Tip of the Day #8: 6 Ways To Prepare With Comic-Con 3 Months Away


Now that Comic-Con badges and hotels are secured, it’s time to start developing the an attack plan. In three months, we will be descending onto the downtown Gaslamp District like an army of Chitauri from the vacuum of space. However, a successful invasion means effective planning first- even the Avengers need a plan. Three months will pass before we know it so here are a few things to consider as you develop your strategy of attack:

1. My Precious…
my-preciousIf you don’t have a CC badge, your only options is to be invited by a vendor as a worker or to be a guest of a volunteer. There are a few contests out there but they are far and few between. For you current badge holders, make sure you have your e-mail badge confirmation in an easy to find place folder on your computer. I would highly suggest you print out multiple copies just in case. I have heard many attendees panic days before the event because their e-mail confirmation got deleted. Also, make sure that Travel Planners has charged you the two nights deposit on your credit card. Regardless of what confirmation you have, payment is the ultimate reservation. Nothing is real until they have processed your money. (cancellation date April 15). Given the recent calamity, you can never be too safe. Making sure your badge and hotel details are secure are your highest priority.

2. Ace up your sleeve?
If you are commuting in for a day or daily, parking can be a beast to find as well as pricey. You will want to take care of parking so you don’t spend an hour driving around in circles in an already congested downtown. Ace Parking is now taking registrations over e-mail until April 12  with and done through a lottery system. Prices vary from $15-40 but will be worth it if you are just coming in for a day or two. This is the first year of a lottery so fingers are crossed that it will go well. Click to register.

3. Is This Box Taken?
or...you knowThe CC Hotel Sale is currently reopened, however there are no downtown places available. After the return deadline on April 15, there might be more downtown ones available but they will go very quickly. Besides searching on your own, your other option is working with the Friends of CCI Forum. They are a great resources to find open SD hotels, roommates, etc. You can still go online and find places far out by National City or Sea World. It’s not convenient but it’s something. If you plan on spending all your nights in the Hall H line, then invest in a great sleeping bag.

4. Power Up!
home-cat-battery-120413One of the most important resources you will need at Comic-Con is power. The drain on your electronics like your phone is more than expected. The network congestion makes your phone spool for longer times than normal. Even a simple tweet could take minutes or multiple attempts- causing your phone battery to die sooner. Not to mention all the photo snapping, video, and dropped calls, all result in you stranded mid-day without a phone. There are many options on the market and I would suggest an external Mophie case charger as well as a separate juice pack. Good ones are not cheap so you don’t want to be scrambling to order online a week before the show.

5. You Got a Pen???
Moo Cards
One of the best ways to connect with new friends at Comic-Con is by having personal business cards with your social media information on it. If you make an important connection then the last thing you want to do is not have your info readily available. Sometimes connections happens in just seconds so you want to be prepared. Moo Cards are an affordable and creative way to express your geek self. You can upload any image you want making them reflect your personality. I’ve been using them for years.

6. Get Connected
Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 12.43.07 PMSocial media has probably been the best invention to impact Comic-Con in the past few years. Not only is it a great way to meet other like-minded fans but it’s the best way to get updated news, tips, and tricks from con veterans from all around the world. It takes time to get used to it so start tweeting now. Even if you are not active on Twitter, it would be good to create a ‘list’ of a few accounts to help you prepare for the show. Some suggestions (but certainly not all): @TheNerdyGirlie @EnglishmanSDCC @SDCCNerdsAttack and
@FriendsOfCCI to name a few.

Toucan Blog
Comic-Con International’s very own Toucan Blog will have a lot of great tips and announcements so you will want to check that regularly.

A lot more tips coming up in the coming weeks covering Exclusives, budgeting, backpacks, cosplay, first time press and more! Make sure to check my entire list of 2015 tips to help you out. Also read the First Time stories of past attendees! Please leave a comment of how you are preparing for the show!

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