Your First Time…


As 2014 comes to a close, we will soon be preparing for San Diego Comic-Con 2015. Whether you were a Con virgin last year or you’ve gone for many years, you never forget your first time to SDCC. My first time visiting was in 2006. I just went in for just a day, had no idea there were panels or celebs even there, and just walked the floor for a few hours. I was mesmerized and totally enamored with being surrounded with like-minded fans. It’s been my love ever since. Since that time, I’ve had the privileged to work for Comic-Con International and it even made me MORE crazy for Comic-Con (if you can believe it). Well, as crazy as I am, I know I am in good company with the rest of you weirdos. So my invitation is for YOU to share your ‘first time’ experience at the show. Our story binds us together as nerds so don’t keep it to yourself! My hope is to inspire many others through your stories and keep fellow fans motivated as we wait the next 8+ months. Please include:

  • 500 words or less in a Word doc
  • Share your nerd history, what you loved from your first time, what was a challenge, and advice you would give to another first timer
  • 3 photos
  • Any info you would like to include like Twitter alias or website
  • Keep it positive and focused on SDCC

Once you have completed this, send it to Crazy4ComicCon (at) Hotmail (dot) com. Subject should say “My First Time“.

Feel free to read the many other submissions from past years for inspiration. Thank you again for your contribution- it will serve to encourage a lot of fellow fans and help other’s have a great ‘first time’ experience.

2 thoughts on “Your First Time…

  1. My first time to attend SDCC was in 2005 I was 32 years young. My brother (30 years young) asked me to come and draw for tickets so he could meet WWE’s “The Rock” aka Dwayne Johnson then I could go home. I had every intention of going home until I pulled a winning ticket and googling Dwayne’s photo also helped my decision to stay. I remember just going up to the convention window and being able to buy a ticket. Walking the convention floor leisurely was a fantastic thing to have experience without the hustle and bustle. My brother had been a longtime attendee of Comic Con before they moved it to the convention center. I always wondered where he (17 years young) went alone this one weekend every year. His comic filled boxes have now gone to my son. SDCC became something I got to share and experience with my brother for many years after 2005, I’m truly grateful for those years! Thank you SDCC!

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