Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer

It’s been 15 years since Star Wars Episode I and the last time we had any hope of preserving the purity of our childhood. Since that time, it’s been a slow eroding of everything that was once awesome with the subsequent Episodes 2 & 3. However, in the deepest bowels of our heart we all still love George Lucas, but it’s hard not to harbor painful heartache for our beloved franchise that began a long time ago. But in the immortal words of Yoda, “…But wait, there is another…” December 2015 will be the beginning of a new story- and perhaps the restoring of innocents lost. With that timeless John Williams score and a fierce JJ Abrams aesthetic, this teaser trailer looks amazing! No matter how wounded or cynical you have become, there is no way a gratifying grin didn’t formed across your face after seeing that final shot of the most adored hunk of junk in the galaxy. 2015 will be a long year.

Leave your thoughts of what you thought and what you hope you will see in Episode VII.


7 thoughts on “Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer

  1. I loved it. I can not wait. Just the trailer looks gritty kinda dark. The trooper helmets look awesome, I cant wait to see them in full. The jedi/sith with the saber in the forest… woah! Im more pumped about this film than I ever was about episode 1. This looks incredible.

    • Agreed- it looks like a good balance between the old and the new. We also got more than I thought we would with this teaser. In JJ we trust!

  2. I thought it was fantastic! Did you see other “trailers” with Luke and Han or are all those FAN made trailers? ps she should have put her goggles down when she took off on the speeder

  3. I had a chance to watch the trailer and I felt a single solitary (man) tear slide down the side of my face. I have a lot of hope for this film. JJ did a great job with Star Trek so I can only hope he will do as good a job with this. I still say the trailer I most want to see though is the one where we actually get to see the original trio. I’m dying to see how Carrier Fisher pulls off princess leia all these years later.

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