ANT-MAN Review with TOTL Podcast


Still in a ‘con-fog’ from San Diego Comic-Con, I went late on Thursday night to see the opening of Marvel’s ANT-MAN. This ‘little’ known character was received with much skepticism when it was first announced years ago. At Comic-Con a couple of years ago, we were treated with ‘test footage’ of how this tiny hero would possibly look in action- which was kinda cool but also kinda weird. Then last year, there was drama around the sudden replacement of Edgar Wright as Director, much to the disappointment to nerds everywhere. Last year’s Comic-Con panel certainly didn’t breath confidence either as Evangeline Lily shared that they were starting to shoot next week and she hadn’t seen a script yet- yikes! So sufficed to say, next to Guardians of the Galaxy, I think fans are going into this small adventure with relatively low expectations. Joined by Marlon and Andy of the TOTL Podcast and awesome nerd gal Alice, we give our fresh, spoiled filled, thoughts on Ant-man and how it contributes to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. As a bonus we chat briefly about Comic-Con and some of the trailers that came out of it too!

Leave your comments below on what you thought of Ant-Man! Thanks for listening and don’t forget to subscribe through iTunes!

2 thoughts on “ANT-MAN Review with TOTL Podcast

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