Eric’s First Time…

IMG_9979SDCC is the Epicenter of all things geeky/nerdy, but the one thing that brings us of all together to celebrate our culture. As a child, I’ve been a comic book enthusiast since the late 80’s. I’ve always heard about SDCC but never went, because I supported myself in college and had a minimum wage job to boot. I didn’t really understand what I was missing until I watched coverage of SDCC through G4, god bless it’s soul, by then SDCC became the behemoth it already is and I gave up hope.

Last year was our first attempt and we succeeded. I still can’t believe it happened tears literally fell, we got to attend all of our panels, get exclusives, camp out, met celebrities and got autographs and pictures all without a hitch.

IMG_9773A few of my highlights being able to get pictures of celebrities and be one of the first in line. I met YouTube star @MelonieMac who actually worked Godzilla Encounters. My utmost, favorite moment was going to the Orphan Black Panel and meeting Tatiana Maslany whose a sweetheart all her own.
The only hardship I faced was driving back and forth from my uncles place to the Convention center. That and the fatigue set in with the walking endured throughout the con.
IMG_9842Surprises come in the smallest of packages, who knew they came in the form of an actress. The Hero or rather Heroine of my trip was Tatiana Maslany. I got “Boo’ed” off stage for asking her to take a picture with me, as I sat, she smiled and winked and mouthed out “Of course I’ll take a pic with you” and we both laughed. I never knew celebrities were so kind. She definitely will have a supporter in me for life, I love Orphan Black.

-Eric (@l2adical)

Thanks Eric for sharing. I’m so glad that your first time was a great experience! Inspire others with your ‘first time’ story- Don’t wait! Read details here!


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