The Battle For Multicultural Heroes Video

Many of you have asked for audio of my panel at San Diego Comic-Con, “The Battle for Multicultural Heroes”. Sadly, the audio recording we had failed- leading me to cry sad tears. However, a kind fan was able to locate their partial video coverage of it and just uploaded it! So here is about 30 mins of the later half of the session. In this panel, we started by sharing from our own experiences growing up in search of ethnic role models. Then moved into a discussion about the current state of multicultural heroes and what needs to change for there to be more ethnic representation in comics, TV, and film. The Q & A time was especially interesting as attendees were able to share their journey and solutions. It was an honor to share this panel with awesome nerds and fellow advocates Andrea Meadows (@BlackNerd), Linda Le (@VampyBitMe), and Marlene Bonnelly (@ILikeComicsToo) The highlights of the panel was also captured on Storify.

Fortunately, This isn’t your only chance to catch it  since I am hosting this panel at multiple cons. It was a hit at Chicago Comic Con last month and the next stop will be at Ohio Comic Con. I am also working to re-assemble the original team for the Comikaze Expo in Nov. Ultimately, my hope is to have it return to San Diego Comic-Con next year- let them know if you want that too by e-mailing:

My sincerest thanks to all those that attended, tweeted, and supported this panel. There is still a long way to go, but together we can inspire progress.

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