Game of Bloggers

Comic-Con 2017 is fast approaching and so are the requests for the return of Game of Bloggers for Season 3! Last year‘s was an amazing experience with not only great bloggers but food, sponsors and awesome prizes. Many have expressed that this Preview Night event is the best way to kick off Comic-Con week and you are already asking about details for Season 3. Unfortunately, big challenges lay ahead that might lead to the demise of GoB. Fear not my comrades, our fate rests in our hands! Our beloved host restaurant, Dragon’s Den, has closed down and no one has purchased the location yet. This means Game of Bloggers has been cast our to wander the realm in search of a new home. I call upon the many mighty houses of the internet to help us find a new location. It would be a shame for us not to gather for a 3rd year but it’s all about location at this point. We’ll be searching for a new spot but if you know of anywhere that might suit our weary and battle hardened souls, then let us know! Our first choice would be a location within walking distance of the con center with a great vibe. E-mail us at Crazy4ComicCon(at)