Game of Bloggers

Featuring the most dangerous bloggers on the internet, Game of Bloggers returns for Preview Night at the San Diego Comic-Con 2017

After a long year of experiencing the horrors of war, many have conceded that hope was lost. However, in the silence of winter- in a clandestine location just north of the Wall, a treaty was formed that would be the olive branch of peace. As a result, I am pleased to announce that Game of Bloggers Season 3 returns to San Diego Comic-Con 2017! Once again, geek houses will gather to tell tales of victory, loss, and glory- at the House Of Blues on Preview Night! Will this be the first step of a unifying the realm or the setting for the next Battle of the Bastards? Only the strong will survive.

Why Game of Bloggers?
San Diego Comic-Con is so much more than just seeing an amazing show. It’s an opportunity to join forces with allies, meet revered social media warriors and forge new life changing alliances. After Preview Night, I invite you to revel with myself and the Nerd/Geek/blogger/YouTube/Social Media/Photography/Comic-Con community- as well as fellow fans. The last two years have been amazing as hundreds of websites have come together to connect with each other and enjoy drinks, food, music and selfies. It has been a full capacity+ event and it was such an honor to finally put faces to houses and collaborate on future projects. We all know that creating content year round is not easy and Game of Bloggers S3 is designed to celebrate you! Stay tuned for more event details, announcements for prizes, special guests and entertainment.

Bloggers, Editors and Social Mediaites:
This event is open to the public but if you run a geeky website or you are a nerdy content creator then you can RSVP while space is available. Being accepted gives you ‘priority access’ (2 max per site). Submit to Crazy4ComicCon(at) Submission deadline July 5.

Event Details:
Place: House Of Blues (1055 5th Ave)
Date/Time: Preview Night, 9p – 12a
Produced by: Kari Lane.
Special: Game of Bloggers Badge gives you VIP Admission into our sister event, the Red Wedding After Party on Saturday night.

Game of Bloggers will feature the most talented group of fashion designers at Comic-Con! Exhibiting their latest apparel, not only will you have a chance to get a sneak peak at what is next but you’ll also be able to purchase onsite as well! Make sure to meet and interview these amazing designers!

Featured Exhibitors

Featured Guests