Lessons From The Golden Girls

I’ve recently been watching The Golden Girls and I’m beginning to understand why it has become such a popular, nostalgic show in the last few years. I have a few different shows that I tend to watch when I need something in the background, but Doctor Who is no longer streaming on Netflix, and I recently finished  a Buffy rewatch. It seemed like the perfect time for something new, but not anything that I felt I was going to get too excited about and would be upset if I happened to miss a moment while I was busy getting some work done. Much to my surprise I found out that I really enjoy this show. There is wide range of characters with Dorothy, the sassy and sarcastic one; Rose, the airhead who likes to tell stories about when she lived in St. Olaf, Minnesota; Blanche, the sexy southern belle; and Sophia, Dorothy’s feisty Sicilian mother.GG

 If I happen to make it to an old age, I envision myself being like these women. I can’t see myself as a Blanche type as I highly doubt that I will be a hottie with a very full *cough, cough* “social calendar”. I think I’m probably about one step away from being Dorothy or Sophia right now, so all I need is the age to go with the sarcasm and dry humor that I already possess. It’s no wonder that Deadpool loves Bea Arthur…Dorothy and Deadpool would most certainly be kindred spirits.


Oddly, the thing that I really noticed most about the show is the fact that it tackles issues that society STILL seems to be dealing with, even though these women handled them thirty years ago. So far, I have seen these women deal with issues of homosexuality, transgender, homelessness, illegal immigrants, deportation, sexism, racism, healthcare, women’s rights, birth control, unwanted pregnancy, interracial marriage, death, life on other planets…and get this…Trump jokes.

While the show has been over since 1992, and many of the episodes that I have watched seem to be the ladies telling stories and “flashing back” to things that happened in other episodes, I think that there is much that is still relevant to our time and things to be learned from watching it. The big moral of the story that I keep coming back to is “LOVE EACH OTHER”. These women fight and they hurt each other’s feelings, but they talk about things and forgive each other. They often use the phrase “love is love”, and that’s thirty years before Lin-Manuel Miranda made it as huge as it is today. They are selfish and silly, but learn that they are wrong and work on improving themselves and loving people better. Whatever our age, gender, sex, religion, social status or place of residence might be, we need to work on loving and extending grace to each other. We are all just human after all, and I don’t think any one of us can say that we couldn’t use a little more love in our lives.



Thank you for being a friend. 


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4 thoughts on “Lessons From The Golden Girls

  1. AMEN! Man we used to watch those episodes of the Golden Girls back in the day HA That’s how old I am but, you are absolutely correct. The sit-coms of that age were all about dealing with Societies problems in the microcosm of their show…All in the Family etc…Unfortunately like most of history we seem to Fail to learn from the past. We still are making the same mistakes we made back in the day.

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