The Business of Geek Fashion Panel at Comic-Con

Geek Fashion Panel

Do you ever wonder how the latest Star Wars fashion collection was made or why companies are hosting fashion shows featuring your favorite fandoms? This panel will offer an inside look at the business of geek fashion, examining the major changes that took place in the industry over the last year and what they means for the future. Moderated by Lisa Granshaw, panelists Ed Labay (Hot Topic), Ashley Eckstein (Her Universe), Jon Schindehette (ThinkGeek Denver), and Sara Scargall (WeLoveFine), and Tony Kim (Hero Within) will discuss the process behind creating pop culture apparel and accessories, how geek fashion is expanding into new areas, how the industry has evolved over the years, and recent geek fashion trends. There will be time left for attendees to voice their opinions and ask their questions about geek fashion.

Thanks for listening and leave your tips or comments below. You can download it here or better yet, subscribe to me on iTunes! Can’t wait to see you at the show!

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