Nerd Block Unboxing

Nerd Block

I’m a few months into a new monthly box service called Nerd Block. It’s been so awesome to experience the creativity of different geeky box services. Nerd Block is a more customizable service that allows you to choose from various themes like Classic, Arcade, and Horror ($19.99). There are also Jr versions for boys and girls ($13.99). I went with the Classic theme- which is appropriate since they describe it as “Comic Con in a box!”- speaking my love language. February was themed “Simon Says“ since it was a collaboration with geek actor and comedian Simon Pegg. Here is what I got in February’s box:

An amazing Shaun of the Dead shirt

The Nerd Do Well book by Simon Pegg. This autobiography not only goes in-depth with the actor but follows him on his crazy adventures in film.

I was well armed for April Fools with this Mr Freeze ‘bug in ice’ joke…

As well as the Harley Quinn whoopy cushion gag.

Here is a MunnyWorld blank vinyl to express creativity

A Rocket Raccoon magnet to add to my ever growing collection

And my personal favorite thing is this Nerd Block Exclusive- the Guardians of the Galaxy Nesting Dolls! i’ve never seen such a epic thing and they will make for a great addition to my nerd shelf.


As you can see, there was a ton of awesomeness stuffed into this Nerd Block. Priced at $19.99, this was definitely worth it. Especially since you can customize with various themes. This Crate service is worth checking out for you or another indiscriminate nerd in your life. Check it out more information at and follow them at @NerdBlock on twitter.

2 thoughts on “Nerd Block Unboxing

  1. I have to say, nerdblock has been very underwhelming. Loot Crate has much better swag. If you get the kids blocks, they are basically the same exact thing except for 1 or 2 items that are for girls or boys. Several times during my subscription I have gotten items that were in worn packages (ie they bought them off the clearence shelf). I am just not impressed with them at all. I am going to try Geek Fuel or another one. I would not recommend Nerdblock.

    • There are now so many box crate services- there is now something that fits everyone. Loot Crate has the biggest head start so they will have a leg up. In different ways, I have been impressed with different services and just glad this is now a thing. You should express your concerns to Nerd Block and perhaps they will make some adjustments. Thanks so much for commenting!

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