Help, I’m Being Held Hostage!


**Updated at the bottom of the post: July 30, 3:15p**

To all my faithful readers of Crazy 4 Comic Con, 
I know we are on the eve of Comic-Con 2015. There are plans to be made and many details to organize. However, something has been on my heart for sometime now and I’ve wrestled with how to handle it. After much consideration, I have decided to include you in this dilemma and seek your help on this matter. Nothing below will help you with your trip this year- but perhaps, down the road, it will help another someday. Thank you.

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 1.56.14 PMBack in 2013, I went to Facebook to set up my Crazy 4 Comic Con profile only to discovered that a fake account already exists! Despite my numerous requests to release my intellectual property, there has been no communication back to me. Even after several conversations with Facebook, they seemed unmotivated to get involved. I realized that I am being held hostage. Clearly created to quiet my voice, this fake account now stands as a beacon of fear and control in our Comic-Con community. It’s ironic that my passion to empower others to create is now stifled because I can not create on the most successful social media platform in history. So now I am incarcerated in this fake account along with my dreams to help SDCC first timers in the Facebook space. My hope and desire was that a good conscience would win out and my Facebook page would have been liberated long ago- but to no avail. Like a social media version of Nelson Mandela, I sit in a prison cell. Now I’ve done all I can do, so I guess in this case, the bad guys win…

897px-Not_facebook_not_like_thumbs_downOr do they? This is where you come in. One thing I have learned over the years is that our Comic-Con circle is a passionate and influential tribe. We do not take oppression lightly. Bullying, fear, fraud, intimidation, and control are all the enemies to what we all have worked hard to build over the years- a non-competitive and accepting community. What I love most about you all is that you believe with all your hearts in equality, love, empowerment, and freedom- and you are willing to not be silent. Recent sobering events have reminded us that, big or small, we can not let hate prevail. Losing freedom in one area will just threaten another someday. Maybe yours.

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 2.38.55 PMWhat I am asking of you is for your help. By going on the fake Crazy4ComicCon Facebook page you can do whatever you feel led to do. Report the page by clicking the button next to the Message button. You can comment your disapproval. You can send e-mails. You can write your congressman. Facebook would rather not get in-between personal disputes- unless they have to. For example, if you think this is bad, did you know that the @SanDiegoComicCon on Instagram is fake too?! Also owned by Facebook, it’s yet another account that is capitalizing off of the credibility of another- and FB is not willing to do anything about it. The same thing happened with my fake Google+ account– but, one battle at a time.

shacklesIn the grand scheme of things, this can be considered petty. Ultimate lives and real freedom are not at stake. Perhaps this is the epitome of a ‘first world problem’? However, fraud and identity theft is nothing to be taken lightly. To me, there has been nothing more rewarding personally than to be able to connect and inspire through online platforms- which I have been unable to do. I don’t mean to cloud an otherwise positive up coming event, but I am desperate. You all have been very generous with your praise and thanks over the years and it has fueled me to do better and be better. Thank you for your help in the matter. Through your help if we can accomplish the liberation of my FB name, it will be more than just for me, but it will be a victory for us all. Let’s prove to the world that the nerd tribe is influential and that we can change things for the better. Thank you.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
-Edmund Burke

Update: July 30, 3:15p
Thanks to your collective effort, I present to you the official Crazy 4 Comic Con Facebook Page (finally)!

Update 11:15a:
After 4 hours of this post being up, many of you submitting requests to Facebook. When submitting a request, a message said:


Now the page is not available:


I’m still investigating it but it looks like the power of the tribe has prevailed! One small step for me, one giant step for nerd-kind! Thank you all for your collective push to move the big thumb of Facebook. I am immensely grateful for you all and proud of our community. The bad guys didn’t win after afterall. More info as it develops!

27 thoughts on “Help, I’m Being Held Hostage!

  1. For the Report on Facebook option, it looks like the only one that goes directly and immediately to FB admins is the second, It’s harassing me or someone I know – so I used that one.

  2. Reported the page as requested. Let none besmirch the good work of Tony! You keep doing what you do and we will rally around you!

  3. So, I’m a big fan Tony and went directly to the FB page to help. But after looking at it briefly, I’m a little confused. It doesn’t appear that the facebook page is impersonating you. And, if it pre-dates your presence on facebook, how do you know it’s a “fake” account as opposed to someone else who thought of the same, clever alliteration? I wouldn’t want to accuse someone improperly just because your blog became much more popular than his facebook page of the same name, started perhaps independently. Has he pretended to be you or have you been able to communicate with the page owner?

    • I do know the backstory and unfortunately, it was created to limit my presence on FB. I’ve tried contacting but I’m being ignored. Plus, my brand has been out since 2010. If you do a little investigating of the links on the page, it’s not that hard to figure out whats going on. The current postings only stopped when I called it out publicly. Now I’m trying to gain it back. Hope you can help. Thanks so much.

      • Thanks for replying – reported and posted – This is intellectual property infringement of the site. This FB page has blocked their presence on facebook to redirect links back to the unofficial SDCC blog. Please release this page back to – the correct brand owner

  4. Tony, if you are still having problems with Facebook let me know — I have a friend who is actually personal friends with a lot of the bigwhigs there (she’s helped me with Facebook issues before) and I can contact her for help. She has their ear and can get immediate attention if something’s not quite right.

    • That is super kind of you! Looks like the page is down but the name is still in limbo. Hopefully it will be released soon. Thanks!!!

  5. Got this message this morning –

    We reviewed your report of Crazy4comiccon

    Thank you for taking the time to report something that you feel may violate our Community Standards. Reports like yours are an important part of making Facebook a safe and welcoming environment. We reviewed the Page you reported for harassment and found it doesn’t violate our Community Standards.

    • Yup, that is the general response I got from them whenever I complained. Even when I exchanged emails explaining my point, they were unwilling to interfere. That’s why I asked for help from our community. Seems like they respond better when it’s crowd demanding change. Thanks for letting me know though.

    • It’s ok, everything got approved and I officially launched the page today! Facebook/Crazy4ComicCon Thank you!!

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