Jefferson’s First Time…

Back for 2014 is First Time Friday! One my most favorite things in the universe is hearing fans tell their ‘first time’ story to Comic-Con. Not only does it help new fans understand what to expect but it reminds us old timers of the awe and wonder of experiencing SDCC for the first time. Jefferson’s is kicking off our first post for this year. Enjoy and I can’t wait to hear your story too!

DSCN0005San Diego Comic-Con 2013 was my first comic con and first ever convention. I use just a couple of words to describe my first time when I talk to people about it… Mind Blowing. It is easily one of the best trips I have ever taken and plan on going back many times in the years to come. Being a huge Star Wars nerd, a fan of pop culture and my slowly expanding interest into other fandoms as I grew older, has made me want to go to comic con for quite a few years. It’s something I regret not doing while living in Southern California. Right after SDCC 2012 after seeing most of the people I follow on twitter having such a great time there I realized that I was visiting California at the same time SDCC 2013 was taking place. I made up my mind then and there that I was going.


Me with YouTuber Philip DeFranco

I was able to score passes for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I arrived in San Diego on Thursday after taking the train from Los Angeles. Many of the other passengers were headed to the same place I was. Thursday, not even having a pass for the con, was easily the highlight of my trip. I got to watch a live TableTalk put on by SourceFed Nerd and later that night met them and Philip DeFranco at the Machinima party in the Gaslamp Quarter. Out of all the people I knew where going to be there that was the group I wanted to meet the most. I finally hit the con floor on Friday and was amaze at the scale of the convention and what there is to do. The rest of my weekend was spent exploring the con floor and all the events outside of the convention. I discovered there and even more so looking back on it that you can be easily be overwhelmed and miss things if you don’t take time to plan ahead. I missed out on a few panels and events that I didn’t know where going on in other locations. Other than for a few hours on Saturday I was at the con by myself and can say if you can go with friends, do it. It makes a great experience even better.


Cosplay Pros Meg Turney (@megturney) and Abby Dark-Star (@abbydarkstar)

The great thing about SDCC is even being there by myself I made friends while I was there. I talked with almost every person I sat next to on the shuttle buses. Everyone was always helpful even if it was just answer “What is this line for?” That weekend they became my heroes. I was in a city I didn’t know, by myself at a convention for the first time and didn’t have a bad experience to talk about. This is a trip I will be telling people about for years to come and something I remember for a long time. I can’t wait to go back again this year and add even more great memories.

Thanks Harris- you can follow him at @JeffUnlocked. Send in your great story, you can read more first time stories and get more info on how here!

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