Comic-ConVersation: Dr Ali Mattu of The Psych Show

Ali-MattuMy Comic-ConVersations continue with a very special guests. After interviewing the panelists from my Wrath of Con Bloggers panel (Thu 10a), I am now moving on to my GEEK WARS: The Nerds Awaken Panelist (Fri 10a). This panel will be a combination nerd trivia and social discussion with some awesome professional geeks. First up is Dr Ali Mattu, a clinical psychologist in Brooklyn that specializes in anxiety disorders. In our time together, we talked about our love for Star Trek, he shares what it was like growing up Pakistani, and how he blends fandom and psychology together. Oh, we talk Comic-Con too! He’s a real smart dude so I hope you get a chance to meet him at Comic-Con.

You can find out more about him at, ThePsychShow, and Super Fantastic Nerd Hour! Follow him @AliMattu  and don’t forget to subscribe to my podcast at iTunes to get the next installment of Comic-ConVersations!


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