The OCD Survival Guide To Comic-Con

So you’re going to SDCC, have OCD and are a little worried that the world’s largest gathering of nerds is also the largest gathering of germs. Just how do you keep the SDCC from being the SD-OCD? Relax good reader and never fear for I myself have been there and done that and so it with great pride I introduce to you the OCD Survival Guide To SDCC.

Lysol Wipes and Hand Sanitizer – these two items alone will be your best friends. Let’s face it, the SDCC is not an OCD friendly place, what with 120,000 sweaty, hot and germy people milling around.  Need to shake that artist hand and you have no idea where it has been? Just use a little hand sanitizer afterwards (or a lot depending on your needs). Accidentally bump into somebody that has germ filled sweat oozing from every pore? Nothing that a little clean up with the Lysol wipes won’t handle. Need to open a door? Once again, pull out a wipe and use it. Not only will you protect yourself but you will leave it clean for the person behind you. And let’s not forget cleaning your hands extra good before you dig into some cardboard pizza from the SDCC food venders. If you still need more protection you can always consider wearing a face mask. The good thing about SDCC is that people will just assume you are cosplaying, probably some obscure Anime character. You could even go so far as to wear a hazmat suite and be Walter White from Breaking Bad.

Bathrooms – Usually by 9:00 AM the con bathroom is a festering pit of OCD filth and using them can be quite the harrowing experience. Of course, the above-mentioned wipes and sanitizer can play a huge role in minimizing your risk however there are a couple of other things to consider, namely the hotel bathrooms. If you find yourself just unable to use the restrooms at the convention center then don’t forget about the ones located conveniently in the hotel lobbies (assuming you don’t have time to run back to your own safe hotel room). These restrooms not only go largely unused, but they offer the comfort and space you would expect from a name like the Marriot or Hilton. Lastly, consider taking some Imodium each day before the con. This will clog you up pretty good and keep you restroom free for the day. Sure, you might pay for it a couple days later, but by then the con will be over and you will be back home in your nice OCD safe bathroom

Checking Issues – Did that hotel door really lock? Do you have your key? The answer to this is the buddy system. The idea is to leave the room at the same time and let them check the door as well. Then whenever you have your doubts, ask them if the door is locked and let them calmly reassure you it is.  However, you must be careful with who you select as your buddy. They need to be a close friend with a great amount of patience since they may get asked about the door fifteen times a day. You can also put your keycard in your Comic-Con badge around your neck. That way you can easily check to make sure you have it without having to dig it out of your wallet or purse every five minutes. If you are afraid of leaving you the iron on in the hotel room I can’t help you, unless you can think of a clever costume that involves carrying an iron around all day so you know it’s off (would that be Iron Man? Sorry, couldn’t resist).

I know from experience OCD can be rough, especially at a place like Comic-Con. Doing these simple OCD friendly tricks will help get you through clean and anxiety free. So go, embrace your OCD and have fun at Comic-Con. Hope to see you there!

Got any tips of your own? Let’s hear them!

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