May 4th: Free Comic Book Day!

If you have never participated in Free Comic Book Day, then I hope this year will be the first. Every first Saturday in May, the comic book industry and comic book stores come together to celebrate the awesomeness of comics. Contrary to our nerd fantasies, it’s not a comic book ‘free for all’ as it sounds. The publishers have printed up specific comics just for the occasion (listed on their site below). Most stores also limit how many you can take- 5 in most cases. Many shops take the opportunity to create a ‘mini-con’ with artist signings, cosplayers, and swag. Best of all, this is a great way to get kids involved. Beyond all the hoopla, the most important thing I can encourage you to do is buy some comics while you are there. The comics industry and the stores need our support so this is a big day for them to create awareness of the art form of comic books. Check out the site to find out which comic book shop is near you is participating. To make it an EXTRA nerdy, it’s also Star Wars Day! So May the Fourth be with you!

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