Cosplay Boom Web Series

Nothing better represents the booming culture of comic conventions than the world of cosplay. Whether seasoned vets or brand newbies, cosplayers have brought so much creativity and vitality to the nerd community. Not only has it become a canvas for hobbyist, but has turned into full blown professional careers for some. Regardless of motivation, many cosplayers share the story of growing up as a misfit or often times being misunderstood. This art form has helped many cosplayers not only accept themselves but inspire others to do the same. Often times the past pain is the same but the outward expressions end up much different. Created by Todd Kenreck, Cosplay Boom completed a successful Kickstarter that tells culture stories of cosplay in a documentary format. I love the heart and passion behind these artists and I hope we can continue to support great endeavors like this. To check out more about Cosplay Boom, visit

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