Tip of the Day #20: 1 Month and Counting…


We may not be launching a space shuttle into outer space, but it sure does feel like it! With Comic-Con officially one month away, the clock is ticking and your preparations should be underway. Whether you are going for the first time or tenth like me, the next four weeks will be crucial for being ready for the 4 days in San Diego. So here are 7 steps you should be doing right now.

1. Game Plan
s69-34038It’s important to start talking with your circle of SDCC friends about what you want to get out of the convention. If this is your group of friends first time to Comic-Con, there is so much to experience with the showroom floor, panels, offsite events, hunting for Exclusives, seeing screenings, meeting celebs and more, that it is easy for chaos and anxiety to take over. When my group first went to Comic-Con, we didn’t really coordinate our con values and we ended up missing each other for large parts of the show. So for your group, it’s important to ask each other what matters the most to each friend and what you want to experience together. You may choose to do your own thing during the day but coordinate your evening meals and offsite activities together. Without a game plan, someone inevitably gets left out or get’s their feelings hurt. Start discussing it and go into Comic-Con with a clear plan as individuals and as a group.

2. Exclusives
We are in the height of Exclusive announcements with new ones being released almost daily. Whether they are toy plashes, action figures, or high end collectibles, there will be pretty much something for everyone. Over a hundred Exclusives will be revealed ranging from the inexpensive to the pricey. This can hit your budget AND your schedule hard if you are not ready for it. Make a list, check it twice, and decide if you have been naughty or nice. Like everything at Comic-Con, you have to FULLY commit to go after an Exclusive- so decide before hand what you really want. Here is my list of Exclusives that you might be interested in.

3. Offsite Events
CENkgbHWIAIIn2o.jpg-largeHow your spend your evenings has almost become just as important as how your spend your days. 6+ years ago, the aspiration after the con for most was finding a good place to eat and maybe hang out in the lobby of the hotel. Now there is something awesome to do all day everyday besides just Comic-Con. But you have to plan effectively. Some great offsite events are already sold out like the SherlockeDCC Party with others close behind so get your tickets now. Nerd HQ’s Conversation for a Cause panels also sell out within minutes (should be announced in a few weeks) so be prepared to act fact. Some events, like the Her Universe Fashion Show is not ticketed but will fill up to capacity before the event which means you need to include early arrival into your planning. There are already many events that are overlapping so you will have to make some tough decisions about what you and your group will try to do. Check out my Offsite Events page for the latest options and encourage you to check out my personal event called the Game of Bloggers.

4. Gear Up
For the time being, Amazon is your friend… but not much longer. Time to order your nerdy t-shirts, backpack, power supply, books, and anything else you might need by July. One of the most important decisions you will need to make is about footwear. I’ve never been so grateful or miserable when it came to picking the right shoes. The key is get a pair that offers good cushion and arch support. Plus make sure you break them in a couple of weeks before- not at the show. Check out my Survival Kit episode for more.

5. The List
ModalNodes_play_ChalmunsNow that we live in the age of Ultron, it’s amazing how easy it is to connect with those that we follow and admire. Never before will there be such a concentration of scum and villainy than at Comic-Con. But with the hype and craziness at SDCC, it will be easy to miss incredible opportunities to meet those that have influenced you over the years. And I don’t mean celebrities. While they make for great selfies, meeting a celeb will hardly change your life. However, meeting and chatting with a blogger, author, or content creator might be the very best thing that ever happened to you. But you have to make a list of who you want to meet and start reaching out. If you wait till Comic-Con to try to find someone you admire, it might be too late depending on their popularity.

6. The Mission
My post on Finding Your Mission seemed to have really resonated with many of you. Comic-Con is a prime opportunity to make something happen in your life but it will only come through a mission. Remember, ‘good luck’ is when opportunity meets preparedness so know what you want out of Comic-Con and go after it. Pick yourself.

7. Survival Guide
CFdfAWNWoAEOxlBIf this is your first time to Comic-Con, then definitely check out my new video series called the 2015 SDCC Survival Guide brought to you by the awesome folks of Shout! Factory. New episodes coming out each week with the most important ones this month. Do me a fav and share and like the series and help first timers have all the info they need.


A few important odds and ends:

  • The official Programming schedule won’t be released until two weeks before the show. Which means expect to see the Thursday schedule on Wed the 24th.
  • Shortly after the Comic-Con schedule comes out, Nerd HQ will release their schedule which probably means the latter half of the week of the 29th
  • Comic-Con hasn’t announced if they will do the ‘wristband’ system for Hall H. We can probably expect to know pretty soon. This will affect your scheduling- I’ll post more on it once (and if) it is released. My guess is that it will happen again.
  • My podcasts will really be gearing up this month too. I will be do a special series on the ‘Personalities of Comic-Con’ with the first one going up tomorrow. Subscribe to get the latest episodes!
  • Check out CCI’s Toucan Blog for more helpful info!

Hope these 7 points helped get you focused and prioritized. My most important posts are coming up this month like; how to get into panels, how to plan your week’s schedule, most common mistakes, and the top ways to make this the best experience of your life. Thanks for reading and please leave a comment about how you are planning with just 1 month ahead.

11 thoughts on “Tip of the Day #20: 1 Month and Counting…

  1. I just felt my first ‘holy crap, it’s only a month away’ stomach butterfly flutter! Getting really excited now and need to step up my prep! I hope to run into you again 🙂

  2. Btw, (and please feel free to delete this, since I don’t know your policy about this kind of post) – I created a t-shirt design for Walkind Dead fans (this one for the Carol fanatics 😉 “Carol’s Flowers & Seeds – Weeding out Bad Apples since 2014” and then there’s “Carol’s Flowers & Seeds – Planting your problems six feet under since 2014”. You can get it in different color schemes, styles and sizes in my Zazzle store. Here’s the link: http://www.zazzle.com/carols_flowers_seeds_tshirts-235039177622181785. I ordered one for myself and should get it Wednesday. Last year I did one for Hannibal and I was really happy with the quality.

  3. Since my group is large (10+ people), we always hold a meeting prior to the week of SDCC to discuss where we plan to go for Preview Night, and if any of us plan to camp out/line up early for panels, exclusives, or autographs. We also try to meet up prior to an off site event if we happen to be attending the same one. It gives some of us a chance to hang out since we tend to be split up most of the time during the event. Great tips, as usual. The reality hasn’t hit just yet that it’s almost here!

    • Sounds like you have a great plan! Comic-Con is hard enough as it is let alone trying to coordinate a group! We have an annual party (5th in a row) on the Sunday before the Con- then we can connect and talk before the craziness of Comic-Con begins. Unfortunately, that is the last time our group is all together for the week because of the size of our circle. Crazy right? Less than a month and counting!

  4. Ahhhhhhhhhh!! *kermit arm flail*
    I’m still trying to find my focus!! What do I sacrifice my sleep for? Hall H line camping? Camping out for exclusives? Aaaaah!!

    • Ha ha, yea I feel your pain. I always suggest try for less instead of trying to do everything. Hope you have a great experience!

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