2 thoughts on “Comic-Con Badge Sales 2012

  1. I’m interested in your thoughts on attending comic-con even though I was only able to get tickets for Thursday and Sunday. I went last year and had an amazing experience, but am aware Friday/Saturday tends to have the best panels, and it may not be worth the trip for two days. I’ve heard people discuss how much else is going on in the area over the 4 days, and that maybe it is worth going anyway. I’m still holding out hope (a fools hope) that I’ll be able to get my hands on a ticket for Friday or Saturday, but still have a decision to make. Any insight or suggestions you have would be appreciated!

    • I think it would be worth the trip for you. Even if you are not able to get Fri/Sat tickets, there is still a lot to go to outside of the convention center. From Nerd HQ, Wootstock, movie premieres, etc there is plenty to do. Plus, in the past the best panels were Fri/Sat but that is no longer the case. In order to distribute the crowds, the premiere panels are shared across the four days. TRON was on Thursday a few years back. Doctor Who was on Sunday last year. In my opinion you should come out and see what happens! Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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