San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Review Podcast


A week has passed since Comic-Con and we have all returned back to the harsh reality of real life. But before the euphoric high fades from our memories, I wanted to look back at all the wonderful highlights from last week. I am joined by two special co-hosts and we all had very different experiences from each other. Amy Marie from Assembly of Geek was fully immersed in the press experience interviewing casts from many popular TV shows. Jefferson from Nerds in Recovery cosplayed for the first time with remarkable success and shared what he learned. For myself, I focused on connecting with content creators and also exploring my own personal mission. We discuss the sustainability of Hall H camping culture, the trailers that came out of Comic-Con, Offsite Events, and our personal highs and lows.

Thanks for listening and leave your comments on any of the topics discussed- AND don’t forget to subscribe through iTunes!

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