First Time To SDCC? Here Is How To Maximize Your Experience!

So SDCC is just around the corner and if you are like me (I really hope you aren’t) then you are already plotting, planning and scheming about everything you want to do and accomplish while you are there. That being said, it can all be a little overwhelming – especially if it is your first time. Never fear! We have compiled a list of things sure to help you through this process. So let’s dive in!

Don’t Wear Yourself Out – Ever go on a vacation and by the end of each day you feel completely drained? Welcome to Comic-Con. You need to pace yourself a bit. Sure you want to see every panel, every day while also shopping the salesfloor. But guess what, that is not going to happen and trying to make it happen will exhaust yourself on the first day. Instead, pick out a couple of things you really want to do each day and make sure you do them. Two or three per day is really all the time you will have so rather than scrambling around pace yourself and enjoy the things you really want to do.

Have A Quest –  This is a fun one. Pick out something you want to accomplish while you are there and make it happen. Maybe it is buying that exclusive item, getting that autograph, or making a scavenger list with your friends. Whatever the case find a quest while you are there. It doesn’t have to be epic, you aren’t going to meet the cast of the Avengers, just do something fun but attainable. For me, a couple of years ago I hunted around for a copy of the first comic book I ever remember buying as a kid (it was GI Joe #47) then I tracked down the writer and had him autograph it. It was fun and now I have a very cool souvenir.

Meet People – Don’t be shy! Comic-Con is filled with cool and interesting people from around the world. Get to know them. Talk to the people waiting in line with you or hanging out in the hotel lobby. Better yet, read blogs (such as this one) and hit up people on Twitter. Then you will have a group of people already built in for you to meet and hang out with. Hey, I know I want to meet you so don’t be a stranger!

Go Out At Night – SDCC is not the time to crash early or hang out in the hotel hot tub. There are tons of meetups, hangout and special events going on after hours. (Such as our very own Game of Bloggers!) This is your chance to get out, enjoy the brilliant San Diego evenings and have some fun. You will be surprised at just how fun the after events will be.

Hall H – A word about Hall H. The Hall H experience is epic, but if this your goal for the Con the realize it will take up a ton of your time, including camping out overnight and spending all day in the hall waiting on that panel you want to see. It can be worth it, just be warned it is time consuming and exhausting. That being said, it can totally be worth it!

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