About Us

Crazy 4 Comic Con was created by blogger & host, Tony B Kim, right before the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con. Specializing in helping first timers to SDCC, C4CC has grown to covering a variety of cons as well as topics in geek culture. In 2017, a new super powered Crazy team has formed and they are ready to tackle a new year in news. Here they are!


Travis M: Writer
I’ve been going to different Comic-Con since 2013. My first con was Amazing Con in Vegas right before my 1st SDCC. The thing I enjoy most about cons and which brings me back over and over is meeting new people! Seeing old friends that you only get to see the one time a year! I used to hide that I was a nerd from the world, but now my geek flag is out for the world to see and im proud to let the world know it! Deadpool is my #1! Follow me at @TraviTravMC

aliAllison L: Writer
I’m a singer, dancer and musical theatre geek from the Cleveland area! My first San Diego Comic-Con was last year so I can relate to the con first timers! I am a cosplay enthusiast and an unofficial Disney princess. You can follow me at @amlehr.

jeffJefferson J: Writer
I live, eat and breath in sunny Orange County, CA. I am the author of Great Moments in OCD History: A humorous look at life with OCD. I not only love to write fiction but I also blog about all things nerdy. In short, if it’s nerdy and OCD, I am into it. My first San Diego Comic-Con was 2007. Follow me at @nerdsinrecovery.


Kari L: Writer
I’m a actor, filmmaker, host, dancer and I love the outdoors. 2017 will be my 13th SDCC. I was a volunteer with Talent Relations my first year at SDCC and was able to work with Stan Lee (My favorite memory)! I have a wide range of interests including but not limited to cooking, hiking, Bollywood, anime and too many more list. You can follow me at @karidlane

andreAndre W: Writer
Hi, I have attended 10 San Diego Comic Cons with my first one being way back in 1995 (back when you could just walk into Comic-Con)! I love Star Wars (Empire Strikes Back!), Marvel movies (Winter Soldier!), and video games (PS4, Xbox). I collect Funko Pops, anything Star Wars, and various autographed movie & TV memorabilia. My favorite collectible is my The Last of Us Post-Pandemic Edition signed by 12 different celebs! Follow me at @DarthMaul1309

tonyTony K: Founder/Editor
Hey it’s me! I started Crazy 4 Comic Con as a serendipitous  accident over 7 years ago and it’s been an amazing ride ever since. That fateful first year, I discovered I loved everything about Comic-Con culture, all the fandoms, and all the amazing fans. My first San Diego Comic-Con was 2006 and I have attended as a fan, press, professional and hoping to be an exhibitor this year with Hero Within. Follow me at @Crazy4ComicCon