WonderCon 2023 Ep 1: Jovenshire

Our con season begins with the return of WonderCon in Anaheim! This is one of my favorite shows of the year since it has all the quality that you would expect from Comic-Con International but with more manageable crowds. Hero Within will be returning (Booth 918) along with my panel on Friday called “How I Built This”. I’ll be posting a series of WonderCon podcasts where we not only chat about this show but San Diego Comic-Con. I begin our ‘Road to WonderCon’ Series with our first guest, Joshua Ovenshire, AKA: Jovenshire. In this episode, Joshua shares about his early memories of Comic-Con, breaking into YouTube in the early years, adventures at FailArmy and challenges of being a content creator. Stay tuned for the next couple of weeks as I follow up with great WonderCon interviews right here or on Apple Podcasts!

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