Fan Friday

On the road to the San Diego Comic-Con, I am starting a new section called ‘Fan Friday’. The purpose of this is to capture favorite fan memories from SDCC and other comic book conventions. Not only are cons amazingly nerdy events, but connecting with the larger tribe can really build memories that will last. If you have a ‘first time’ experience or have a great story, please let me know at Crazy4ComicCon (at) Hotmail (dot) com. Now, let me introduce you to Jamie’s story:

I had wanted to attend San Diego Comic Con for years and finally planned the trip last year 2011. Like most trips I planned to go alone because my friends are not good at planning or saving for trips. I was overwhelmed in the months leading up to Comic Con but I found a great communtiy of con veterans on twitter who answered all my questions, sometimes into the early morning hours. Thanks to their help I found everything easily at comic con and with some good luck I hit every panel line at the perfect time and never stood in line for more than 45 min. Seth Green asked how my first time at Comic Con was while signing an autograph for me at Nerd HQ and when I told him he said, “Wow that’s amazing!” I am going again this year and hope to have the same luck with lines but I know I’ll have a blast regardless. Love Comic Con!

Jamie Player aka @HijackinNirvana

One thought on “Fan Friday

  1. well that is just WONDERFUL!!! Nice the SDCC Gods showered you with line mojo and Seth Green !! Last year Seth tweeted please don’t scream at me when you see us on the con floor—ever since whenever we see a celerity or something truly magnificent our group now screams SETH GREEN !! 2 years ago met a guy on a SDCC scavenger hunt !! I really want to do they had awesome stuff like “guy dressed as female comic book hero” “someone in costume made out of tin foil” “unexpected “package or junk in the trunk” !! All need a photo to get the points winner got cash -braggin rights & free drinks on losers for the night !!

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