2013 Comic-Con Tip #5: Celeb Sightings

bigfoot-ts300You’ve heard the mythical legends of the once in the lifetime rare encounters in the Gaslamp. Could they be true? Could I be one of the lucky few this summer? If you are new to Comic-Con, one of the reasons that may have enticed you to come are the epic stories of chance sightings of a mythical celeb. Whether it’s Joss Whedon, Zachary Levi, or Nathan Fillion, most of us hope to have at least one magical moment during the 4-days in San Diego. While not as rare as Bigfoot, celeb sightings in the sea of SDCC fans can have the odds stacked against you. However, the migration patterns of these sought after creatures have been tracked over the years- so while It’s not guaranteed, there are a few places that will increase your chances to catch a glimpse…or a photo…or a hug (before you get arrested):

Celeb Sight

1. The Hilton Bayfront
2. Omni Hotel
3. Hard Rock Cafe and Hotel
4. The Hilton Gaslamp
5. Marriott Marina and Marquis

By trolling the lobbies, bars, or entrances of these areas, you greatly increase your chances of crossing paths with the object(s) of your obsession(s). Two Important tips: First, if you happen upon one of these fabled creatures, be sensitive, respectful, and courteous. In general, they will allow for brief interactions as long as you are socially aware and don’t cross acceptable norms (like groping or proposals of marriage). If they are eating a meal, in deep conversation, or having a drama-filled moment, be respectful and give them some space. Keep it brief and don’t ruin it for the rest of us. Second, when you enter one of these zones, have a camera, magic marker, and something to sign readily available. There is nothing worse than having a once in a lifetime introduction and not having anything to show for it. I hear too many horror stories of opportunities lost because of a lack of preparedness.

I hope during your 4 day excursion that you have a genuine ‘Bigfoot’ moment that makes SDCC 2013 one of the best experiences of your life. There are many stories out there, please share a comment below about your chance celebrity encounter- Happy hunting and see you in 2 1/2 months!

11 thoughts on “2013 Comic-Con Tip #5: Celeb Sightings

  1. To true, i ran into Simon Pegg a couple of years ago on the con floor. Since i was on the floor i had my camera at the ready and he was kind enough to let me snap a quick pic with him. It probably took about 10 seconds tops. But i immediately thanked him and i’m an even bigger fan of him now.

  2. My favorite encounters: Had my picture taken with Neil Grayston of Eureka unknowingly because I was sitting in front of the cardboard stand up of him at Cafe Diem. Rode the elevator at Hilton Bayfront with Ian Somerhalder and John Barrowman (separately). I’ve seen others just walking around near the Convention center. It’s pretty easy to see celebs around.

  3. My friend and I were walking in the Gaslamp and we saw a girl with some incredibly beautiful high heels on. She stopped at the corner to cross the road and we kept commenting about her shoes when I realized the guy she was with was Nathan Fillion. I was beyond shocked. We said hello but let him go on with his evening. He was very handsome in person and friendly.

  4. Last year Ken Marino was on the Con floor in a fireman’s uniform, promoting Burning Love. I don’t think a lot of people recognized him because it wasn’t hard to get a photo and say hello! We talked Party Down and sweaty skin. We also walked by Andrew W.K. in the Gaslamp. My friend said, “Are you Andrew W.K.?” and he replied, “YEAH!” and we all just kept walking.

  5. Last year, my friend and I were walking back from a very late dinner and I heard someone telling some stupid knock knock joke over and over. I muttered something under my breath to her about drunken idiots or something like that. She motioned toward the joker and I turned. It was none other than Nathan Fillion with Zac Levi. Needless to say, I was pretty embarrassed, so I said hello and power walked away.

  6. There are a rare few who do not want to be bothered at all. I remember Thomas Jane walking around the convention floor, and I went to one of his signings on a different day. Both instances, he absolutely refused to have his picture taken. I was shocked about not being able to take his picture at the signing, but whatever. He looked pissed actually. And he sort of ignores you on the Con floor too. Why be there at the Con promoting your things? You know we are your fans. He’s at the bottom of my list now. Ouch! On the plus side, the majority of celebrities are really pretty cool. As long as you are nice and you ask politely, then they are nice right back. I must say, Zachary Levi and Nathan Fillion, and countless others are SUPER NICE!!!

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