The Official San Diego Comic-Con T-Shirt


It’s here! The official t-shirt of SDCC 2015! While not considered an Exclusive, it’s been selling out before the show- so don’t waste your time. This year’s line up features The Flash (by artist Andy Kubert), new Toucan T-shirt (by Rick Geary) and two new Comic-Con logo shirts. Prices are as follows:

  • ADULT S-XL $21.55
  • ADULT XXL $24.79
  • ADULT XXXL $28.03
  • WOMEN’S S-XL $21.55
  • YOUTH S-L $18.31

You have to be present to pick up your shirt since they will NOT be mailed out. Pick up is now in Marina Ballroom D, on the 3rd Level of the South Tower of the Marriott. Remember, it still takes a couple of hours in line just to get your shirt. So I would recommend going first thing in the morning when everyone is in line for panels or the Exhibit floor. Own this memorable piece of the Comic-Con legacy! Order your shirt here!


4 thoughts on “The Official San Diego Comic-Con T-Shirt

  1. The t-shirts are great! A few years ago my family purchased them and got in line on preview night to pick them up. Silly me, I expected maybe a 20 minute wait … nah … it was over to two hours!

    1. Tony, are there “lull times” when the merchandise pickup line would be short?
    2. I’d be willing to pay shipping costs if they would simply mail the t-shrt to me! Am I the only one?

    • Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get one mailed to you. The best time to get a shirt is first thing in the morning while everyone else is in line for panels or trying to get Exclusives. Mid to end of the day is the worst. It’s hard to avoid 1-2 hours though. Good luck!

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