5 Big Changes for Comic-Con 2015

**My annual April Fool’s Post**


With San Diego Comic-Con just 3 months away, news and updates about the show are starting to trickle out. Fortunately for you, I have the inside scoop on all the big changes for this year’s show. So whether you like them or not, here they are

1. Swag Bag Only
Swag BagsThe Warner Bros Swag Bag has become one of the most recognizable keepsakes at Comic-Con. What started as just one type of bag has grown to 6, 8, and now 12 different types. Wanting to be the exclusive carrier of SDCC swag, Warner Bros and Comic-Con have decided that the Swag Bags will be the only bag allowed in the convention center. This means you won’t be able to take in backpacks, side satchels, duffle bags, pillow cases, or anything else that can be considered a bag. You will still be issued only one bag- even if the strap breaks. I’m not thrilled about this but change happens.

stan lee2. No Stan Lee Photos
Stan ‘The Man’ Lee is synonymous with Comic-Con. However, after year’s of comic convention appearances coupled with his age, he is no longer able to withstand the barrage of camera flashes that typically ensues whenever he appears anywhere at Comic-Con. Stan’s people have requested that only his backside be used for photography purposes. So for his appearance in Hall H, his table and chair will actually be turned to face towards the backdrop and away from the crowd. I know, weird right- but when you become 90+ years and the King of comics, you get whatever you want.

3. Standing Only in the Hall H Line
Hall HWithin just a few years, Hall H went from the place where you arrived an hour early to full camp out mode complete with sleeping bags, tents, mattresses, etc. In the middle of the night, it is a mile long row of bodies like something out of a virus outbreak movie. Unfortunately, this horizontal cuddling has left to some intimate fraternizing in the wee hours of the night. As a result, this season several babies were born with the most recent named ‘Grassy Knoll’ inspired by the location. Not wanting to become a destination location for fan copulation, CCI is instituting a ‘Standing Only’ policy while you are in line. It may not be comfortable but it will help attendees keep their pants on.

tumblr_kydeosolrf1qzcn24o1_5004. Color Blindness
Let’s face it, San Diego Comic Con has become a melting pot for fans of from all backgrounds and culture. In any given year, there are a hundreds of languages spoken not including the fan dialects of Klingon, Kashyyk, droid, and more. Since Comic-Con is on the leading edge of shaping and influencing culture, attendees will be asked to identify their ethnicity upon picking up their badge. A label will be given out and attendees will have to make it visible at all times. The goal is to facilitate healthy discussion around race and stereotypes over the four days. For those that choose not to participate, they will be segregated from the others and treated like second class attendees until they learn the lesson that discrimination doesn’t exist. The show is run by Comic-Con ‘International’ after all!

5. The Walking Dead Challenge
best_costumes_of_640_08With the incredible popularity of The Walking Dead, it’s no surprise that the AMC booth is one of the most popular exhibits at Comic-Cn. However, with so many vendors and incredible giveaways occurring on the showroom floor, it is becoming increasingly harder to win fan attention. In a bold move, Comic-Con has approved ‘The Walking Dead Challenge’. At the AMC booth, fans will compete with other fans by attempting to eat their own bodies. The first to win, will be featured in an upcoming episode of The Walking Dead. Some critics are already questioning the logic behind this competition, but with the show runners promise that there is nothing that CGI can’t solve. The AMC rep stated “We want fans to have a fully interactive and immersive experience of being BOTH survivor and zombie. It’s a win/win..“. I love it, I’ll be first in line!

There you have it- 5 big changes for this year’s Comic-Con. Love it or hate it, this will be the year to remember. Let me know what you think and I hope you have a great April Fools Day!



17 thoughts on “5 Big Changes for Comic-Con 2015

    • Muhahaha! The key is to make the first one kinda believable and not too outrageous. Then ramp it up from there. Thanks for having a sense of humor and have a great day! (thanks for commenting!)

  1. You got me, Tony! I finally realized this was an April Fool’s Joke but only once I hit #3! Good one! (I was pretty happy about the “standing only” rule in the Hall H line, I won’t lie).

  2. Kinda new as soon as you said no backpacks, etc… but enjoyed it immensely and look forward to your panel at WonderCon.

  3. Enjoyed this! You got me up until the Hall H one. That one had me sitting at my computer blinking like “um…what? Yeah right. No way” Great prank

  4. Gah!!! I had my finger on the Forward Email button to start making a SDCC contingency plan with my companions, especially regarding the anti-backpack rule, and thinking that I must have been really tired last year because I’m pretty sure I would have noticed the Smeagol Factory on the Grassy Knoll. LOL, you got me!!

  5. haha I just read this now and it got me. I thought the bag one was a bummer, but I believed it, but then as I read more and more I was so confused and was like how has my wife not told me any of this stuff?
    I got pranked 11 days later. Well done.

    • Ha- sorry about that but I did put the disclaimer at the top starting April 2nd. I did get a lot of freak out tweets that day. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the comment!

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