No Guns at LA Comic Con

With the unfortunate events of Las Vegas, it was just a matter of time when cons would adopt a more aggressive weapons policy. No doubt that all major public events will have to change their security and crowd management procedures. However, this wasn’t the beginning. I happen to be at Phoenix Comicon earlier in the year when an armored gunman was apprehended while heading to the showroom floor. He was targeting actor Jason David Frank, who was near our booth. Sobering to say the least. Understandably, the PCC show runners implemented a ‘no weapons’ weapon policy for the rest of the weekend- no lightsabers, swords, guns, etc. I just got back from NYCC and noticed a pretty strict code against weapons but still saw some type of guns on the floor. LA Comic Con, which is a couple of weeks away, just announced their updated weapons policy:

Important changes to our Security and Cosplay Weapons Policy
Effective immediately, Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con will be a GUN FREE and PROP-GUN FREE SHOW. This means that anyone who brings a GUN, FIRE ARM and/or PROP-GUN to Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con will NOT be allowed to enter the LA Convention Center. Furthermore, GUNS, FIREARMS, and/or PROP-GUNS will NOT be allowed on the show floor.
·PROP-GUNS: To be clear, props including, but not limited to those that resemble historical guns, science fiction guns, or fantasy guns. Simply put, if it looks like a GUN (and is NOT a banana or your finger), DON’T BRING IT!

Obviously, this is quite a damper on a cosplayer’s costume plans but we all have to adjust with the times. It’s unfortunate that a couple of deranged apples can potentially ruin the experience for us all. While necessary for the sake of security, I say we don’t let it ruin the fun for the rest of us. Our community has been so great to flex and see the positive in any situation. So while we won’t be toting blasters or gunblades, lets show the world that hate won’t prevail. Good luck to all the cosplayers having to adjust to the new policy and hope it doesn’t ruin your plans. What are your thoughts about this new era of change and do you have any suggestions on improving the weapons policies at shows?

6 thoughts on “No Guns at LA Comic Con

  1. Yes, I have to agree with the decision. However, if the LACC management believes a sign, or a strongly-worded announcement, will stop someone who has ill intent in-mind from entering a business, convention hall, etc. … with a firearm … they are just plain naive. My 2¢

    • I’m sure they will upgrade security. NYCC had a pretty strong presence- along with police dogs. With that said, I noticed some gaps on the system. If someone has ill intent they could get into most shows.

  2. Sad that it had to come to banning toy weapons, but it is completely understandable in light of horrendous incidents happening all over the world. One day we will get back to being decent and respectful of all people and then maybe we can all Cosplay in peace with our toy Machine guns and swords.

    • I hope they can make exceptions for lightsabers, staffs and other props that are not guns. Cons without some prop weapons would be a bummer.


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  4. Reblogged this on securelosangeles and commented:
    Unfortunate over reaction to the deeds of bad people. A comprehensive and well trained security force and a very tight security perimeter would work fine. Concealed weapons will still be an issue if searches or metal detectors are not used. There is no reason to ban ‘prop’ guns, even ones that look real if security is up to the task.

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