Geek’s Keepin It Hot Panel at WonderCon

Big thanks to all those that attended my Geeks Keepin It Hot Panel at WonderCon. The purpose of this panel was to battle it out over some epic nerd trivia while engaging in some relavant discussion about the ‘hottest’ culture issues facing our comic community. Some of the topics discussed was racial diversity, the lack of female heroes, online bullying, the importance of taking risks, and more. Juggling the game component AND the discussion posed tricky but I think we were able to touch on some thought provoking points. Big props to that one kid that gave us hope in the next generation! To a packed house, I was joined by Amy Ratcliffe (writer), Chris Gore (comedian), Ivy Doom Kitty (cosplayer), Andre Meadows (comedian), Rachel Lara (actress), Sean Long (toy professional), Tracy Doering (writer), and Emily Ong (cosplayer, Fashionista). A special thanks to the staff of WonderCon for giving me a platform to facilitate this discussion. If you were there, I’d love to hear your feedback or thoughts about what was discussed. The podcast is below:





3 thoughts on “Geek’s Keepin It Hot Panel at WonderCon

  1. This was an awesomely fun panel! The key point driven home for me was the desire to get to a point in comics and movies where gender and race aren’t even an afterthought and that the discussion is more about the acting and character(s). I agree that, maybe instead of upsetting the status quo with new ethnic/gender versions of beloved characters, the focus can and should be shifted to just creating new characters. I know it’s a radical idea, but maybe when you kill of a character, maybe have them STAY DEAD to make room for a new comer??? LOL

    But anyway, great job to you and the panelists!!!

    • Great thoughts and I really appreciate the feedback. Hopefully we can keep the conversation going into future cons. Thanks so much and thanks for commenting!

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