2014 Tip of the Day #11: Your Tips and Suggestions!

Twitter Comic-Con

With 43 days left until Comic-Con, plans are forming, lists are starting, and the SDCC tweets are filling your timelines. While there are a lot of great Comic-Con focused sites out there, one of your very best resources out there is harnessing the knowledge of the nerd tribe. The vastness of the San Diego Comic-Con can be intimidating, but by learning from each other, we can help first time as well as veterans have the best show ever. I asked for your tips on Twitter and this is what you sent in!

“This is common but: bring water and snacks! It’s never fun to be thirsty and hangry at the con.” ‪@geekpinata

“To save $$ and time on lunch, pack a small soft-sided cooler and check it. Retrieve when hungry, recheck it … repeat. :-)”  ‪@KBknowsbest

“Do homework! Read lots of blogs & POVs. Learn as much as possible before getting to the con. Don’t shy away from questions.” ‪@the_green_key

kc_bad332668x015_r940x635“No need for fancy downtown restaurants. I think I’ll be packing some military-grade MREs this year.” ‪@Dvann562

“External battery packs to recharge your phone and other devices.” ‪@tmvogel

“Plan, plan, and plan some more — then be ready to throw the plan out the window and go with the flow once you’re at the con.” @kwhitehouse

“Wear deodorant. Can’t stress that enough!” ‪@lehea1212

“Always have a plan B, because things won’t go the way you want. Also, walk around the Convention Center, since there a lot of things besides the con.” ‪@elmachas

“Be kind to everyone, SDCC staff, security, and if someone asks a question, even if you think it is dumb, answer it nicely” @newhousebailey

US-ENTERTAINMENT-COMIC CON 2013“I’d say bring business cards or something of the like. Helps to make and keep new friends you’ve met at the convention! 🙂 @_StevenGood

“If you want things signed pack a silver and a black sharpie in your bag.” @SilverLocust1

“Get a UPS account before you go and ask your front desk if they have a box at check-in. Ups your swag home!” @SuperSquint

“Airborne is a must and Arches for your feet.” @cstrife77

“Bring an extra battery pack for your cell phone, poster tube w sling and be ready for the hordes of sweaty people😱😱😱” @DavidFirkins

“Eat more than usual because your body is burning more calories than usual. Fuel the con body :)” @Lauren_Gallaway

“Step out of your shell! Try to make new friends at the con, as you’ll be sure to find someone who has similar interests” @_StevenGood


Photo by Michael Arbuckle

“If most of what you’re trying to do are panels, accept the fact that you’ll likely need to pick just 1 room a day.” @LadyJenevia

“If you have a child old enough to use one, bring a pair of walkie talkies in case you get separated.” @cofphoto

“Gel shoe inserts. Seriously!” @kristenlanae

“For commissions/sketches, don’t be afraid to contact the artist pre-con for terms/conditions. It may save you a spot.” @aganej2

“Funko, a huge con favorite, has almost all their exclusives online at geminicollectibles.com SDCC weekend. Free shipping too” @CaniacKid

And I blushed over this last one…

“Okay. Go through EVERY POST AND BLOG ENTRY that Crazy4ComicCon has written about SDCC.” That helped me. #YouCanQuoteMe ;-)” @HiddlesEducates

9 thoughts on “2014 Tip of the Day #11: Your Tips and Suggestions!

  1. Wear comfortable shoes.

    Okay, everyone knows to do that, but let’s take the feet a step further.

    Beyond shoes, make sure you’re washing your feet vigorously at the end of the day and DRY them. Whether you’re using a towel or you put you feet over the hotel AC, make sure they’re dry.

    I also suggest using foot cream or foot powder. Put it on in the morning and you can could on a few hours of worry free walking.

    You’re going to be spending more than 12 hours at a time in your shoes. Your feet will suffer if you don’t take care of them and since none of use have alternatives, you’d best make sure they work.

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  3. I will be a first time attendee, but I also have a tip. Label everything! I use Mabel’s Labels – they stay stuck, they’re waterproof, and if anything goes missing, you’ve got a much better chance of it finding its way back to you. I’ve got labels with my name and email address on all my electronics (including the portable phone charger I just purchased – thanks for that idea!).

    • Yes for sure- great tip! I’ve heard too many horror stories of lost items that are never found. Thanks for commenting!

  4. Tony, love your site.

    My advice, comfy shoes, protein snacks (unless you like soft pretzels and pizza – cause that’s all you’ll find in the shorter lines at the conv. ctr) and bring a big water bottle with 1 or more flavor mix-ins (they are small). You can even pack kool-aid in a Baggie to add to the water. Water is free around the con and you can add the flavor to keep it interesting. Also I wear my backpack backwards to keep my eye on my bag and it makes it easy to slip swag in the big pocket and access the smaller pockets when I need my wallet or sharpies. Bonus: I don’t bump too many people that way. I also keep my main credit card in my shorts pocket for easy access when buying exclusives.

  5. If you’re going to camp out in the Hall H line, bring “Cards Against Humanity” to entertain yourself and people nearby, or, a lot of interest in them, and stories to share.

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