My First Time Story Submissions


Now that it is 2014, it’s time to start submitting your ‘First Time’ to Comic-Con stories. Whether you were a Con virgin in 2013 or you’ve gone for many years, you never forget your first time to the San Diego Comic-Con. My first time visiting was in 2006. I just went in for just a day, had no idea there were panels or celebs even there, and just walked the floor for a few hours. I was mesmerized and totally enamored with being surrounded with like-minded fans. It’s been my love ever since. Since that time, I’ve had the privileged to work for the organization through a couple SDCCs and it even made me more crazy for Comic-Con (if you can believe it). Well, as crazy as I am, I know I am in good company with the rest of you. So my invitation to you is to share your ‘first time’ experience so I can post it on this site. My hope is to inspire many others through your stories and keep fellow fans motivated as we wait the next 7 months. Below is the criteria:

  • Cover the 4 H’s: Heritage, High Points, Hard Times, and Heroes (read below for more details)
  • 500 words or less
  • Include 1-3 photos of your experience
  • Include any info you would like to include like Twitter alias or website
  • Keep it positive and focused on SDCC

More on the 4 H’s: For your heritage, include your nerd history- long time geek or recent convert. High points, share about the most memorable experience at your first SDCC. It might mean meeting a celeb, going to a certain panel, or buying a collectible. For Hard times, share about the hardest part or challenges to overcome. Finally for Heroes, share someone that was a hero to you at your first SDCC. It might have been an actor you met, a friend that you were with, or a stranger that helped you out. I think celebrating heroes is an important part of Comic-Con as well as life.

Once you have completed this, send it to Crazy4ComicCon (at) Hotmail (dot) com. Subject should say “My First Time“.

Feel free to read the many other submissions from last year as a reference. Thank you again for your contribution- it will serve to encourage a lot of fellow fans and help other’s have a great ‘first time’ experience.

2 thoughts on “My First Time Story Submissions

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  2. The night I met Joss Whedon, almost wound up in Mexico, and got pulled over by a cops. It was 2008, having heard that you could randomly find yourself face to face with Geek Gods I decided to carry a backpack with a few selected comics. I had never been good at picking people out of a crowd so I made sure to tell my friends who I was looking for. After a day of running around, attending the hilarious Doctor Horrible Panel where Felicia Day got busted for twittering and a audience member asked a question referring to Neil’s character as Doctor Who, I decided to called it a early night. Around 10-11PM I got a call from Marisa. “We are at the Doctor Horrible after party,” asked if Joss was there, she replied “he’s here.” I jumped out of bed, hastily got dressed. One of my roommates jumped in the car with me and after driving up and down a few streets we found the bar. The whole cast was there. Nathan Fillion and Joss signed my Serenity comic and Joss took a picture with me. I was to much in aw of Joss, I didn’t even think to take pictures/talk to anybody else. Best day ever. So excited were we that we missed our exit on the 5 fwy going back to our hotel in Chula Vista. Ended up barely making it on to the last exit before the border. I was going to pull over on the bridged to look at my map and sirens went off behind us. My friends were dying of hysterical laughter. We explained. My friends kept asking him, the police officer, if he knew who Joss Whedon was and that I had just met my idol. He gave us directions and let us go, chuckling.

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