Getting the Most out of Your Amazon Prime Days For SDCC

It is very interesting that Prime Day falls the week before SDCC when everyone will be wanting to get their last items or hopefully last major items for SDCC (there’s almost always something you have to get when you arrive or after you arrive).

Now Amazon Prime Day has had a few tasks you can do to get a $10 off coupon

  • Stream a TV show on Prime Video.
  • Listen to a song on Prime Music.
  • Borrow a book on Prime Reading or Kindle Unlimited.
  • Make a Prime-shipping eligible purchase.

These were the easy parts and probably something you have done already in the leadup for SDCC planning.

During Prime Day(s) itself

You’ll want to look for things to keep yourself safe while traveling, at con, and on the way back. While you enjoy it so this will be less of my tech planning I posted about in recent years and more about what to think about and do.

Traveling to the con and at con masks:

Wear a mask on your flight(s) and rideshare preferably an N95 or KN95 to the cons and related offsites. BA.5 is a lot of places in the US and around the world and as such California has and will continue to have a lot of infections with SDCC and the surrounding installations and such.

Look for masks that come individually sealed if you can such as these: they will ensure that you can take the masks you need and you won’t have to worry about them getting dirty as you carry more than one around.

You can pick up a lot of awesome and cool fandom masks from many a vendor on Amazon and even more at show, but remember that these are not the same level of protection as other masks but they can help in adding an element to your cosplay.

The hard part is especially with some masks and a loud environment it can be very difficult to hear you so I recommend getting a speaker system. These systems have a microphone that fits under your mask and cosplay and amplifies your voice. I’m a voice actor myself and these work great for someone who can also do extreme ranges with their voice like me, demons, monsters, etc. They are similar to what you find Stormtroopers and Mandalorians use in their costumes.

You’ll also want to stay cool and keep your batteries charged including your smartwatches.

Now the battery that can also charge your smartwatch can some in a few varieties and this is before any extra cables. There are three main types of smartwatches the most people use being fitbit, Samsung Galaxy (usually Galaxy Watch 4 [like I have]) or an Apple Watch.

I’ll be adding to this post through the day of cool ideas, things to think about, because it’s all travel and doing things at con.

There is still time to get things so one of things you might want to bring on your trip is a way to carry your Switch

Happy shopping and happy con!

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