SDCC Return Registration This Week

SDCC Return Registration returns this Saturday, October 28th. Yes it is October and yes we just returned from SDCC 2017 a mere three months ago. I’ve been attending SDCC since 1994 and if I’m not mistaken this is the earliest that returning registration has been done. Seems to me that CCI is trying to avoid the late return and open registration that occurred earlier this year as they even announced that open registration would also occur THIS year. 

As usual the registration room opens at 8:00am PT and badge distribution begins shortly after 9:00am. Make sure to check your email to obtain your registration code and be prepared with a credit card. As usual prices slightly rose this year. Single day badges for Thursday-Saturday will cost you $63 each day and $42 for a Sunday badge or Wednesday preview night. There is also a new $5 processing fee that we all have to pay. You can buy up to three badges, including yourself, so get your friends together to make a buying group if you haven’t already. Among my buying group of approximately 20 people, most of us are grumbling about it being so soon and several of us are not financially ready to drop several hundred dollars.  A couple of people have dropped out the buying group altogether to pursue other adventures. Seems like SDCC fatigue is real as I have spoken to several Comic Con veterans and many are unsure if they will participate in return registration this year. I believe most veterans that are on the fence will pull out that emergency credit card and go for it on Saturday morning. Then again we might see a large turnover of veterans this year leaving the door open for some newbies come open registration. Will you be trying for badges this Saturday or are you passing on it this year? Good luck to all that try for badges and may the blue spinning circle bless you with all SDCC days that you wish for. 

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