Man of Steel banner revealed

Zack Snyder revealed the banner for his upcoming Superman reboot- Man of Steel. It definitely has a more ‘alien’ design with a throw back to the 1940’s Fleischner cartoons. Don’t get too excited, we still have to wait for sometime in 2013. I am hopeful that this re-imagination will fly up, up and away.

3 thoughts on “Man of Steel banner revealed

  1. Ok, while it may be “cool” looking (in a Gothic sorta way), I’m going out on a limb here, and saying; “I don’t like it”. And I don’t like it, for that very reason. It’s Too Dark.

    Superman is, or should be, the Brightest Day. Not, the Darkest Knight. (Puns intended, of course.) Nevertheless, and for another thing. The “S” is, or rather gives you/me, the impression of being a Serpent. Which, is not usually associated with heroism.

    Just my opinion, CBL

    • Yea, this will definitely be the darkest Supes yet. Let’s hope Snyder can find a good balance. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Well the issue was Green Lantern was way too “bright” and not dark enough. It was horrible! We can all agree to that right? They learned.

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