10 Weird Things To Bring To Comic-Con 2017


With San Diego Comic-Con just 4 weeks away, it’s time to start planning and organizing your trip items. There are now a ton of sites out there that offer tips on what to bring for 4 days in the Gaslamp so I thought I would highlight the weird and less obvious travel accessories. These range from the practical to the outrageous- but us nerds come with a variety of needs! Check these out and make your own suggestions on what strange thing you bring to Comic-Con.

1. Mole Skin Tape and Insoles
0e31a848-68ad-4a8e-84a1-65613d47a360_1.d93ba0f3aed6bf77793c8201bad575b7Whether this is your first time to Comic-Con or you are a veteran, your feet are the key to survival. It doesn’t matter how comfortable your shoes are, 5 days of shuffling, standing and running around will murder your feet. The most common mistake is a first timer to think that a brand new pair of Nike’s will solve the sore feet crisis. Wrong. The same pair of shoes, regardless of comfort will eventually cause ache or sores. My two big recommendations are changing out your cushioned insoles with 2-3 different pairs each day. If you get sores, use Moleskin tape instead of band-aid. Tape doesn’t slip and provides better padding. Trust me, if you follow this tip, you will naming your first born after me someday.

2. Small Poster Tube
Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 10.13.20 AMI’m not a poster guy but you never know what print or valuable item you will come across. Out of nowhere, you might get handed a signed 8 x 10 photo of your favorite celeb- now what are you going to do? Whether it’s an exclusive, an original piece of art or an autograph, a poster tube will come in handy. You can even just cut a cardboard tube to fit in your backpack. Worry about it now so you won’t have to worry about it at the con. You can usually get a cardboard tube at the post office or mailing supply store.

3. Your own Lanyard
Since badges are being mailed out this year, you might want to personalize it with your own special lanyard. For extra convenience, you might consider a breakaway lanyard if you won’t be wearing it around your neck. This is especially useful for cosplayers. Check out this one.

4. Micro Umbrella
enhanced-buzz-14130-1382391847-13-1You never know what the weather will be like in a month. San Diego has the most pleasant conditions this time of year which makes it the ideal location for Comic-Con. However, I’ve had years that ranged from a scorched Earth experience to a drizzling mess the whole time. If you plan on spending time in line for either Hall H or the multiple offsite events, then you need to be prepared for the worst. A small umbrella can save you- especially if you burn easy. Check out Genius Pack and their ridiculously micro umbrella!

5. Backpack/Stool Combo
51B4l+ifnXL._SY450_Like I mentioned above, standing in line is just what you do at Comic-Con. Whether it’s indoors or out, at Comic-Con or at an offsite event, there will be plenty of times to stand in line. At Comic-Con, they don’t let you take any furniture into Hall H so you have to be inconspicuous. There are a few versions of this on the market but consider a backpack/stool combo. You’ll have something to sit on and it will easily convert when you have to move quick. Here are affordable options Amazon.

6. Waterless Toothbrush
Nothing feels better than fresh breath at the con. With no water required, Toothettes magically brush your teeth using your saliva, leaving your mouth minty fresh. Just us and throw away! One bags includes 20 so share with your neighbor in Hall H or waiting in line around Comic-Con.

7. Travel RIFD Protected Money Pouch
91UVnsX8DJL._SL1500_If you are not into carrying a backpack or purse, you might consider a money pouch. More secure than your pockets, a money pouch will allow you to carry more items. This is especially crucial if you are traveling internationally and need to carry a passport around. Comic-Con is a relatively safe experience, however, with large crowds comes security issues. A RIFD secure pouch by Advantage would be ideal to protect your cards from electronic theft.

8. Vitamins
With long days and even longer nights, your body will take a beating. Vitamins are the key to having the endurance to keep up during the 5 days of Comic-Con. I suggest having a variety of power ups like Emergen-C, potassium and vitamin B. Vitamins are not cheap so ordering online early is the way to go.

9. Noise Canceling Earplugs
FinalRender01_01Staying in a hotel with friends at Comic-Con is part of the fun, however, not being able to sleep at night is enough to break up any friendship. Comic-Con is hard on the body and getting a good few hours of sleep is about the most important tip you can take away from this post. But with friends coming in at all hours of the night or a hardcore snoring bedmate, can all ruin your sleep. If you are a light sleeper, you might consider ear plugs or better yet, noise canceling ones by Hush. Sure they are an expense but by Saturday night, you might think they were the best money ever spent.

10. Ostrich Pillow!
Planning on spending long nights in line for Hall H? Want to grab some z’s during a panel in Ballroom 20? Behold, the Ostrich Pillow: headgear that completely covers your melon, blocking out light and noise as you sleep in a public place. Unfortunately, it does not make you invisible and some may mistake you cosplaying as a futuristic marshmallow. However, after a few days at the con, escaping in your own private oasis may be just what you need. Check out more info about the Ostrich Pillow.

There you have it, 10 weird items to bring to Comic-Con. However, I know you all are a bunch of weirdos too. Leave a comment with your weird item or one you’ve seen online. Thanks and see you in a month!

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