Comic-ConVersation: Catherine Elhoffer


With the launch of Hero Within this past week, I thought this would be the perfect time to have Catherine Elhoffer of Elhoffer Design on an episode of Comic-ConVersations as we head into SDCC. After years of enjoying this pop culture renaissance, the geek fashion world is finally taking some big steps forward- in no small part because of brave new designers like Katie. We sat down to discuss her journey into fashion, some of the current frustrations with juggling an apparel company and what big changes we would like to see when it comes to nerd fashion. This interview isn’t just for those interested in fashion, but anyone that is a content creator, afraid to take risks or someone ready to branch out on their own.

Follow Catherine Elhoffer at @ElhofferDesigner and order an amazing dress from Elhoffer Design! You can download it here or better yet, subscribe to me on iTunes! And, make sure to check out Hero Within for your favorite geek guy in your life.

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