Wrath of Con Bloggers Panel at SDCC 2015


One of the highlights of Comic-Con 2015 was having a chance to host the Wrath of Con Bloggers panel for the first time. With the explosive growth of Comic-Con over the years have come a new generation of nerdy and geeky websites- so we wanted to discuss how it has shaped and influenced pop culture. I was joined by my esteemed Comic-Con colleagues Megan Gotch (The Nerdy Girlie), Leonard Sultana (An Englishman In San Diego), and Alyssa Franks (Friends Of CCI). We had a great conversation about  how we started out, best practices, common pitfalls, biggest obstacles, and the core values of our sites. We were also very inspired to hear about all the great stories from our audience before and after the panel. As a true noob, I forgot to start my recorder so my apologies for cutting off Leonard’s introduction.  

Download here. Thanks for listening and leave your comments below about your thoughts on this panel- AND don’t forget to subscribe through iTunes and like/comment there too!

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