No Badge Resale for Comic-Con 2014


For the first time since the San Diego Comic-Con boom, there will be no badge resale offered. Typically in June, this the last glimmer of hope for those dreaming to make it to nerdvana in July. This just posted on Comic-Con International’s Toucan Blog:

“In past years Comic-Con International has been able to hold a sale of returned and unallocated badges in June. Unfortunately, due to an extremely low rate of refunds and cancellations this year, we are not able to hold a resale of Comic-Con 2014 badges. Thank you for your support and understanding.”

I know this will be a demoralizing blow to many but this was an inevitable side effect of such a popular show. Warning, this could become the norm from this point on- adding more pressure to the regular badge sales. Sorry to those hoping to go this year and start planning and praying for 2015.

2 thoughts on “No Badge Resale for Comic-Con 2014

  1. My wife told me about this. So crazy. I wonder if that means this con is going to be REALLY full or not as full in years past. I’m sure it means it’s gonna be more packed than ever. Still worth it.

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