn #1. This statue is limited to only 2500 and will be sold initially at comic con and then the left over stock will be sent out to those who pre order Here for $59.99.

Mezco dropped there second SDCC exclusive today. This one is from their Living Dead Dolls collection: Classic Harley Quinn Unmasked. Harley is in her familiar clown out fit and comes equipped with her infamous  giant mallet while standing 10″ tall. You can buy now for $55 but it wont ship until after SDCC, or you can pre order it Here and pick it up while at the show.

Factory Entertainment continues to drop SDCC exclusive information. Today they announced The Flash Star Labs Retractable ID Badge Set. For you Flash fans out there this is a perfect way to show your show some love. The set has badges for Caitlin Snow, Ramon, Dr. Harrison Wells, and of course everyone’s favorite fast guy, Barry Allen. This set is limited to just 1,000 and sells for $15 You can pre order for either pick up at show or have it mailed to you after the show. Visit this site Here to order one now.


Crypozoic announced their third SDCC exclusive today and it involves a little blood, not real of course. DC’s the Joker Calling Card statue Bloody Noir edition is a 7″ statue of the Jokers gloved hand with blood spatters. It also comes with four interchangeable cards and a variant exclusive promo card. This will retail for $100 and just like their Metallic Harley Quinn you can preorder this unique item before SDCC opens. Beginning June 6th at 10AM PT you will be able to pre order for on site pick up. This will NOT be delivered to you if you are not attending the con. Pre order Here on June 6th.


The Fwoosh website at http://thefwoosh.com/index.php/2017/05/neca-sdcc-2017-teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-exclusive/ has details on the upcoming NECA excluvise. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans will squeal with delight over this exclusive. Check out some of the pictures below and go to the above link for more information.



Facorty Entertainment continues to accounce their upcoming SDCC exclusives. They actually have a schedule on their website that show the future dates of exclusive announcements. Today they announced a Black Panther figure which is sure to be popular with the new movie on the horizon. Similar to the Cyborg figure this figure is limited to 500 and priced at $40.00. You can pre order here http://www.factoryent.com/Marvel-Black-Panther-Metal-Miniature-SDCC-2017-p/408947.htm?utm_source=Direct+Newsletter&utm_campaign=fa0d9e15b7-Direct-2017-05-23-SDCC-2&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_5a0bd48f72-fa0d9e15b7-132082461&mc_cid=fa0d9e15b7&mc_eid=6af8434612 to be shipped or pick it up during SDCC at booth #2647.


The closer we get to SDCC the more exclusives are announced. Factory Entertainment recently announced their first SDCC exclusive that DC and Teen Titans fans will surely like. This Justice League Cyborg Metal Minature is hand painted metal scaled at 1:32. Other characters will be announced at a later date, but apparently this one will be the least limited at only 500 pieces. You can pre order here http://www.factoryent.com/Justice-League-Cyborg-Metal-Miniature-2017-SDCC-p/408387.htm for $40.00 and have it mailed to you, or pre order and pick up it up at booth #2647.

Twin Peaks fans should be happy with this limited edition Welcome to Twin Peaks sign. Only limited to 1200 this item can be preordered NOW at http://www.entertainmentearth.com/prodinfo.asp?number=BBP30002&utm_source=pressblast&utm_medium=emaill&utm_content=twin-peaks&utm_campaign=product-sdcc2017 for only $11.99. This item will be mailed out sometime after comic con in July.

Mezco has been providing some pretty cool SDCC exclusives the past couple of years. That trend continues as they just announced the Thundercats Lion-O with light up eyes! This can be ordered now here http://www.mezcotoyz.com/item/48065/thundercats-2017-sdcc-lion-o-with-light-up-eyes/1.html for $40.00. If you order now it will ship in July or you are attending SDCC it can be purchased there at booth #3445.


Hasbro strikes again with another SDCC Marvel exclusive announcement. This time they bring five heavy hitters that aim to please. The Marvel Legends Thor figure set includes the Jane Foster Thor, Malekith, Ulik the troll, Odinson (original male Thor), and Bor. These five figure are connected and fold into a pentagon when closed. If you can handle the always crazy Hasbro line this set will retail for $99. Of course there is always a chance to snag these on Hasbrotoyshop.com after SDCC, but you have monitor the website like a hawk. Check out the pic below from Nerdist.com.


Hasbro has announced another of their many SDCC exclusives. I think Marvel fans will be very happy to add this to their collection. Marvel Legends 12″ Daredevil! Check out the pictures below. This will sell for $59.99 at the Hasbro booth at SDCC.



One of the bigger companies at Comic Con, Diamond Comics Distributors, announced a large number of SDCC exclusives for 2017. Check them out below.

Batman Beyond Resin Bust

Limited to only 850 pieces, this 6″ bust comes in a colored box with a hand numbered certificate of authenticity. Sculpted by Varner Studios.

This unmasked version of the above Batman Beyond is limited to 450 pieces!

JLA Animated series 6″ Flash Resin Bust limited to 650 pieces. Comes in color box with hand numbered certificate of authenticity.

JLA animated series Flash variant resin bust.

Also limited to 650 pieces, this variant is cast in a translucent material to give the appearance of speed. Also comes with hand numbered certificate of authenticity.

Marvel Gallery Deadpool Variant PCV Fig

Wearing his X-Men colors, this Deadpool figure stands 10″ tall as he leaps into action. Limited to 4200 pieces. Sculpted by Mat Brouillard.

Marvel Gallery Superior Iron Man PVC Fig

As seen in Superior Iron Man comic book series, this 11.5″ diorama comes in full color window box and is limited to 2500 pieces. Sculpted Mat Brouilard.

Metallic Red 25th Anniversary Harley Quinn DC Lil’ Bombshells Figure

A few weeks ago Crypotozoic Entertainment announced three different gold 7″ SDCC exclusive DC Comics Bombshell figures which sold out very quickly. Today they announced a limited Metallic Red 25th Anniversary DC Lil Bombshells Harley Quinn figure for SDCC which can be preordered for $25 starting May 5th at 10:00am PST! This item will not be mailed out and MUST be picked up by the person that ordered it at San Diego Comic Con. Go to the following link on May 5th to order. This Anniversary Edition is limited to 500 pieces so mark your calander now and act fast if you want one!


Hasbro: Star Wars Sets

The first two Hasbro exclusives have been announced and if you are a Star Wars fan such as myself you are probably going to be very pleased.  First up is Star Wars: The Black Series X-34 Landspeeder & 6-Inch Luke Skywalker. This awesome looking figure and speeder will retail for $89.99. If you can’t make it to SDCC there will be a less detailed version coming in the fall for $59.99. Second up from Hasbro is fan favorite Grand Admiral Thrawn from the popular animated Star Wars Rebels. This is also from The Black Series and will feature a 6-Inch Grand Admiral Thrawn. This will retail for $49.99 at SDCC and $19.99 in the fall again with less details than the SDCC counterpart. Did you know that Thrawn made his Star Wars debut in Timothy Zahn’s book Heir to the Empire way back in 1991?! In any case this looks to be very well done and a must have for a lot of fans.