2013 Tip of the Day #15: The most important part…

Since Comic-Con is just around the corner, I have a very special tip to share with you all. This tip is not only personal to me but important to any fan of SDCC- that’s why I decided to share it in video format. As a bonus I added a little nerd-tastic music video for you at the end. Hope you enjoy it and leave a comment with your story. See you in 3 weeks!

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24 thoughts on “2013 Tip of the Day #15: The most important part…

  1. I could NOT agree with you more Tony. We made some great new friends at SDCC last year that we kept in touch with on Twitter all year. In fact, had we not made those new friends, one of us wouldn’t even be going again this year.
    Can’t wait to see them and finally meet you, Megan (The Nerdy Girlie) and Barabara (When Nerds Attack).
    I urge everyone to do what you said. Strike up a conversation with those people in line. They may become your new best friends!

    • Great word Chris! It’s honestly become my favorite part of the show. Looking forward to meeting you too! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey Tony
    2008 was my big year for meeting people at SDCC. I was at the point of maybe not coming back to SDCC, the crowds had become crazy, the lines even longer than before. I had been listening to podcasts about my favorite at the time “Lost” and I knew that a lot of the podcasters were going to be at comic con that year some of them for the first time. I was wearing my Dharmalars podcast t-shirt and bumped into Ralph and he recognized my t-shirt. We talked for awhile and talked about the Lost panel and I would probably see him in line later. When I went to line up for the Lost panel I saw him and a bunch of the other Lost podcasters and got into line with them. I was able to meet most of the podcasters I was listening to and a bunch of their listeners (many of which became podcasters themselves later) Now I’m friends with all of them and we keep in contact online. The group of people keeps growing with different podcasts on many different topics. Not as many get to go to SDCC , but other meetups happen in various parts of the country.

    • Great story- thanks for sharing! SDCC is great to connect with fans of a very specific tribe- like podcasters. Thanks so much for sharing and hope to meet you there!

  3. Hi Tony! I love your blog so much. This will be my sixth year at Comic Con and unfortunately I have never meet people that I have made connections with, I guess never tried hard enough. Also because I avoid most big panles like the plague. This year I am following your advice, and who knows maybe I’ll run into you.

  4. There nothing worse than being at a panel with nobody you know, yeah you usually talk to people while in line , but people scatter once you hit the panel floor. Meeting up with other friends who are in the same line can be very difficult in a very large room, be prepared to signal your friends without breaking out a bullhorn 😀

  5. Wow that was really good. I have made some great friends on the train to San Diego and waiting in the Hall H line. Waiting in line for 9 hours and talking about Doctor Who the whole time builds a friendship really fast. 🙂 Great t-shirts btw.

  6. Great video! Especially jealous of your wonderful array of nerd fashion! Last year I was in Ballroom 20 waiting for the Legend of Korra panel with my sister. There were two seats free right next to me, and a girl asked me if they were taken and I told her they weren’t. It turned out she and her friend who joined us were there for Korra too, but were having trouble finding a seat until they found us. We all became friends and kept in contact. Now we are planning to all camp out together for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary panel. Sometimes something simple as offering a seat can help you make great friends!

    • Camille, Great story! You reminded me of one of the kindest gestures you can do at Comic-Con, offer someone a seat. That’s so awesome that you have stayed friends too! Hopefully I will see you at that Doctor Who panel! Thanks for commenting!

  7. Oddly, my favorite part about SDCC is waiting in lines! I love talking to folks next to me and hearing about how much we have in common. Its also great for if you need coffee, and you offer to get them one as well, this goes a long way (later they will do the same for you!). I met a great guy in line last year, and this year he is letting me and my bf stay at his house in SD! Talk about saving some money! Best tip ever!

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  9. Hey Tony! Been reading all your tips to get ready for my first Comic Con and would just like to thank you again for them. I just feel so prepared! Hope to see you there, would love to chat. Since I’m going alone, meeting people and making new friends is definitely on my to do list. 🙂

    • It’s so kind of you to say this! My sole purpose of this site is to help those new to Comic-Con have a good experience. I hope you have an amazing time and hope we can meet. Thx! -Tony

  10. Tony, you rock! I’m going for the second year, this time with my 12 & 14 year old sons, who are doing cosplay, thanks to my sewing skills. We’ve been following your great tips and we will hunt you down and meet you (we hope) there! Since last year was our first year, I only made one friend while waiting in line, but we’ve stayed in touch all year and we plan to see him AND add lots more new friends to the list this year. It’s definitely the friendliest place on earth. Thanks again for your severe dedication to the craft of Comic-Con!

    • Wow, what an encourager you are! Yea, making friends is the only way to make Comic-Con last all year long. Thanks for commenting and I hope we do get a chance to meet. Thanks so much!

  11. This will be my first year at Comic-Con and while my friend and I have made a schedule, after reading through your Tips of the Day, I’ve made notes and I think we’ll have to rethink some of our plans. Thanks for all the help!

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