2015 Exclusives

One of the biggest aspects that sets San Diego Comic-Con apart from other conventions are the Toy Exclusives offered each year. Ranging from trinkets to the grandiose, Comic-Con Exclusives are some of the rarest and most sought after finds in the toy collecting community. For 2015, different distributors will be announcing what they are offering as tribute to the SDCC horde- so start saving your mullah! These will roll out for the first time at the show with a limited amount will be kept in stock each day at distributor’s booths. Here are some of my favorites to keep your eyes out for and check out my entire Comic-Con Shout! Factory web series:

**Updated July 6**

Barns & Noble will be revealing their limited edition collectibles from Funko, Diamond Select Toys, and Titans. While supplies last, pick up shared exclusives from Diamond Select Toys, Funko, and Titans. Limit is one per customer.
More info: Check the Barnes & Nobles page for what will be available starting July 9.

FTWD STAR CON-stylin CON HEROES-stylin power-rangers-sdcc-profile
Stylin Online will be releasing special set of SDCC shirts at the show. There is the first Fear the Walking Dead and a couple featuring the San Diego Convention Center! Available at several of their Stylin Online booths
Location: 415, 4435, 5029, 5545


Here is Kidrobot’s Mega Man line with two exclusive 7’’ jumbo vinyl figures, a Break Man variation of Proto Man, and the red and white suit variation of Mega Man.
Booth: 5645
Cost: $49.99
More info: IGN

CI14S1TW8AAJe0w.jpg-large CI14TGKWoAA3u33.jpg-largeCI14TM2WcAQ5kjG.jpg-large CI14Tb3WsAAMW6a.jpg-large
Yes! Now we are talking! Mattel is dishing out their own justice with these Batman v Superman Exclusives to include the 6″ World’s Finest pair, 12″ inch Wonder Woman Barbie, and a Hotwheels Batmobile!
Cost: 2 Pack $30, Batmobile $25
More info: Robot6

2-Pin-Blind-Boxes-mtv-1435615267 4-Packs-mtv-1435615269
Marvel will be releasing these super cute collectible pins! There will be 28 pins based on artist Skottie Young’s iconic Marvel comics covers.
Cost: 2-packs $12.50 and 4-packs $25
More info: See the entire collection at MTV

nbx_sally_promo nbx_jack_promo
Super7 are releasing this pair of ReAction Pumpkin King and Sally ornaments! These Orange edition Jack Skellington and Sally figures comes packaged inside a blow-molded  Pumpkin King ornament.
Cost: $20
Booth: 4945
More info: Super7

CIt-2EEWEAApgxw.jpg-large45376_WonderWomanSet_0529-01-1587801cb-74fb-4900-a258-4bb6c65a275b_zps2ykxjvzv-1 Marvel_packaging_readering_1-01 
To ramp up for the new Batman v Superman film in 2016, Monogram International will have this Batman Vs Superman Pewter Keyring Box Set! Also available will be a 3-piece Wonder Woman set, a Simpson Figurine set, a Secret Wars Key Ring set, and more on the link below!
Cost: Bvs $15, WW $25, Simpsons $45, Secret Wars $45
Booth: 3645
More info: Toucan Blog

The Wall Street Journal reveals that LEGO will have this Batman v Superman Batmobile! The Lego DC Super Heroes New Batmobile set includes 306 pieces, two “stud shooters” and opening doors, a new Batman outfit deco, two additional unnamed characters and an additional vehicle. It will only be on display and not available for purchase till Jan 1, 2016 ($29.99)
More info: The WSJ

CIscuwRWsAAUT_l.jpg-large jpeg
As a part of Funko’s 10th wave are the Batman v Superman 2-pack and the Blue Crystal Heisenberg!
More info: Funko

jpeg-2 jpeg-4 jpeg-7
jpeg-3 jpeg-6 jpeg-5
Funko now adds awesome T-shirts as a part of their 10th wave! So coooool!
More info: Funko


Big Hero 6 Monogram Baymax Keyring Set. Our favorite personal health companion is available in three of his various stages- warning, he is limited to 300 pieces!
Cost: $25
Booth: 3645

jpeg-5 jpeg-1 jpeg
Funko’s 9th wave: Minions – Gone Batty, Baymax, The Arrow: Unmasked, Frying Pan Rapunzel and Red Pascal, Mossy Groot and X-Force Deadpool
More info: Funko

14065_Full_Jerrica-mtv-1435330877 14065_Full_JEM-mtv-1435330882
Jem fans, prepare yourself for the HASBRO Jerrica/Jem Fashion Doll! This 1980s 12″ cartoon comes with an interchangeable head and outfit. Comes with a 30″ diorama of the Eiffel Tower.
Cost: $149.99
Booth: 3329
More info: MTV

Toys R Us will have a number of Exclusives found only at the Entertainment Earth Booth- ranging from Star Wars, Transformers, Batman, GI Joe, My Little Pony and more! Check out the entire list at the link below.
More info: Toys R Us

joe-1joe-2joe-4  joe-5joe-3
KRE-O presents this cool VHS box set of G.I. JOE Sgt. Slaughter Marauders vs. Destro Iron Grenadiers. This Exclusive set comes with 12 Kreon figures and a Triple T Tank.
More info: HissTank.com

jpeg-3  jpeg-2jpeg
jpeg-4 jpeg-6jpeg-5
Funko Pop’s 8th Wave includes:  The Flash Unmasked, Barbershop Quartet Olaf, Hannibal – Bryan Fuller,  Darth Vader Matte Black, Thrillkill Batman and Frosted Groot.
More info: Funko

Gotham-a2326 Flash-The-a1200 Arrow-9f44a PLI Art Specs 2009 All_Layout 1
While not a Comic-Con Exclusive, these are definitely a cool piece of swag.  Selected hotels in the Gaslamp, will be offering WB themed hotel key cards. Make sure to ask your hotel if they are offering these. If not, go around and ask for one at another hotel!
Cost: Free
More info: To see more go to Comic Book Resource

SDCC2015-Gentle-Giant-Ant-Man-Statue-002 SDCC2015-Gentle-Giant-Ant-Man-Statue-006
Just in time for the film release, Gentle Giant will have the ANT-MAN Statue for Comic-Con! Standing at 4.25 inches tall, he may not be a giant but will be well sought after at Comic-Con (limit one per).
More info: Pre-order
Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 10.35.00 AM Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 10.38.31 AM
Gentle Giant created “Super Fett” a BOBA FETT PROTOTYPE MINI BUST! This 1/6 scale model will have a limited run of 750 and is now available for pre-order.
More info: Pre-order

 CIM93flWEAA-Ik6.jpg-large Outcast-watch-214x300  BW-Lucille Crossbow
Skybound will have two version of Micheonne from The Walking Dead, one in color and one black/white. Outcast will have this amazing Kirkman & Azaceta Watch limited to 200 pieces. Fight off zombies with this Lucille Mini-Vinyl Bat. Or arm yourself with Darryl’s Crossbow that shoots darts! And there is more!
Cost: Micheonne $25, Watch $65, Bat $45, Crossbow $40
More The Walking Dead Exclusives can be seen at Toy Hype USA

Entertainment Earth is providing more office chair swag with this Bizzaro Chair Cape!
Cost: $24.99
Booth: 2343
More info: Entertainment Earth

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 9.28.34 AM
Conan Pop! Vinyl… need I say more?? (I will once I hear more about them!)

LEGO will giving out a free Arsenal Mini-Fig from hot TV show Arrow! Daily drawings will be at the Pavilion Terrace of San Diego convention center at 12:30 p.m. every day from Thursday, July 9, to Saturday, July 11.
More info: Robot6

Monogram has revealed another DC Comics themed exclusive- a DC 3D Foam Collector Key Ring Set, which features Harley Quinn, The Joker, Batman, Superman, and Nightwing. The set is limited to 500 pieces.
Cost: $45

5668_MarshmallowedEgon_large 5421_T2_Reaction_officer_GLAM_large 5714_BoushhLeia-POP_large
5340_-Rocket-Raccoon-POP_large 5733_RedGrusome-POP_large 5606_Avengers-2_GrinningUltron_GLAM_large
Funko’s seventh wave: Marshmallowed Egon Spengler, T1000 with Hook Arms, Princess Leia [Boushh Unmasked], Nova Rocket with Potted Groot, Lil’ Gruesome, Age of Ultron – Grinning Ultron.
More info: Funko

This is the perfect Comic-Con Exclusive- a LEGO Action Comics #1 Superman set! This 145 piece set recreates one of the most iconic comic book covers in history. Good thing this is a ticket system or fans would tear apart the LEGO booth brick by brick!
Cost: $39.99 (Winning ticket required for purchase)
Booth: 2829
More info: Check out Collider for more info on how to get this Exclusive

5970_SnuffkeupagusFLOCKEDPOP_large 6003_Groot-6_--1Dorbs_GLAM_large 5633_Inside-Out_Sparkle-Hair-Joy_hires_large
Funko releases it’s sixth wave budget destroying goodness with a 6″ Flocked Mr. Snuffleupagus, Mossy Groot, Sparkle Hair Joy, Once Upon A Time – Regina, ReAction: Arrow, and a 1950s Batman!
More info: Funko

feautred_got_entertainment_sdcc-640x400 Screen-Shot-2015-06-18-at-12.28.30-AM-600x400
For the ultimate Game of Thrones fan, Factory Entertainment will have this miniature Winterfell desktop display. But taking control of Winterfell comes with a hefty price!
Cost: $299
Booth: Pre-order at 2647

image63-400x300 image64-300x400
On the top of my want list- the Sam Wilson Captain America LEGO mini figure! He’s free but there’s a catch the limited-edition figure can only be obtained during daily drawings Thursday through Saturday of Comic-Con.
Cost: Free!
More info: USA Today

Must-have-for-k8 Oh-my-glob
Kidrobot and Cartoon Network are releasing these Adventure Time Exclusives- Puff Finn Con Exclusive Colorway 6” Medium Figure and a Lord Monochromicorn Con Exclusive Colorway 6” Medium Figure.
Cost: $49.99
Booth: 5645
More info: Kidrobot

Monogram International reveal their Ultron Bust Bank from Avengers: Age of Ultron.
Cost: $25
Booth: 3645
More info: Monogram

Check out this giant 20 inch light up Hologram Darth Vader from Entertainment Earth based on his projection in Empire Strikes Back!
Cost: $59.99
Booth: 2343
More info: Entertainment Earth 

SDCC2015-Jumbo-Secret-Wars-Deadpool-003 SDCC2015-Jumbo-Secret-Wars-Deadpool-012
Gentle Giant is offering this “Merc with a mouth” jumbo action figure. This 12 inches Deadpool from Secret Wars will be limited to just 1 per customer.
Cost: $100
More info: Gentle Giant

LEGO reveals a 177-piece Dagobah set as a mini-recreation of one of the most iconic scenes from The Empire Strikes Back. To purchase the set fans must pick up a ticket at the Pavilion Terrace.
Cost: $39.99
Booth: 2829
More info: Complex

Dominate the universe with this DC Comics Brainiac Skull Ship HeroClix Figure (3”x6”) by NECA!
Cost: $70
Booth: 3145
More info: The Blot

UCC Distributing will be releasing this adorable plush figures from the Guardians of the Galaxy featuring 17” tall Groot plush with a 6” tall Rocket Raccoon plush!
Cost: $29.99
Booth: 700
More info: The Blot

He calls himself “The Dude” and we love him for that. This 12 inch figure comes with 25 points of articulation and a TON of accessories. Keychain button also includes 8 phrases from The Big Lebowski
Cost: $199
Booth: 2343
More Info: Entertainment Earth

408808-2 408868-2 San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Exclusive Game Of Thrones George R.R. Martin Deluxe Talking Plush FIgure by Factory Entertainment Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 9.07.36 AM
Factory Entertainment is offering a variety of amazing Exclusives ranging from an SWAT Alien Knife, Monochrome Raphael Sai Prop Replica, George RR Martin Plushy, and Pam’s Dolphin from Archer.
Cost: Knife $10, TMNT $350, George $60, and Dolphin $10
More info: Complete line up at Factory Entertainment

5732_YellowGrusome-POP_large 5829_501st_Hikari_Clone_Trooper_hires_large 5607_C3PO-POP_large

5635_American-Horror-Story_Twisty-Unmasked_GLAM_large 5637_HelenaPOP_large 5749_Jaws-Eating-Reaction-hires_large
Funko’s amazing fifth release to include Lil’ Gruesome (Yellow), 501st Clone Trooper, Chrome C-3PO Gold, Freak Show Twisty Unmasked, Orphan Black Parka Helena, and ReAction: Jaws – Bloody Quint and Shark!
More info: Funko

bobafettdroids2 bobafettdroids4 bobafettdroids12
You will have to be a bounty hunter if you are going to be lucky enough to snag a Boba Fett Droids Jumbo Figure by Gentle Giant. Standing at 12″ this recreation from the TV series Droids is a scan from the original 3 3/4 action figure.
Cost: $100
More info: Gentle Giant

SDCC15_Illidan_Box CHtZdEYVEAEPPOv.jpg-large SDCC15_Murloc_Box
Blizzard fans will love these Exclusives- Shadowform Illidan figure, Nexus Dragon Whelpling plush, Funko Murloc Pop! Vinyl 3 pack.
Cost: Figure $19.99,  Plushy $24.99, Pop $29.99
Booth: 115
More info: Toucan Blog

CHoUPWTUsAALbrF.jpg-large CHoUPaPUsAAvM8V.jpg-large
With Ant-Man just around the corner, Hasbro is making their smallest action figure ever. A .75-inch Ant-Man figure that comes in matchbook-like and sized packaging! There will also be a box set that includes a 12-inch Giant Man, 6-inch Goliath, 3.75-inch Hank Pym. Both will be available at the Hasbro booth.
Cost: Ant-Man $9.99, Set $64.99
More info: Daily Superhero

deadpool1 deadpool9
Kotobukiya has announced a Comic-Con limited edition: the Deadpool “Chimichanga” SDCC Limited Edition ARTFX+ statue. Sculpted by Junnosuke Abe, the 1/10th-scale statue stands 6 inches tall- complete with chimichanga. Ordering begins Fri (19).
More Info: Kotobukiya

The dynamic Ambiguously Gay Duo is back! Created by SNL, this bobble-head  features Ace and Gary in their Duo Car which measures an impressive 7 inches long.
Cost: $19.99
Booth: 2343
More info: Entertainment Earth

Titan has released a few amazing figures with Angry(?) Staypuff Marshmallow Man,  two versions of the Tenth Doctor, and Sherlock! All of the figures are the usual 3 inches tall and will sell for $15, except for Tennant in the Tux, which is 4.5 inches and $20.
More info: Nerdist 

5615_UnmaskedBaymax_GLAM_large 5630_GreenGrusome-POP_large  5629_SkipperCheese-POP_large  5971_AntMAnBlackOut-POP_large5426_T2_Reaction_officer_GLAM_large5465_Antique_Vergiris_Metaluna_Mutant-Hikari_hires_large
FUNKO’s merciless assault on our wallets continue with their fourth wave of Exclusives to include Pop! Vinyl Baymax, Lil’ Gruesome, Cheesy Skipper, Black Out Ant-Man, ReAction T-1000 and Antique Verdigris Metaluna Mutant.
More info: Funko

6379_Wonder Woman White Lantern_hires 6380_Wonder Woman White Lantern GLOW_HIRES  5554_JohnDiggleArrow
DC comics and TV fans will be excited to see these Pop! Vinyls heroes- White Lantern Corps Wonder Woman, a variant that glows, and a John Diggle Arrow– all available at the Fugitive Toys booth.
Cost: $20
Booth: #601

The Limited Edition Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Dino Charger Power Pack! Only 700 produced and available exclusively from Bandai America
More info: Toy News International

FUNKO releases it’s third wave of nerdtastic Exclusives to include Flocked Ted, Flamehead Anger, Lil’ Gruesome, Jason Voorhees Unmasked, Cosmic Powers Deadpool, Dead Gustavo Fring, and Marshmallowed Raymond Stantz.
More info: FUNKO

12940390847058473651294039084762340677 1294039084825952069 1294039085251913797
Our favorite Time Lord invades Comic-Con in these special Doctor Who comic issues with variant covers. Titan also brings special versions of the Tenth Doctor, both in a fez (as seen in The Day of the Doctor) and his oft-worn tuxedo.
More info: iO9

Marvel Studios will be missing Hall H this year but LEGO will making up for it with this awesome Throne of Ultron set which will consist of 203 pieces, feature the Ultron minifigure and minions.
Cost: $39.99
Booth: LEGO
More info: Hollywood Reporter

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 5.10.19 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 5.16.41 PM
Inspired by the Hasbro vintage GI Joe A Real American Hero figure, Gentle Giant is proud to bring you the 12″ GI Joe Jumbo Infantry Trooper, Code Name: GRUNT. The GI Joe A Real American Hero Jumbo Figure line features reproductions of the original 3 ¾” figures
Cost: $130.
More info: Gentle Giant

SDCC-2015-Exclusive-G.I.-Joe-Micro-Figure-2-Pack  SDCC-2015-Exclusive-G.I.-Joe-Micro-Figure-2-Pack-3-232x300
Taking me back to my childhood! Gentle Giant announced a G.I. Joe Retro Micro Figure 2 pack including Snake Eyes and Rock ‘N Roll based on their original 1982 figure sculpts. Limit 1 per customer.
Cost: $8.00.
More info: Gentle Giant

Hasbro brings one of the first toys from Star Wars The Force Awaken- 6-inch First Order Stormtrooper figure from the toy manufacturer’s Black Series of collectibles.
Cost: $24.99
More info: Entertainment Weekly

1294085572202213669 1294085572674055973Here is the KREON Transformers Class of 1985 with 30 bots including Grimlock and Devastator! It all come in a cool ‘80s-era yearbook-looking box which includes accessories appropriate to every character.
Cost: $60
Booth: 3329
More info: Toyland or eventually order at HasbroToyShop.com

Gamers, live out your HALO dreams with these foam-dart guns from BOOMco. For $30 you get toy versions of the sci-fi series’ M6 Blaster pistol and and the alien Covenant Plasma Overcharge Blaster.
Cost: $30
More info: Matty Collector (sold out)

Cowabunga dudes! It’s an adorable Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle set complete with nunchuks, katanas and bow-staff!  This 4 pak blister-carded set will have 500 available.
Booth: 5050
More info: The Loyal Subjects

Loyal Subjects presents the famous Construction “Yellow” Constructicon set including Bonecrusher, Longhaul and our Devastating pal Scrapper.This three pak is window box with only 500 available.
Booth: 5050
More info: The Loyal Subjects

San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Exclusive Mighty Morphin Power Rangers White Ranger Tokyo Vinyl Figure by Touma
Power Ranger’s back with another SDCC Exclusive! Bandai America continues its popular line of limited edition Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Tokyo Vinyl figures with this fantastic Exclusive White Ranger! Limited to just 700 pieces.
Cost: $25
Booth: Bandai America

Coming from a galaxy not so far, far away, comes the first Star Wars: A Force Awaken toys for Comic-Con. Entertainment Weekly revealed the new Hot Wheels and Black Series Stormtrooper. Unfortunately, they won’t be on sale until September 4, but they’ll first be revealed at SDCC- so ‘exclusively’ seen in San Diego 😉
More info: Entertainment Weekly

5654_Flash_Flash_GLAM_large 5638_BLUE-Cars-McQueen-POP_large CHKlsSaVAAEjjMS.jpg-large CHLhPaSVIAEpq4J.jpg-largeThe second wave of Funko awesomeness is revealed with ReAction Flash Unmasked, Pop! Disney: Dinoco Lightning McQueen, Age of Ultron Captain American Unmasked, Supernatural French Mistake Castiel, and more!
Check the rest out at Funko

Boldly go with this Star Trek U.S.S. Defiant NCC-1764 Starship from the Star Trek: The Original Series episode “The Tholian Web”. This 16” model comes packaged in a full-color window box with a display stand. Limited to 200 pieces.
Cost: $65
Booth: 2607

SDCC-2015-EX-Batman-Animated-Bust-1-860x1024 SDCC-2015-EX-Gotham-MM-2-Pack SDCC-2015-EX-Gotham-Select-Penguin-Roughed SDCC-2015-EX-Batman-Animated-Catwoman-Bust
Diamond Select Toys present a bunch of Dark Knight Exclusives!  If you are a fan of Minimates, Gotham, or Batman the Animated Series, then you will be think these are Bat-tastic!
More info: CD Collector 

Action Figure Xpress present the Arrow / Flash TV Super Hero Fight Club Mug Pen Holder by Icon Heroes. Featuring Flash, Malcolm Merlyn, Arrow, Heat Wave, Captain Cold, Black Canary, Ras Al Ghul, Firestorm, Arsenal, and Reverse Flash!
Cost: $15
Booth: 3345
More info: Shop AFX

Holy office swag Batman! Entertainment Earth reveals this Classic Batman Chair Cape Exclusive. In all my years, i don’t think I have seen an item quite like this. While it looks like the chair is included, I am sure it’s just the cover and cape- but still pretty awesome!
Cost: $24.99
Booth: 2343
More info: Entertainment Earth 


More irresistible Funko Pop characters to include Sparkle Hair Sadness, Doctor Who, Gold Bender and more!
More info: Check out a few more at Funko

Funko Pop begins their merciless onslaught of adorable Exclusives with this X-Force Deadpool Chimichanga Truck! Prepare your wallets, we have a long few weeks of Funko announcements ahead!

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 11.28.51 AM Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 11.29.04 AM
Mega Bloks has released new images of their upcoming Halo 5 SDCC 2015 Box Set! This 3-Pack comes with Spartan Locke, Master Chief, and the Arbiter!
More info: Toymark

BBP25601lg CGw5X3mUcAAGKD0.jpg-large
From the critically acclaimed Showtime Original Series created by John Logan, check out Penny Dreadful’s 6 inch Vanessa Ives and Ethan Chandler figures by Entertainment Earth.
Cost: $22.99
Booth: 2343
More info: Order Vanessa and Ethan

tumblr_nphdryc9Dj1qkinreo2_500 tumblr_nphdryc9Dj1qkinreo1_500
Hasbro will be offering an amazing exclusive box set of Transformers Combiner Hunter figures- an all female team! The collection will include three Deluxe Scale figures – Windblade, Arcee and Chromia.
Cost: $74.99
Booth: 3213
More info: IGN

Boldly go where no nerd has gone before with this Star Trek Bobble Head Set of the 5 Captains! From Entertainment Earth, these Monitor Mates include Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway and Archer all in one set!
Cost: $59.99
Booth 2343
More info: Entertainment Earth

Thanks to Adult Swim and J!NX, Rick and Morty fans can enjoy this limited-edition 10” Mr. Meeseeks plush – who’s foaming at the mouth and missing half an arm.
Cost: $14.99

If you are an old school Star Wars collector than you will love this astromech from the 1985 Droids animated series. Gentle Giant will be offering this awesome 12″ R2-D2 Jumbo Figure- but only to Premiere Guild Member (limit 1).
More info: Gentle Giant

doctor-strange1 doctor-strange5-625x455



Marvel Legends summons this amazing Doctor Strange Book and Action Figure set. Inside you’ll find 6-inch-scale action figures of the Sorcerer Supreme in his astral form, Brother Voodoo, Magik, the Asgardian goddess Hela and the dreaded Dormammu.
Cost: $99.99
More info: It will eventually be online at Hasbro Toy Shop

Re-enact some great nerdy moments with a Sheldon and Stuart Action Figure from The Big Bang Theory. These 3 3/4 inch pair come with a fold out comic book store diorama.
Cost: $24.99
Booth: 2343
More info: Entertainment Earth

Holy Comic-Con Exclusive Batman! Celebrate the television legacy of Gotham’s very own Dynamic Duo! This polystone monolith is a Bat-tastic statue of Adam West and Burt Ward from the ’66 Batman series. Limited to 2000
Cost: $75
Booth: 2647
More info: Factory Entertainment

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 8.13.26 AM
Factory Entertainment brings us these adorable 6″ Direwolves from Game of Thrones. Featuring Ghost, Nymeria and Grey Wind, these companions are ready to join your march to the Iron Throne.
Cost: $30
More Info: Factory Entertainment

Hot Wheels Marvel Secret Wars 3-Pack cars representing character of Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man, Superior Iron Man and Sam Wilson’s Captain America.
Cost: $35

Icon-Heroes-San-Diego-Comic-Con-Exclusive-Flash-TV-Letter-Opener-3-300x234 Icon-Heroes-San-Diego-Comic-Con-Exclusive-Flash-TV-Letter-Opener-2-300x252
Zooming in from the hit TV show, Flash TV Letter Opener from Action Figure Xpress. Measuring 7″ long, you’ll never have trouble opening those nasty letters from your evil foes.
Cost: $28
Booth: 3345
More info: Toy Hype USA

Celebrate 60 years of the world’s favorite canine DC Comics Super Hero, KRYPTO THE SUPERDOG! Figure and base together measure 5” tall. Product includes a graphic 2-color outer box and full-color sleeve. Only 1000 will be available.
Cost: $35
Booth: 2946

Oh my glob! Check out this Adventure Time Traveling Jake Tin Tote Gift Set! This one-of-a-kind tin tote looks just like Finn’s backpack with Jake traveling inside.
Cost: $36.99
Booth: 2343
More info: Entertainment Earth

Factory Entertainment SDCC 2015 Archer Head Pillow
Factory Entertainment announced their first Exclusive which is an Archer Head Pillow. This is very limited with only 500 pieces created.
Cost: $30
Booth: 2647

San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Exclusive Black and White Mirage Edition Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Minimates Box Set
Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum are taking the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles back to their comic book roots with a 4 pack of Minimates that depicts the Turtles in their classic comic book appearances in glorious black and white!
Cost: $19.99
Booth: PREVIEWS #2401
More info: Blot Says

Diamond Select Toys releases it’s an all-new line of vinyl figures from DST- Kevin Smith! Vinimates, the first-ever Minimates-style vinyl figures based on pop-culture icons, are making their debut at Comic-Con, and who better to get Vinimated first than comic book icon Kevin Smith? Limited to only 2,000 pieces!
Cost: $10
Booth: 3345
More info: Shop AFX

The tiniest Exclusive ever- the Ant-Man Comics Minimate Box Set by Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum. The set includes Shrinking Ant-Man, Shrinking Yellowjacket, civilian Scott Lang and Ant-Thony the Ant!
Cost: $19.99
Booth: PREVIEWS #2401
More info: Street Robot

FEMME FATALES HARLEY B&W PVC STATUE from the animated series. This 9-inch black-and-white statue is crafted from PVC plastic and is sculpted by Steve Varner Studios. Limited to only 4,000 pieces!

“Capt’n, there be whales here!”. Straight from 1986, Entertainment Earth brings you the Star Trek IV Bobble Head Spock with Whales. Save Earth for only $19.99!
Cost: $19.99
Booth: 2343
More info: Entertainment Earth

One of the most creative Comic-Con Exclusives I’ve seen in years, the Tina Fey and Amy Poehler SNL action figures! Recreate your favorite moments from Weekend Update with these 3 1/2″ version of our favorite comedic duo. Limited to just 2,400 pieces, these will go quick each day.
Cost: $29.99
Booth #2343
More info: Entertainment Earth

Who can get enough of the highly addictive Pop! Vinyls?! Previews will be offering this amazing RAVAGER ROCKET RACCOON flocked version Exclusive. Limited to 3,000 pieces.

NECA will have this 7″ RAMBO: Force of Freedom action figure with 25 points of articulation! Our favorite green beret will come with an arsenal of weaponry along with other accessories.
More info: Serpentor’s Lair

SDCC_AgeofUltronMMset1 AlienSDCC JLU_Supergirlstatue1 PredatorMaskOpener1
Diamond Select Toys and Action Figure XPress are offering these amazing Exclusives:
Avengers: Age of Ultron Minimates Exclusive Box Set: $28
Alien Minimates 1979-Style Exclusive Retro Single Pack: $7
ustice League Unlimited Femme Fatales Exclusive Supergirl PVC Statue: $50
Predator Exclusive Masked Predator Metal Bottle Opener: $20
More info: Awesome Toy Blog

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 8.47.12 AM San Diego Comic-Con 2015 DC Collectibles BlueLine Jim Lee Batman action figure exclusive 1
DC Comics BlueLine Edition – Limited Edition Jim Lee action figure – World renowned comic book artist, Jim Lee, brings his extraordinary vision of Batman to life in this exclusive pencil deco Batman action figure sculpted by Jack Mathews. Each Batman figure includes an original sketch drawn and signed by Jim Lee
Cost: $300

San Diego Comic-Con 2015 DC Collectibles Krypto plush exclusive
DC Super Pets Krypto Plush Toy – Based on the artistic style of legendary comic book artist, Art Baltazar, DC Collectibles’ all-new DC Super Pets plush line will release an exclusive 6” Krypto Plush Toy at SDCC.
Cost: $9.95

Wreck havoc on your desk or bookshelves with this NECA Pacific Rim Replica 3″ Mini-Figures Box Set!
More info: Topless Robot

CFnk3rxWoAAMHYP.jpg-large CFnk3xcWEAAPcz4.jpg-large
According to their Facebook page, Hasbro has confirmed the Transformers Titan Class Devastator for about $200. More info to come.

One of the coolest Exclusives I’ve seen in a long time- the Dark Knight Returns Box Set by Mezco. Batman faces off against the Mutant Leader for one of the best  confrontations in comic book history.
Booth #3445
More info: Mezco

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 11.51.19 PM
Mezco released another goodie today- the clip on Poison Ivy Mini Mez-Its. Plus, each Poisonous villian key chain comes with a special random bonus item!
Booth: #3445
More info: Mezco Toyz




Matty Collectors just revealed the Ever After High Raven Queen and the Thomas & Friends Super Friends Minis.
More Info: Matty

Mezco presents the beloved character from Breaking Bad- a 12 inch Heisenberg! He comes with a removable hat, removable glasses and removable sunglasses. Also, this variant version features a blue shirt and black jacket not available anywhere else!
Cost: $40
Booth: 3445
More info: Orders start Fri 5/15 at Mezco

Mezco Toyz Breaking Bad Saul Goodman SDCC 2015 Exclusive 2
Breaking Bad fans, Mezco will be offering the limited edition variant 6″ Saul Goodman with office diorama.
Cost: $30
Booth: 3445
More info: Orders start Fri 5/15 at Mezco

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 11.46.28 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 11.51.39 AM
Gamers beware- check out this amazing Metal Gear Rising White Raiden 1/6 scale statue with extra armor and a LED glowing eye! Pre-orders starting on May 11.
Cost: $195
Booth: TBA
More info: Gecco

This 6-inch figure is cool as ice! Mezco’s Exclusive Mortal Kombat X Ice Clone Sub Zero features 23 points of articulation

Cost: $30
Mezco Booth: 3445
More Info: Mezco

Matty Collector presents the Ghostbuster’s Courtroom Egon Spengler 6″ figure! He can be picked up via the voucher system like last year. Check out MattyCollector.com for more info.

Masters of the Universe collide as Rotar and Twistoid go head to head! Check out MattyCollector.com for more info.

Hover Robot 3-Pack! Each pack comes with three sets of hands, a sticker sheet, and three stands. Check out MattyCollector.com for more info.

Just in time for Terminator Genisys in July, NECA is coming out with a glow in the dark T-800 Exoskeleton. This will be a nice pair with the previously announced Predator!
Booth: NECA
Cost: TBA



NECA revealed it’s 2015 Convention Exclusive Ambush Predator in all it’s translucent glory! Including two different masks and armor, this Predator is one you don’t want to mess with!
Booth: NECA
Cost: TBA, more info at Action Figure Insider



The Four Horsemen have announced that their San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Ravens Exclusives will be available to pre-order at the Store Horsemen and Action Figure X-Press starting April 13th and will end at Saturday, April 18th at 3pm EST. Pick up at Comic-Con
Booth: TBA
Cost: $35

G.I. JOE CRIMSON STRIKE: Features the Cobra Scythe jet and the G.I. Joe Chimera. Includes Grunt, Ralph “Steeler” Pulaski, A.V.A.C. & Alley Viper Officer figures.
Booth: Hasbro Toy Shop
Cost: Approx $99.99

G.I. JOE DESERT DUEL: Features the F.O.E. Striker and the Cobra Basilisk. Includes Night Fox, Philip “Chuckles” Provost, Elite Horseman and Cobra Air Trooper.
Booth: Entertainment Earth
Cost: Approx $59.99

Hallmark-CC15-U3PO-R5D4 CC-Alien-1QMP4094-L CC-Batmobile-1QMP4095-L CC-BobaFett-HanSolo-ittybittys-L
Hallmark Ornaments: This year’s ornament offering from Hallmark the Batmobile, Xenomorph from Alien, U-3PO with R5-D4, and Boba Fett with Han Solo in Carbonite.
Booth: Hallmark
Cost: TBA
More info: Hallmark

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