My Scratch-Built Star Destroyer


A new game that I am loving is Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures. As a avid fan of games like Warhammer 40k, what first hooked me was the quality of the miniatures. With their recent release of The Force Awakens Edition, I was immediately hooked. The dog fighting mechanics are easy and game play is a blast. While there are a few larger ships, like Leia’s Tantive IV, the game focuses on the smaller fighters- plus the mid-sized ships are pretty expensive ($30-99). Naturally I wanted to amp up the gaming experience and I always wanted to build a Star Destroyer so fate and my nerdiness collided. I first built a basic version to be a background piece for my Jakku mission. Then I built out the final version for the following game. Here is my scratch-built Star Destroyer made from 2 1/2 sheets of foam core, some craft foam paper, a few coffee cups and some random model plastic bits. All in all, it costs me less than $20 and was pretty easy to build. It’s not to scale since it would have to be like 5 times bigger but it’s close enough to play with and to be daunting. I had a blast building it and hope to try an even more elaborate version with lights! Comment on what should be my next ship?

IMG_1216 IMG_1218  IMG_1240 IMG_1297  IMG_1291 IMG_1302IMG_1329 IMG_1332 IMG_1341 IMG_1350





4 thoughts on “My Scratch-Built Star Destroyer

    • Yea, I’ve seen some Death Star tables with towers and laser turrets- it’s definitely tempting. I’d like to built a trench run too. But it would be a lot of work and only used once or twice- verses a ship that can be used in a lot of scenarios. Thanks and thanks for commenting!

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