April Loot Crate: Dragon

20140509-081120.jpgI’ve been holding off posting these unboxing to make sure I don’t ruin the surprise for anyone. It’s another amazing Loot Crate for April! Appropriately themed ‘Dragon’ for the return of Game of Thrones season 4, this Crate is perfect for the fantasy genre nerd and gamer. The strategy behind the Loot Crate themes has been pretty brilliant and I look forward to it every month. Check out what’s inside:

20140509-081128.jpgClaim your destiny with this Elder Scrolls Online Exclusive Figure by Symbiote Studios & Bethesda

Winter is coming with this Game of Thrones Mystery Mini by Funko & HBO

20140509-081141.jpgFor the long nights of D&D, don’t forget to bring Dragon Jerky by Harcos Labs & Loot Crate Labs

20140509-081147.jpgNever have a smudged screen again with this Dragon Shield Screen Cleaner by Loot Crate Labs

20140509-081153.jpgSubdue the rage during your RPG adventures with this 20 Sided Stress Dice by Loot Crate Labs

20140509-081159.jpgYou can never have enough 20 Sided Polyhedral Dice by Loot Crate Labs 

20140509-081205.jpgProve your worthiness with this Dragon Slayer Tag by Loot Crate Labs. The ladies will love this 🙂

20140509-081212.jpgTo finish it off is the collectible Loot Crate pin commemorating each box

If you haven’t signed up for Loot Crate, what are you doing with your life? Whether you are a gamer, comics, TV, or movie nerd, you will love these theme. Loot Crate is ideal for the indiscriminate nerd who likes a little bit of everything. When you are a geek of everything, it’s nice to have random swag come straight to your door. For about $20, I think this is a pretty good deal. I look forward to the next Loot Crate and encourage you to sign up today! Check out there website for past crates and follow them on Twitter @LootCrate! You can also look back at my past Loot Crate posts.

4 thoughts on “April Loot Crate: Dragon

  1. I’ve been getting Loot Crate since Dec and every box has been nothing short of epic….except this one. I wasn’t a big fan of it. I was hoping for more Game of Thrones stuff, I guess. But Loot Crate is totally worth it and next month’s Crate is going to be amazing!!! Can’t wait! Oh and also – thank you for posting your unboxings a little later. I travel and don’t always get to open my crates right away.

    • Yea they all can’t be epic but I always find something I can appreciate. The surprise makes it so fun. Thanks for commenting and happy looting!

    • What’s there to be critical about? They send you a box of random geekyness every month- it’s exactly what I expected. Sure some items I don’t care for but I always know someone that would. I always have gifts for my buds and I also learn about stuff I wouldn’t have before. Sorry but I have nothing but happiness and joy to spread for Loot Crate 🙂 Thanks though for reading and commenting!

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