Nostalgia Series Episode 1: A Nerds Hope

One of things that has made being a Comic Con fan so important to me is how fandom has been so directly connected to my childhood. Over the years, it’s been such a joy to see many of my nerdy passions grow as I have grown up. I’ve finally reached an age where I am taking a deep dive into my childhood by connecting with old friends- most of which I haven’t spoken to in years! I start with Brian, my best bud from late elementary school through to 8th grade. We reminisce about our favorite toys, how he introduced me to role playing games and him owning the first computer on the planet! We go into detail about He-Man, Transformers, Space 1999, Star Trek and more. For you retro toy and tech fans, it’s a fun stroll down memory lane. If you enjoy this, I’ll continue this series with other old friends so subscribe and leave me a review with some of your favorite memories. Autobots, roll out!

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