Over the years I have recorded various podcasts about the awesomeness of Comic Cons from all over the nation. Below are shows focusing on the San Diego Comic-Con, panels from other cons, or interviews with special guests. Thanks for listening and remember to subscribe through iTunes to get updates!

Screen Shot 2021-07-18 at 4.09.32 PM10 Year Anniversary ComicCon Podcast [July 19, 2021]
Back in 2009, our team posted our very first Comic-Con podcast- time flies while you’re having fun! However, while there have been many amazing shows since then, 2010 was a very special year for Comic-Con. Not only was it the first reveal of the MCU Avengers, it was the year that Comic-Con turned into the modern day pop culture phenom that we know and love. Because 2010 was so special, we wanted to commemorate the show last year for it’s 10th anniversary but postponed it because of Covid. Even though there is no physical show this week, we didn’t want to wait another year to release this podcast. So the gang got together and we reflected on the impact of that show on the next decade of Comic-Con.

wc-blogCreating Content In A Constantly Changing World [April 12, 2021]
The pandemic has given us more time than ever to create content, however, being stuck at home, day after day, has also made it harder to stay motivated. This panel of geek professionals discusses the ups, downs, pitfalls, and opportunities of creating in a “lockdown world.” This panel includes Tony B. Kim (Hero Within), Yaya Han (international cosplayer), and Ming Chen (producer, A Shared Universe).

toucan_comic-con50_new_teaserSan Diego Comic-Con 50th Anniversary Prep [July 15, 2019]
We recorded outside so sorry for the wind interference! It clears up in a few minutes.
It’s San Diego Comic-Con week! Are you ready? Join Tony, Trevor, Abby and Johnny as they reflect on the significance of 50 years of Comic-Con, share what they are looking forward to and offer advice to first timers. They also share more about Hero Within exclusives and other special offerings during the show. Enjoy and see you at the show!

Avengers Endgame Review [5.28.19]
10 years ago, no one would have bet on a Marvel cinematic universe let alone experiencing something as epic as the Infinity Saga. So much has changed. Built on the foundation of 22 films, Avengers Endgame did not disappoint and has permanently changed the future of the MCU. On our Phoenix Fan Fusion Road Trip Edition, Abby and I discuss the highs, lows and plot holes of this amazing film. Please comment with your thoughts. Enjoy!

Game Of Thrones Series Finale Review [5.23.19]
After 8+ long years, winter has come and gone and a new royalty now rules over the realms of Westeros- but was it all worth it? Abby and I continue with our Phoenix Fan Fusion Road Trip Edition where we give our pros and cons of the the finale and decide if it was all worth it at the end. Thanks for listening and comment below with what you loved and what you did not!

Disneyland’s Galaxy Edge Review [5.22.19]
Hey Friends! The Crazy 4 Comic Con Podcast is back with the Phoenix Fan Fusion Edition! We are on the road to Phoenix, AZ from Southern California and we took the opportunity to record a few relevant podcasts as we speed through the desert. We start off our road trip with an in-depth look at Galaxy’s Edge, the new Star Wars park addition to Disneyland in Anaheim. In this special ‘cast preview’ experience, we talk through the general impressions of the new park, fun features and of course, the new Millennium Falcon ride! If you have been, leave a comment with your favorite thoughts on the new park. Enjoy and may the force be with you!

Peter Capaldi Interview [9.18.18]
I had an excellent time last week at Austin Comic Con hosted by Wizard World. It was an honor to be able to host a few awesome panels including the Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi. Coming off his tenure as the 12 Doctor, we had a chance to discuss how he got into entertainment, what it was like entering into the world of Doctor Who and what this experience has meant to him. Peter also had a chance to do an impromptu solo with a fan’s guitar!

Crazy Rich Podcast! [9.02.18]
Over the weekend, I had a chance to share a meal with some crazy friends to discuss Crazy Rich Asians! However, this time, it was not just in front of mics but over some authentic Chinese food! Recording at Mama Lu’s Dumpling House, Johnny, Alice, Jessica and myself discuss our cultural backgrounds, the struggles of being Asian American and why Crazy Rich Asians is personally so significant. We intentionally recorded in a loud restaurant to capture the ambience of friends having dinner together.

Smallville Reunion Panel at Chicago Comic Con [Aug 28, 2018]
17 years ago, a tiny spaceship landed in a wheat field in a small town in Kansas and gave us the icon superhero show Smallville! I am not only a huge Superman fan but a faithful follower of this seminal TV series so it was an honor to be a part of this panel at Chicago Comic Con. While I’ve worked with Rosenbaum before, I’ve always wanted to meet Welling. They were both incredibly nice and we had a blast onstage. In fact, it was one of the most fun I’ve ever had on a panel! Halfway through, Rosenbaum left the stage to interact directly with fans and hilarity ensued. The audio doesn’t do it justice but at least you’ll get an idea of the shenanigans. If you were a fan of Smallville, this is must.

Building a Geek Brand at SDCC [July 24, 2018]
Welcome back from Comic-Con! I hope you have caught up on some well deserved rest! It was an amazing year with a lot to celebrate. Personally, it was one of the most stressful and challenging years but in the end, everything turned into an unbelievable experience. IN the midst of the chaos, I still love hosting panels and this one has become one of my favorites. The Building a Geek Brand panel is a tangible way to provide advice for those seeking to make a change in their professional life. I am grateful to have this opportunity and I was really encouraged by the conversation.

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 8.51.14 AMSan Diego Comic-Con Prep [July 17, 2018]
It’s finally here! In just 24 hours, thousands of amazing nerds of all shapes, sizes, cultures and interests will descend upon the Gaslamp to experience 4 1/2 glorious days at Comic-Con. This is my 13th year going and in many ways, it still feels like the first. Before the fun begins, I wanted to share my pre Comic-Con Prep Podcast that I recorded with some amazing con vets. In this hour show, we reflect upon our favorite memories, what’s new, what’s different and we end with some helpful tips to first time attendees. Thanks for listening and comment with some of your favorite memories and tips. See you at the show!

Avengers Infinity War Review [May 2, 2018]
From the theater and straight into therapy, it’s our Avengers Infinity War podcast review! If you are like us, we experienced all the rollercoaster feelz in this epic film commemorating 10 years of Marvel Studios. But with so many characters and so many storylines, could Infinity War bucket under its own epicness? Our C4CC team (Travis, Kari, Ali & Tony) gather to discuss the highs, lows and every crazy moments in-between. Thanks for listening, leave a comment and make sure to subscribe on iTunes!

Superman 80th Anniversary [April.18.18]
The 1000th Issue of Action Comics comes out today- a feat no other comic in history has been able to accomplish. It’s fitting since 2018 marks the big boy scout’s 80th anniversary year. 80! Can you believe it? That’s eight decades of leaping tall buildings in a single bound! Not only has he overcome a lifetime of challenges, Superman has become the archetype of which all other heroes are compared. Without him, the landscape of comic books, comic cons and superhero movies would be completely different. To commemorate the release of this landmark issue, I am posting the audio from my Superman celebration from Portland Comic Con this past weekend. Joining me in this panel are Jason Inman, Ashley Robinson and DC artist, Mostafa Moussa. While we agreed on many parts, there were a few heated debates as well! Let me know what you think of Superman in the comments below. Enjoy and go pick up the 1000th issue today!

Interview with Edward James Olmos [Sept 23, 2017]
Earlier this year, I was privileged to sit down with Admiral Adama himself, Edward James Olmos, at Sacramento Comic Con. Out of all the panels I have hosted and celebrities I have interviewed, this had to be one of the most insightful experiences of my life. The richness, wisdom and insight Olmos shared transcended the setting of a comic con as we discussed life, passion and the indomitable human spirit. I was personally so blessed and inspired by this short 45 minutes and I think you will be too. Special thanks to Wizard World for the privilege to host this interview. So say we all!

Building a Geek Brand Panel at San Diego Comic Con [July 27, 2017]
Do you have a big idea that could change the pop culture world but don’t know what to do next? Feeling stagnant in your brand and want to turn it into a career? Started your business but struggling to take it to the next level? Industry pros will share some of their trade secrets to taking a big idea and turning it into a rewarding professional career that shapes culture. Tony B Kim (Hero Within, Crazy 4 Comic Con) hosts panelists Chris Gore (Gemr, Film Threat, G4), Steve Araujo (Nerd Fu), and Ani-Mia (professional cosplayer).

My Interview with Peter Capaldi at Minneapolis Comic Con [May 10. 2017]
This weekend at Minneapolis Comic Con, I had a chance to interview the 12th Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi. He was a total delight- so grateful for his experiences, appreciative of Whovian fandom and he was a total Doctor Who fan himself. In our interview, he shares about his life growing up, funny stories on-set, his favorite DW locations and how he got the role the role of a lifetime. Special thanks to Wizard World for the opportunity.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol: 2 Review [May 8, 2017]
This weekend at Minneapolis Comic Con, we did a weekend of release live podcast review of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2! Besides having an awesome Minneapolis crowd, I was joined by fellow geeks  and . In this review, we give our thoughts on all the major plot points of the film, compare it to the comic book and speculate where Vol 3 might go from here. Special thanks to all that attended!

Comic-ConVersation: Victor Dandridge [May 5, 2017]
Welcome to a new episode of Comic-ConVersations. I did a pre-show to Minneapolis Comic-Con with my good pal Victor Dandridge of Vantage InHouse. He not only is the creator of the comic book The Samaritan and UCre-8 Comics but he’s a fellow host at Comic Cons. We discuss his humble beginnings in Ohio, his difficult journey as an artist/writer and how he became a Comic Con host. We also give some tips to exploring Comic Conventions, our thoughts on M.Night’s Split and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2! Enjoy!

Crazy Thoughts! [Mar 20, 2017]
The Crazy 4 Comic Con podcast is back after a long break- this time, better than ever! Now, the new C4CC team will be covering the latest pop culture happenings as well as give updates on WonderCon and Comic-Con. For this week, Kari, Travis, Jefferson and Tony review LOGAN and Netflix’s Iron Fist. They also react to news about the Beauty and the Beast record breaking weekend, the return of James Cameron’s Avatar and the WB reboot of the Matrix. Then they conclude with some general thoughts on the SDCC badge sales and the recent WonderCon program schedule. Check it out and let us know your comments on any of these topics.

Interview with Ralph Macchio [Aug 29, 2016]
RalphAt Chicago Comic Con, I had a chance to interview one of my childhood heroes, Ralph Macchio- aka: The Karate Kid! Coming out in 1984, arguably the most prolific year in movies from the 80’s (seriously, google it), The Karate Kid was up against some stiff box office competition. However, this small and touching ‘coming of age’ story has been one of the most beloved and cherished films of all time. Ralph was just as sweet and generous as you would imagine him to be. We talked about how he got the role of Daniel Larusso, working with the late Pat Morita and how exactly he caught a fly with chopsticks with no cgi! It was an honor to spend some time with him and it’s a conversation I will never forget it.

Suicide Squad: Did It Suck?! [Aug 23, 2016]
6359954098766750451256460541_tumblr_o18er81vZy1uiiv2do4_500-1453309656One of the highest anticipated films of the summer has arrived- but did it exceed expectations or implode the future of DC films? Critics and fans have had such polarizing opinions about the launch of the DC Extended Universe, which has us asking if WB/DC is headed in the right direction. In this podcast, I air the panel, Suicide Squad; Did It Suck? from Chicago Comic Con. We analyze Suicide Squad, DCEU and compare it to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Panelists: Molly Jane KremerAaron AmendolaTerry Gant and hosted by me! I also include a short excerpt from the Jedi News Network, Galactic Fashion episode where they review Hero Within!

The Business of Geek Fashion [July 30, 2016]
Geek Fashion PanelThis panel will offer an inside look at the business of geek fashion, examining the major changes that took place in the industry over the last year and what they means for the future. Moderated by Lisa Granshaw, panelists Ed Labay (Hot Topic), Ashley Eckstein (Her Universe), Jon Schindehette (ThinkGeek Denver), and Sara Scargall (WeLoveFine), and Tony Kim (Hero Within) will discuss the process behind creating pop culture apparel and accessories, how geek fashion is expanding into new areas, how the industry has evolved over the years, and recent geek fashion trends.

How To Build A Geek Brand Panel [July 29, 2016]
IMG_3226Do you dream of converting your nerd passion into a full-time career but feel overwhelmed with the next steps? Whether writing your first book, becoming a YouTube personality or creating an innovative product, the road to success can be filled with many obstacles and pitfalls. Join geek pros as they help you get started, discover some shortcuts, and inspire you to make an impact in pop culture. Panelists include Tony B. Kim (founder of Hero Within and Crazy4ComicCon.com), Jamie Broadnax (Founder BlackGirlNerds.com), and Chris Gore (comedian and personality).

My Annual Comic-Con Prep Podcast [July 17, 2016]
2010_tron_legacy_031After waiting almost a year, the greatest week of the year has finally arrived. In just a few days, you will leave the confines of reality and be immersed in a world of dreams and fantasy. But will you be ready? Entering the SDCC grid is like nothing you’ve experienced before, one wrong move and your day is toast. Have no fear, veterans of the con grid are here to get you ready. Here is my annual pre Comic-Con podcast and I am joined by ‘con pros’ Johnny (@AznActor) and Jeff (@NerdsInRecovery). Together we have between us 3 1/2 decades of SDCC experience, so we’ll be dropping some truth bombs out there about how to prep, how to do programming, offsite events and more.

Comic-ConVersation: Catherine Elhoffer [July 10, 2016]
e8ab6553941f375977f1f51fc5c38ba5With the launch of Hero Within this past week, I thought this would be the perfect time to have Catherine Elhoffer of Elhoffer Design on an episode of Comic-ConVersations as we head into SDCC. After years of enjoying this pop culture renaissance, the geek fashion world is finally taking some big steps forward- in no small part because of brave new designers like Katie. We sat down to discuss her journey into fashion, some of the current frustrations with juggling an apparel company and what big changes we would like to see when it comes to nerd fashion. This interview isn’t just for those interested in fashion, but anyone that is a content creator, afraid to take risks or someone ready to branch out on their own.

Comic-ConVersation: Liz and Lindi of Pure Fandom [June 27, 2016]
Pure FandomWe are just a few weeks till San Diego Comic-Con! Like last year, I am continuing my series called Comic ConVersations where I interview different content creators going to the big show. This year, I am hosting an original panel called “How to Build a Geek Brand” where we will discuss the creative process of developing a unique voice in the nerd community. For this episode, I chat with Liz and Lindi of Pure Fandom. They are super awesome geek gals that have a great mind for business and fandom. Interviewed at Philadelphia Comic Con, we discuss how they got started, some of the early pitfalls of branding and the very best brand strategies they are doing now. This would be very helpful for anyone starting their geek brand.

Dad of Steel, Dean Cain [June 19, 2016]
ClRyFWNVAAkcdB5I couldn’t think of a more perfect podcast to post on Father Day than my interview with former Man of Steel and current Supergirl Dad, Dean Cain. Yesterday, at Sacramento Comic Con, we had a great chat about his role on Lois & Clark, Jeremiah Danvers on Supergirl and his thoughts on Zack Snyder’s Superman. It was very clear his dedication to his son and how being a dad was the most important role in his life. Happy Fathers Day everyone!

Stanley Tucci Interview at Philly Comic Con [June 8, 2016]
CkNL_QSXIAAe1lw.jpg-largeAt Philly Comic Con this past weekend, I had a chance to interview the talented Stanley Tucci. With over 100 acting roles to his credit, he’s been in Easy-A, The Hunger Games, The Devil Wears Prada, The Lovely Bones, and Captain America: The First Avengers. In this interview, we talk about how he got started in the industry, some of the challenges he faces and what he loves to do away from the camera. He was a genuinely sweet guy and a pleasure to chat with.

I’m Not A Sidekick: A Discussion on Diversity on Pop Culture [June 6, 2016]
CkDVgtlWkAAoBjYThe pop culture explosion through comics, TV and film has opened up new opportunities for cultural diversity; however, many obstacles still exist. In this humorous but poignant discussion, diverse geek experts discuss breaking ethnic stereotypes, current casting decisions and what changes need to happen for us to boldly go into the future. Panelist Craig LiggeonsChelsea St JuniorsJanice Lai and hosted by me!

Captain America: Civil War Review [May 10, 2016]
zyw7XWkTQUE-1While CA: The Winter Solider was my favorite solo Marvel film, I was a bit fatigued after the crazy hot mess of Avengers: Age of Ultron- which made me concerned that Civil War would also buckled under it’s own weight and fan expectation. Well, that’s what we’re here to discuss! In my latest podcast, I am joined by awesome fellow geeks, Reena (@ThatReenaGirl) and Travis (@TraviTravMc). In this spoiler review, we walk through the entire third installment giving our many highs, a few lows and try to clear up some questions. Thanks for listening and let me know what you thought of Civil War!

David Tennant Interview at Madison Comic Con [April 15, 2016]
Cfs0s_dWIAAQJsJ.jpg-largeIt was a wibbly-wobbly time with David Tennant at Madison Comic Con! To thousands of rabid Whovians, Tennant was charming, personal and as witty as a madman in a blue box. It was definitely one of the loudest rooms I have ever experienced! We chatted about how he got into acting, his unique take as the 10th Doctor, how fun it was to be bad (Kilgrave) and much more.

Jewel Staite Interview [April 9, 2016]
Cfod1xiVIAA7ac0.jpg-largeI had a chance to interview our favorite space mechanic, Jewel Staite, at Madison Comic Con. Besides being talented, she is a sweet, humble and down to Earth mom and wife- which is why she is so adorned by fandom. In this 40 min panel we discuss motherhood, her role as Kaylee Frye and her insatiable love for cheese. Plus, she leaks out an upcoming appearance on the perfect show!

Batman v Superman: Did It Suck? [April 8, 2016]
FullSizeRenderOne of the highest anticipated films in years has finally come out- but did it exceed expectations or implode the future of DC films? Critics and fans have had such polarizing opinions about the launch of the DC Extended Universe, which has us asking if Zack Snyder should continue leader the DC charge into the future. Check out this discussion from Madison Comic Con from my panel called Batman v Superman: Did it suck? I am joined by Victor DandridgeKoerri Washington and cosplayer Super Kayce.

GEEK WARS: Star Wars Edition at WonderCon [Mar 29, 2016]
Cegkd3CWEAAqz8q.jpg-largeFans love to geek out, but they also like engaging in important culture topics. In this Star Warsedition of Geek Wars, professional nerds battle it out over Star Wars trivia while also discussing relevant social topics like stereotyping, feminism, body shaming, and much more. Plus, the panel will speculate about Episode VIII! This will be a lively and enlightening conversation that might challenge your view on the pop culture world.

Arthur Darvill and Alex Kingston Interview at Portland Comic Con [Feb 24, 2016]
CbtqP59UcAAqNZC.jpg-largeAt Portland Comic Con, I had a chance to interview the Doctor’s wife and a Time Master- Alex Kingston and Arthur Darvill! They each shared how they got into acting, what Doctor Who has meant to them and shared some hilarious stories about Matt Smith, Steven Moffat and others. Arthur also gave us a little insight about life on his new hit show Legends of Tomorrow.

Interview with Matt Smith at Portland Comic Con [Feb 23, 2016]
IMG_1679This was my second time to chat with the 11th Doctor and as expected, it was amazing. During these excerpts, we talked about how he got into acting, what it was like embodying the iconic role, and what he has learned from the experience. He even channels his inner school girl to convince a teen audience member to check out Doctor Who.

Star Wars Fan Theories and Speculation! [Jan 3, 2016]
Kylo Finn ReyIt’s nerd game night and I couldn’t resist recording another podcast about Star Wars The Force Awakens. Hopefully you caught the last one I posted with Andy and Alice where we talked about our expectations and reviewed TFA. For this one, we discuss fan theories about characters and plot points, get clarity on confusing points and speculate about Episode VIII. I’m joined by a room full of awesome nerds. I hope you enjoy it and please leave your thoughts and speculations in the comment section below.

Review of Star Wars The Force Awakens [Dec 22, 2015]
_1450421429I finally get a chance to sit down and discuss my many emotion-filled thoughts about Star Wars The Force Awakens! There are many feelings to discuss and I hope you resonate with our positive (and few negatives) review about this epic experience. We also touch a bit on what Star Wars has meant to us and our relationship with the Prequels. I am joined by fellow geek gurus Alice (@Kangaru) and Andy (@Rnandor29 and @TOTLPodcast). Our apologies, Google Hangout was a little unforgiving to us so the audio is a bit rough at times. Happy holidays and I hope you enjoy!

Asian-Americans in Media [Oct 31, 2015]
CSv-5CnU8AAktpY.jpg-largeA couple of weeks ago I was asked to be on the Asian Americans in Media panel at Comikaze Expo in LA. Joined by Psychologist Dr San Juan and Artist Jennifer Sese, we had a chance to discuss the unique challenges of growing up as an Asian American nerd, pop cultural challenges, and the influence of Asians in media. You will get a chance to not only hear about my personal story but you will be challenged to think differently about race and culture.

Marvel v DC: Dawn of Nerdom [Oct 31, 2015]
IMG_9966Nothing has done more to bring our fandom to mainstream than the Marvel and DC films. However, not all films are created equal. Join profession nerds as they compare and contrast decades of great (and not so great) TV shows and films from our favorite caped crusaders. This is must for superhero cinephile of the Marvel and DC universe. Panelist:    

iZombie Panel from Rose City Comic Con [Sept 19, 2015]
CPTSpKZUkAIxBxziZombie fans, you will LOVE this interview with iZombie creator Chris Roberson and dynamic artist duo, Mike and Laura Allred from Rose City Comic Con. In this panel, they discuss the origins of iZombie, the unique twist it brought to the genre, and how it became a TV show. This is a must for not only fans of the comic book but for all zombie enthusiasts. Let me know what you think of iZombie the book or show in the comment section below!

A Star Wars Discussion at Chicago Comic Con [Sept 5, 2015]
CNDCmI3WUAAodl9In four months, we will live in a world enlightened by the existence of Star Wars Episode VII! At Chicago Comic Con, we had a great discussion dedicated to all things Star Wars. I challenged the panelists with Star Wars trivia and we discussed the significance of Star Wars culture, and speculate on the future of living in a galaxy far, far away! Panelists: ‪@ComicBookCandy @DawnXianaMoon ‪@ValorConChicago ‪@9mm_ed

GEEK WARS: The Nerds Awaken at Chicago Comic Con [Sept 1, 2015]
CM9Ll-oUcAAA7vwAs nerds, we love to have fun but we also like engaging in important cultural topics. Join professional nerds as they battle it out over geek trivia while also discussing relevant social topics like racial stereotyping in comics, feminisms in film, online bullying, and much more. This will be a lively and enlightening conversation that might challenge your view on the pop culture world. Panelists: @GeekMelange ‪@TeamTSD ‪@chicagonerds ‪@jenusellis @crosberg @ImAaronJ.

Marvel v DC: The Dawn of Nerdom Panel at Chicago Comic Con [Aug 25, 2015]
CM9nwnpXAAAe-JBNothing has done more to bring our fandom to mainstream than the Marvel and DC cinematic universes. However, not all films are created equal. Joined by profession nerds (@ImAaronJ ‪@docmidnight ‪@crosberg ‪@Stella_Cheeks ‪@mollyjane_k), we compare and contrast decades of great (and not so great) films from our favorite caped crusaders. This is must for superhero cinephile of the Marvel and DC universe. Here is the audio from my Marvel v DC: Dawn of Nerdom panel:

fantastic_four-2560x1440Fantastic Four Review [Aug 10, 2015]
The 2005 and 2007 Tim Story versions fell pretty flat but they also came out before the Marvel Studios juggernaut had been launched. The landscape of the mid-2000s superhero genre was still pretty unstable so the standard was pretty low. Now just a short 10 years later and our expectations are totally different. Joined by my nerdy friends Jeff (@NerdsInRecovery) and Jennifer (@jennxlai), we first share are thoughts pre-movie about our expectations, then dive into the aftermath right after the credits rolled. There will be spoilers (and blood). Enjoy!

FullSizeRenderGEEK WARS: The Nerds Awaken [July 27, 2015]
We had an amazing time at my GEEK WARS: The Nerds Awaken panel at Comic-Con. I was joined by an amazing group of professional geeks; Chris GoreSam MaggsAli MattuAmy RatcliffeAndre Meadows, and Ivy Doom Kitty. Besides nerding out, we talked about race-bending, objectification of female heroines, bullying, and taking risks. It was very insightful and I so admire and respect each of these awesome geeks.

IMG_8855Wrath of Con Bloggers Panel at SDCC [July 24, 2015]
With the explosive growth of Comic-Con over the years have come a new generation of nerdy and geeky websites- so we wanted to discuss how it has shaped and influenced pop culture. I was joined by my esteemed Comic-Con colleagues Megan Gotch (The Nerdy Girlie), Leonard Sultana (An Englishman In San Diego), and Alyssa Franks (Friends Of CCI). We had a great conversation about  how we started out, best practices, common pitfalls, biggest obstacles, and the core values of our sites. As a true noob, I forgot to start my recorder so my apologies for cutting off Leonard’s introduction!

CJeyUL3VEAAzy5DSan Diego Comic-Con 2015 in Review [July 20, 2015]
A week has passed since Comic-Con and we have all returned back to the harsh reality of real life. But before the euphoric high fades from our memories, I wanted to look back at all the wonderful highlights from last week. I am joined by two special co-hosts and we all had very different experiences from each other. Amy Marie from Assembly of Geek was fully immersed in the press experience interviewing casts from many popular TV shows. Jefferson from Nerds in Recovery cosplayed for the first time with remarkable success and shared what he learned. We discuss the sustainability of Hall H camping culture, the trailers that came out of Comic-Con, Offsite Events, and our personal highs and lows.

Ant-Man-trailerANT-MAN Review [July 17, 2016]
Ever since the announcement of Ant-Man, there has been skepticism among even the die-hard Marvel fans. Sufficed to say, next to Guardians of the Galaxy, I think fans are going into this small adventure with relatively low expectations. So did it meet the expectations or exceed it?! Joined by Marlon and Andy of the TOTL Podcast and awesome geek gal Alice, we give our fresh, spoiled filled, thoughts on Ant-man and how it contributes to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. As a bonus we chat briefly about Comic-Con and some of the trailers that came out of it too!

CJndGNJUwAAb6YqFriday Night Hall H Interviews [July 10, 2015]
This year has been an unusual year with such big panels happening everyday of the con with Hunger Games, Doctor Who, Star Wars, and of course, Batman v Superman. There is nothing more that symbolizes the passion and enthusiasm of Comic-Con fans than the Hall H campers. Joined by my partner in crime, Jefferson Jordan of Nerds in Recovery, we interviewed fans about what they thought about the Hall H wristband system, what they were most excited to see, concerns about Batman v Superman and why Comic-Con is so special to them.

My Interview with Geek Speak Show [July 5, 2015]
screen-shot-2015-05-28-at-10-40-07-amI return back to join Henry and Angel at The Geek Speak Show in preparation for San Diego Comic-Con2015. During our conversation we talk about the nerd blogging community, I share some tips to help first timers and ow to plan your experience. I also comment on some new policies and we end discussing ‘cosplay is not consent’. The Geek Speak Show is a great resource and they are awesome- make sure to check them out and follow at @GeekSpeakShow1

Comic-ConVersation: My Interview at Nerd For A Living [July 3, 2015]
TonyAdron and Wendy of Nerd For A Living asked me to come on their show last week to talk about Comic-Con. I had a lot of fun talking to them so I thought I would include the interview as a Comic-ConVersation– about me! In this podcast I share about how/why I started Crazy 4 Comic Con, the importance of having a ‘Mission‘, and how to take advantage of the opportunities around you during the show.

2015 San Diego Comic-Con Prep [June 27, 2015]
Our nerdy friendships started in Texas, then we migrated to Tennessee, and finally landed in the Mecca of nerdom- Southern California. Most of us started going to SDCC around 2006 and it played an influential part in getting the rest of the CONtourage to move here. We’ve shared many fond SDCC memories, endured the heat of the Hall H line, and geeked out over celebrity sightings. In 2009, we started a podcast about Comic-Con not knowing what in the heck we were doing. We have gathered every year to do the same- and still not quite knowing what we are doing. Over the years, there have been marriages, babies, triumphs, defeats, and redemption in our crazy journey. In this special reunion show, join myself, @NerdOutburst@NerdsInRecovery@ScottNorth and @Rhino767 as we share our favorite con memories over the past 10 years, offer some advice to first timers, and a few key tips to having a great show.

Comic-ConVersations: Amy Geek [June 30, 2015]
Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 10.11.20 PMComic-Con is just a week away! Before we hit ‘ludicrous speed’, let’s pause for another Comic-ConVersations with a very special guests. I had a great conversation with Dr Ali Mattu which posted a couple of days ago- check it out if you haven’t yet. Tonight I had a chance to chat with Amy Ratcliffe, aka @Amy_Geek. She is a contributing writer from Star Wars, The Nerdist, IGN, CBR, and an all around amazing geek girl. In our ConVersation, she talk’s about growing up in a small town, discovering her nerdom through Batttlestar Galactica, and her journey as a writer. We of course end on the wonders and stress of Comic-Con.

Comic-ConVersatons: Dr Ali MAttu [June 28, 2015]
Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 7.31.00 PMMy Comic-ConVersations continue with a very special guests. I am now moving on to my GEEK WARS: The Nerds Awaken Panelist (Fri 10a). This panel will be a combination nerd trivia and social discussion with some awesome professional geeks. First up is Dr Ali Mattu, a clinical psychologist in Brooklyn that specializes in anxiety disorders. In our time together, we talked about our love for Star Trek, he shares what it was like growing up Pakistani, and how he blends fandom and psychology together. Oh, we talk Comic-Con too! You can find out more about him at AliMattu.comThePsychShow, and Super Fantastic Nerd Hour!

Comic-ConVersations: Alyssa Franks [June 20, 2015]
head shot 2014Alyssa Franks, founder of Friends of CCI Forum joins me today. Not only is she a panelists on my Wrath of Con Bloggers panel but she has built one of the most helpful tools to the con community with her forum- she is kinda like the ‘Architect’ of the Matrix! It was fascinating to discover how her past experience and current passions have converged to help the Comic-Con tribe.

Comic-ConVersations: Leonard Sultana [June 15, 2015]
meI’m excited to continue my mini-series podcast called Comic-ConVersations. The goal of this is to dive deep into the life of con personalities. I want to interview these awesome geek content creators and ask them about life, love, challenges, and what they are passionate about. Next up is Leonard Sultana of An Englishman in SDCC. He’s not only been a trusted Comic-Con comrade but has helped to lead the UK tribe in their annual pilgrimage to San diego. We talk about growing up as a nerd in the UK, his career as a DJ, and his first time to Comic-Con. He puts out remarkable content each year and is an overall great bloke (is that the right way to say that?).

Comic-ConVersations: Megan Gotch [June 10, 2015]
image1I’m excited to launch a new mini-series podcast called Comic-ConVersations. My goal is to interview awesome geek content creators and ask them about life, love, challenges, and what they are passionate about. First, we have Megan Gotch of The Nerdy Girlie and co-creator of the offsite events SherlockeDCC and Geeks Go Glam. She graciously shares about a difficult season in her life, what inspired her to blog, and what Comic-Con has meant to her. This was an insightful 1 hour and I am grateful to call Megan a comrade in the Comic-Con community.

My Katie Cassidy Panel at Philly Comic Con [May 11, 2015]
Just got back from Philly Comic Con and had an awesome time! I had a chance to interview Katie Cassidy, aka Laurel Lance, aka Black Canary, from Arrow. She was super sweet and gave great insight on life as a superhero. In this 45 minutes, she shared about how she started out in acting, how she got the part, and some fun behind the scenes stories.

AVENGERS Age of Ultron Review [May 1, 2015]
Avengers-Age-of-Ultron-poster-cutJust hours after seeing AVENGERS Age of Ultron, I quickly pulled together a couple of awesome geeks from Twitter to podcast some initial thoughts. In this spoiler filled 45 minute convo we discuss our overall impressions, strengths, weaknesses, and where the franchise should go from here. Special thanks to my amazing geek guest, Travis (@TravistheGrimm) and Tricia (@TriciaEnnis).

Stories from Star Wars Celebration [April 20, 2015]
Star Wars Celebration 2015I had a fantastic time at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim this past weekend. During my time there, I had a chance to interview some great content creators and ask them to share their thoughts on The Force Awakens and their own personal Star Wars stories. Joining me on this podcast are Amy Ratcliffe (StarWars.com), Dan Casey (Nerdist), Peter Sciretta (Slashfilm), Raychul Moore (Pro Cosplayer), Chris Gore (Podcrash Show), and the dynamic duo, Chad & Angie (ScreenTeam Show). They are not only super cool but have great insights about our fandom. Enjoy!

Geeks Keepin It Hot Panel at WonderCon [April 4, 2015]
CB2GHGeUEAAaJGPThe purpose of this panel was to battle it out over some epic nerd trivia while engaging in some relavant discussion about the ‘hottest’ culture issues facing our comic community. Some of the topics discussed was racial diversity, the lack of female heroes, online bullying, the importance of taking risks, and more. Juggling the game component AND the discussion posed tricky but I think we were able to touch on some thought provoking points. Big props to that one kid that gave us hope in the next generation! To a packed house, I was joined by Amy Ratcliffe (writer), Chris Gore (comedian), Ivy Doom Kitty (cosplayer), Andre Meadows (comedian), Rachel Lara (actress), Sean Long (toy professional), Tracy Doering (writer), and Emily Ong (cosplayer, fashionista).

GeekFest Film Festival Directors Panel at LBCE [Mar 1, 2015]
B_C_djiVAAAtZisLast weekend at Long Beach Comic Expo, I had a chance to moderate a panel of talented filmmakers at the GeekFest Film Festival. On the panel was Sterling Gates (The Posthuman Project), Brian Crewe (Far), Vincent Tran (Batgirl Rises), Mary Ratliff (Good Game), Kit Quinn (Sweethearts of the Galaxy), and Robin Phillips (Valiant). Some cast members also made surprise appearances! In this insightful panel, we discussed what was the inspiration for their films, casting challenges, funny stories, taking risks, and valuable lessons learned as filmmakers. This is a must for any aspiring director or actor. You can watch the trailers for the films here.

Stephen Amell Panel at Portland Comic Con [Jan 24, 2015]
Stephen AmellAs the CW’s Arrow season 3 kicks off, I had the privilege of interview Stephen Amell at Portland Comic Con last weekend in front a couple of thousand fans. A few things I noticed about him- he is very humble, grateful for his fans, and he is a dedicated family man. It was a great panel and we covered all kinds of topics like how he started out acting, the challenges of the show, and some outrageous scenarios we would love to see. As always, I’m grateful for Wizard World for giving me a chance to moderate this panel. Check it out! [Mobile]

Doctor Who Fan Panel at Portland Comic Con [Jan 23, 2015]
B8FbaexCMAETU7KI had an amazing time at Wizard World’s Portland Comic Con this past weekend. The fans, panels, and cosplay all made for an incredible show with lots of nerdtastic memories! One of my favorite panels to moderate at different shows is the Doctor Who Fan Celebration. With old friends and new, we discussed our thoughts on 50 years of time travel, Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor, and the future of Who. Joining me were Whovian experts Jessica DwyerNowal MassariViktor Maddok, and Brandon Seifert. It was a great time and the fans were awesome! Mobile click here:

The Battle for Multicultural Heroes at the Comikaze Expo LA [Nov 1, 2014]
537ba26276348I had a fantastic time at the Stan Lee Comikaze Expo in LA this past weekend. It’s amazing how much the show has grown in size, quality, and creativity. First was the Battle for Multicultural Heroes with Tamara Brooks (@MisfitsTamara) and Crystal Clark (@GeekPinata. In this panel we talked about ethnic superhero stereotypes, race-bending, recent film casting news, and future opportunities. As always, this panel is a joy to facilitate and very enlightening to all involved. Smart phones click here.

BYU-NHiCcAApCYc.jpg-largeFrom Script to Panel at Rose City Comic Con [Sept 20, 2014]
Here is a pretty honest view of the writing industry with comic book pros pulling no punches with the ups and many downs of being a writer. Recorded at Portland’s Rose City Comic Con, I had a chance to interview Chris Roberson (iZombie), G. Willow Wilson (Ms. Marvel), Joshua Fialkov (The Life After), Jen Van Meter (The Death-Defying Dr. Mirage), Dennis Hopeless (Avengers: Undercover). Capturing the audio of so many panelists was a bit of a challenge so use headphones if you can. Mobile phones click here.

Spider-Woman, WB/DC Movies, and Comic-Con [Sept 02, 2014]
Screen shot 2014-09-01 at 10.34.46 PMFor this week’s Crazy podcast we cover the latests hot geek topics of the week. Joined by Megan Gotch of The Nerdy Girlie and Jeff Jordan of Nerds In Recovery, we talk about the controversial Spider-Woman cover, WB/DC’s ‘No Jokes’ philosophy, and the potential move of San Diego Comic-Con. I love nerding out with these two and I think you will too. Leave a comment and let us know what your thoughts are on these topics. Enjoy! Mobile click here.

Doctor Who “Deep Breath” Review [Aug 27, 2014]
Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 9.13.47 AMAfter much anticipation, theorizing, and discussion, the new season of Doctor Who has officially begun! With the introduction of a new Doctor, Peter Capaldi, Whovians have been eager to see how he would be similar and different from past incarnations. I decided to dedicate a Crazy podcast to discuss how our new Time Lord did and the strengths and weaknesses of this regeneration episode. I am joined by Andy Moran, co-host of the TOTL podcast and geek gal Alice of A Nudge in the Right Direction. Recorded in the lounge of the UltraLux Theater in Anaheim (hence the background music), we had a great time getting to know each other and sharing our thoughts on Doctor Who. Enjoy! Mobile devices click here.

The Battle for Multicultural Heroes Panel at Comic-Con [July 2014]
photoFor the second year in a row, the Battle for Multicultural Heroes makes it’s return to Comic-Con! I am joined by Youtube comedian Andre Meadows (@BlackNerd), professional cosplayer Linda Le (@VampyBitMe), and Dr Andrea Letamendi (@ArkhamAsylumDoc). We engaged a wide range of topics ranging from superhero stereotypes, cosplay, and race-bending. I was super honored to be a part of such a diverse range of experiences with this awesome panel. We all had a lot of similar pain and confusion growing up as well as we found our center in geek culture. Mobile click here.

End of the Road: San Diego Comic-Con in Review [July 2014]
BtmYqoNCcAAs7hgIt’s the end of the road for our journey to Comic-Con. It’s been an amazing year planning, preparing, and finally experiencing the greatest show on Earth. Joined by Megan Gotch of The Nerdy Girlie and Jeff Jordan of Nerds In Recovery, we discuss the amazing highlights and challenges. We review our favorite offsite events, panel highlights, the new Wonder Woman costume, and hard lessons learned about cosplaying. We also debate the success of Nerd HQ, the Hall H wristbands, and is Comic-Con really about comics. Sorry for the wind noise- recorded outside! Mobile click here.

San Diego Comic-Con Special Interview: Con Virgin! [July 2014]
photo.jpgThere is nobody I love talking to more than a first timer to Comic-Con. During the show, Jeff and I set out to interview a ‘con virgin’ and we ran into Sean and Natalie- what a wonderful surprise! Sean and Natalie, who I met at WonderCon Anaheim, got engaged at my Battle for Multicultural Heroes panel a few months ago! It was the best way to end the panel and we were so happy to run into them again. While Sean is a seasoned Comic-Con vet and runs his own toy review YouTube channel, this was Natalie’s first time to experience SDCC! We not only talk about toy Exclusives but experiencing the show for the first time! Mobile click here.

San Diego Comic-Con Day 2: Hall H Strikes Back! [July 25, 2014]
BtHHQV7CQAAvpCnI’m back in the wee hours of Hall H on Friday night to walk the never ending line. With the campers starting as early as 2:00, all the wristband groups were seemingly distributed by the 1:00a cutoff. My intentions were to interview fans from each of the A – D groups as well as those that didn’t make the cutoff. The journey took me to unexplored (and scary) regions of the Delta Quadrant and resulted in some great conversation. I uploaded this for you campers out there tonight- I hope this can keep you company as you fall asleep under the stars tonight. Good luck! Mobile click here.

Preview Night with Campers! [July 23, 2014]
BtSNwF3CMAEl1jCIt’s finally here! After all the waiting, crying, praying, registering, weeping, gnashing, and celebrating, Comic-Con 2014 has finally arrived! Now begins running the gauntlet of line waiting. Whether it’s waiting for Hall H or a Hasbro Exclusive, overnight camping is now a necessary part of the Con experience. @Nerdy_Something and I hit the lines late night to talk to the campers and ask them how early they got in line, why they are willing to camp, and what they hope to see. Mobile click here.

Road To Comic-Con Ep 04: 4-Day Program in Review [July 2014]
zWNb8H0xOnly 10 days left till SDCC! For this action packed episode, I am joined by @Nerdy_Something and special guest Megan Gotch of The Nerdy Girlie! We start out talking about Megan’s journey from fan to blogger and what the The Nerdy Girlie has meant to her. Then we review the just released 4-day mega-packed schedule while highlighting some of the special panels that might get lost in the hype. We then conclude by touching on some of the newer offsite events just added to the week. Mobile click here.

Road To Comic-Con Ep 03: Warner Bros Preview [July 5, 2014]
arr2Only 18 days till SDCC! Here is my Road to Comic-Con Episode 03, the ‘Great Outdoors Edition’. Joined by my trusted geeky colleagues, @Nerdy_Something and @ScottNorth, in this episode we discuss Flash, Gotham, Constantine, and the Warner Bros line up. After that, we answer some Twitter questions from you, then comment on the latest Comic-Con Exclusives. Check it out and leave your thoughts below! iPhone users click here.
** Corrections: I mention Hall A when I meant to say Hall H when referring to the Funko Booth**

Road To Comic-Con Ep 02: Beginners Guide to the San Diego Comc-Con 2014 [June 23]
ClimbingSDCCWe are almost 1 month from the San Diego Comic-Con 2014! In grand tradition, here is my ‘Pre Comic-Con’ podcast to help you prepare for this crazy 4 days in San Diego. This is a very meaningful podcast to me personally because it’s a reunion of the very same group of friends from our very first pre SDCC podcast in 2009 (when I was with a website called BabbleOn5.com). On this 1hr 20 min show, we talk about general preparations, how to tackle the showroom floor, standing in line for Hall H, outside events, and much more. This is perfect for you first time attenders but will also include a lot for you veterans. iPhone users click here!

Road to Comic-Con Ep 01: Get Unstuck [June 16, 2014]
blog-featuredFor this Tip of the Day, I’m starting my “Road to the San Diego Comic-Con podcast series”. In years past, I have done a big pre or post Comic-Con podcast joined by fellow SDCC veterans. For this year, in order to provide the best content, I will be doing a series of shows over the next month. So in this first 22 minute episode, I will answer a reader question about how to get ‘unstuck’. Then I’ll highlight an offsite event, an SDCC Exclusive, and a Comic-Con focused Twitter account. More to come! iPhone users click here

Geek Therapy Podcast and The Battle for Multicultural Heroes [2014]
I was very honored to join host Josue’ Cardona on the Geek Therapy podcast this past week. Geek Therapy are an awesome group of mental health professionals that use comics and superheroes to help us understand ourselves and culture better. On this episode, I had a chance to discuss why I am so passionate about my ‘Battle for Multicultural Heroes’ panel that I have been hosting at different comic cons around the nation. We discuss the importance of role models, the dangers of stereotyping, and the ethnic challenges ahead in comics, TV, and film. If you are interested, I will be hosting the Battle for Multicultural Heroes panel at Philadelphia Comic Con (June 20) and at the San Diego Comic-Con (TBA). iPhone users click here

2013 San Diego Comic-Con Survivor Guide
My official 2013 Comic-Con Survival Guide Podcast is here! Partnering with my sister site @BabbleOn5, I am joined by con veterans @NerdOutburst@TheSeanConnelly, and @Nerdy_Something. Collectively, we have accumulated over 25 years of con knowledge just for you! In this 55 minute discussion, we talk panel lines, shopping on the showroom floor, cosplay etiquette, what the big panels will be, outside events, and more. Thanks for listening and comment if you have any of your own suggestions. iPhone users click here

Beginner’s Guide To Comic-Con 2012
Navigating Comic-Con for the first time can be a daunting task to say the least. Most people I talk to admit that if they knew more, they would have done their first con differently. So along with the usual BabbleOn5 team, I have posted a ‘Beginner’s Guide to Comic-Con‘. For this 1 hour podcast, we cover tips for preparing for the trip, the exhibitor floor, panels, after parties, etc. Hope you enjoy it and we hope to see you at the Con.
iPhone users click here

San Diego Comic-Con 2010 Wrap Up Part 2
Angelina-Jolie-appears-at-006In this more extensive review, we continue our thoughts on 2010 SDCC. We cover the experiences from Friday to Sunday. We also dive deep into some of the offsite events. We also have some great stories involving celebrity encounters. Most importantly, we discuss something new called the Marvel panel with the first time reveal of the Avengers cast. This legendary panel would be the first among many epic Hall H experiences for years to come. It was an amazing year! iPhone users click here

preview-nightSan Diego Comic-Con 2010 Wrap Up Part 1
I host the 2nd SDCC BabbleOn5 podcast with the usual suspects covering all the highlights from 2010. This year was the biggest ever bringing out Hollywood’s A-list newcomers like Angelina Jolie, Bruce Willis, Harrison Ford, Will Ferrill, Tina Fey and much more. Since we did the full 4 1/2 day experience, we dive deep into the best panels, the showroom floor, and offsite events. In Part 1 we briefly cover Preview Night and Day 1.

Tron_Legacy,_light_cycle,_Comic-Con_2009San Diego Comic-Con 2009 Wrap Up
This was my first Comic-Con focused podcast done with my old site BabbleOn5- but with the same group of nerds from over the past few years. 2009 was a fascinating slice of time since it was right at the boom of SDCC as well as her 40th anniversary. This year was also the emergence of geek culture and the rise of Comic-Con in the popular arts. This podcast will also give you a glimmer of how exhausted you feel after the 4 day trek!

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  1. Have to say thank you for the kind words on your ‘Road To Comic-Con’ podcast, Tony – it’s really appreciated and I’m touched that you regard me in such a manner. Ditto, sir, ditto. Let’s hope we can catch up again in 39 days time…!

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