The Final Batman v Superman Trailer

We are just 40 days out from the opening of Batman v Superman and the final trailer dropped today. Up to this point, the trailers, teasers and ads have been polarizing to say the least, with it leaning heavily to the negative side. The marketing has had the sophistication and subtlety of Doomsday which has soured many fans. It’s been no secret that while I am a huge Superman and DC fan, I do not have high hopes for this ‘sequel’ to Man of Steel and all of the rumors and leaked info has not helped it in my mind. To be honest, I think this movie is going to be a mess- maybe even bad. At the very best it will have a handful of sequences that are well done, but there is just not enough time to tell the story that has to be told. Personally, the very best piece of marketing to come out for this film has been the two Turkish Airline ads fictitiously promoting trips to Gotham and Metropolis. Unfortunately, these fun promos are not enough to stop the bleeding of cynicism that started last year. I would love (and hope) to eat my words, but like many, I have a bad feeling about this. These sentiments are reflected in this recent poll I ran- which I excluded Civil War and Suicide Squad…

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 11.05.14 AM

With that said, the newest and final trailer is definitely the best version we have seen so far. The score is compelling, the action is strategic and the story builds. The opening fight sequence could quite possibly be the best Batman brawl we have ever seen. It’s kinetic, brutal and terrifying. Most of the middle third of the trailer is stuff we’ve seen before but this time, we actually get a chance to hear Wonder Woman speak (finally)! Batman’s parry of Superman’s swing is a pretty great way to end this trailer and also gives a strong evidence to some Kryptonite shenenigans by the Dark Knight. Like before, Lex still ruins it for me and it’s sad knowing that Doomsday is going to be squeezed into this already bloated sequel. I know I am a victim of knowing too much but I think it will be less heartbreaking by just lowering expectations. This won’t be Avengers or The Force Awakens and it will soften the blow to accept that fact.

Let me know what you think. Did this trailer give you hope? Do I need to plan on binging my own words? Are you going to skip this and just watch Deadpool a few more times? Leave a comment below and let’s discuss!

5 thoughts on “The Final Batman v Superman Trailer

  1. This trailer was by far the best, which is unfortunate considering the various iterations that have been released. I agree that lowering expectations might sadly be the case of finding the most enjoyment, but I think that may also be a good practice; just go in without the weight of source material knowledge, and enjoy someone’s story in a genre we love. The only thing I’ve wanted from this film, since the moment it was announced at SDCC, is to see the bat armor on the screen, so I am already satisfied in that sense. I’ve always enjoyed finding discussion points within films, and I suspect this film will provide plenty. Can’t wait to see the film and hear your perspective on it, and thanks for writing and sharing your take on trailer.

    • Great thoughts. Yea, I have been ruined by the epic Dark Knight Returns finale sequence and have dreamed of seeing it on screen for decades. I don’t think this will come close to that but hope that it’s the best part of the film. It’s all still to CGI’d to me which takes away from the realness. Oh well, we’ll know in a little over a month. Thanks for commenting!

  2. I always try to remain optimistic, even when signs may point to a possibly dull, boring, or even bad portrayal of some of my favorite superheroes. While I enjoyed Man of Steel and saw it twice, I was inwardly disappointed and didn’t bother with buying any form of the movie, digital or otherwise. In my house, that is the Kiss of Death. Still, I was hoping for a better sequel, a new Batman, and more of Supes. The early trailers had me silently cringing (I would never admit it out loud), but this new trailer has restored my faith! I have gleefully jumped back on the bandwagon, and I’m also super stoked about seeing this new Wonder Woman kick some butt! Let’s just hope that all the good stuff hasn’t been crammed into one last trailer, and that there are happy surprises ahead.

    • Agreed with your thoughts. They should have released this trailer first. I think it would have started it on a better foot. Thanks for commenting!

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