My Comikaze Expo Panels

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The Comikaze Expo is back with a vengeance at the LA Convention Center for Halloween weekend (Oct 31 – Nov 2)! I started attending this show since the very first year in 2011 and it’s been awesome to see it grow. Last year was my first time to host panels and I will DEFINITELY never forget it. During my first of three panels, while doing the introduction, I slipped off stage and tumbled to the floor. After an audible gasp from the audience, I was welcomed back onstage with an applause of relief. Here’s the pic of my fellow panelist pitying the gash on my leg:


I’m excited to return, hopefully injury free this time, to support a local show. I am hosting a couple of great panels and I am looking forward to seeing you there this year. Here is where I will be on Saturday:

IvyDoomKittyThe pop culture explosion through gaming, comics, TV, and film has opened up new opportunities for cultural diversity; however, many obstacles still exists. In this humorous but poignant discussion, diverse geek experts will discuss breaking ethnic stereotypes and what changes need to happen for us to boldly go into the future.
Participants: Tony Kim, Tamara Brooks (@MisfitsTamara), Crystal Clark (@GeekPinata), Ivy DoomKitty (@IvyDoomkitty)

220px-Chris_Gore_by_Gage_Skidmore_2Geek experts battle it out over nerd trivia while debating the hottest pop culture topics like race-bending, objectification, film casting, cosplay is not consent, and more. This funny, energetic, and thought-provoking panel will not only be entertaining but might challenge your view of the pop culture world.
Participants: Tony Kim, Rachel Lara (@IRachelLara), Chris Gore (@ThatChrisGore), Ivy DoomKitty (@IvyDoomkitty), Andre Meadows (@BlackNerd), Nikki Griffin (@nikki_griffin), Tracy Doering (@hot_nerd_girl)

Check out the entire weekend’s programming here.


2 thoughts on “My Comikaze Expo Panels

  1. Ooh, your first “battle” scar! You should totally show it off Jaws-style. You see this con scar, I got this at Comikaze 2013… Quint’s got nothing on you 🙂 My kiddo and i will be there. Hope we run into ya!

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